Loose threads ….

What's on your mind?

What's on your mind?

For those not wanting to talk about Mike Francesa, this is what this post is all about. If there’s something else on your mind pertaining to the Mets, let me know here. Have a trade you want to propose? Want to talk about the playoffs?

Want to talk about the Giants or Jets? How about the Knicks? Do it here. Who knows, this could be a trial balloon for a new blog.

15 thoughts on “Loose threads ….

  1. Bengie Molina.

    What do you guys think? I am a big fan of this guy and think he would be a nice addition. If you ever watch him play everyday (which I was able to do thanks to the miracle of DirecTV) you would know this guy does the “little things” that helps teams win. I know his weight is an issue, but he’s a catcher, we don’t need him to win any races. He is very solid behind the plate and he has a solid stick for a catcher. I think we could snag him from the Giants for a mid level prospect.

  2. Can you believe that quote in the post by Perez?

    “see what team gives me the best opportunity to win”

    If you’d have pitched like a professional the team you were on this year would have won.

    Just on THAT part of the quote alone, Omar should completely pass, not even entertain a bid by Boras.

  3. The big question is are the Mets going to increase payroll and get some good players in here to fix the problem.

  4. JD: Sorry I couldn’t join you for the chat the other night but i’m sure alot of hearts bled…lol. It’s just mind boggling…but not really. Omar is to blame mostly IMO. He left them with gigantic holes in the bullpen, a broken down player in left field and second base, and little depth in the starting rotation as we all just knew that Pedro would go down at some point. I just wish I knew why the ownership thinks so highly of him to give him a 4 year extension. Just doesn’t make much sense.

  5. Payroll can’t be an issue this offseason the need to fix this team now. They can’t move into a new building raise prices across the board and then tell the fanbase they can’t do this or that because they don’t have the money. Omar needs to spend but spend smart. Bengie is a nice player but it seems to be another aging player who might not have much left.

  6. Bosco: Spending is one thing, spending foolishly is another. They’ll spend, and the point you make about the money because of the new park is a good one. Forget the tickets, they’ll get $20 million on the naming rights. … Regarding Molina. Why? Their catching wasn’t a major issue for failure.-JD

  7. Frozen Rope: Not big on Perez coming back. Don’t you think Jon Niese could equal Perez’s 10-8?-JD

  8. JD: He might. But can Niese equal Perez’s 15 and 10 mark from 2007? I think that is a big question as well. Look, I wouldn’t pay him 15 mil over 5 years, but if Kyle Lohse could get 10 to 11 million per year, then certainly a 27 year old lefty like Ollie is worth 12 to 13 per year. If that is what it took to sign him, i’d do it.

  9. Niese would be at best a 500 pitcher at best.

    more likely he will lose more games started than win.

    I do not have too many problems with Omar’s offseason last year. I questioned resigning Castillo but gave him the benefit of the doubt. didnt like the release of gotay.

    I would have prefered a free agent signing of an OF and another pitcher.

    but Omar went out and got the one person we needed which was Santana. We gave most of our chips for him. Remember no one wanted Milledge.

    I dont think he had much to work with and prioritized and got what we needed. Could he have tried to upgrade the pen? Yes. He did kinda sorta, but the pen is a crapshoot.

    A guy is great one year and sucks the next. They are the pen after all. Unless you are talking closer or setup guy most are pretty worthless.


  10. You wanna talk knicks? They will be at best a 500 team. too many problems to pay attention to, but fun to write about because you can say anything and will be right.

  11. One more thing on Omar and the past offseason.

    Many here were complaining about having no minor league system.

    If we went out and got a marginal starter or marginal reliever and gave up a first rounder would you be happy?

    In the draft we got a pretty good pitcher who did well last year and a 1B who struggled in brooklyn. both were first rounders.

    We got other people in the draft which will take a few years to shake out.

    So the question is do we go out every year and get marginal garbage to try and win one or two more games a year or do you draft a HS or College or a foreign player with the hopes they make something of themselves within 4 years or so.

    I guess it is a philosophy question. Win now or win later. Can’t have your cake and eat it too.

  12. JD

    I caught the first few bars of your sports radio thing.

    I have a comment. A few actually.

    You mention why you became a sports writer – I notice how your blog readers mention how you are a pessimist. I never thought so but there you go.

    More importantly, I believe you need to work on your delivery. Jokes are about rhythm. You killed a really good joke. As a kid I used to watch Carson. He would frequently butcher a joke and immediately give a post mortem on why it flopped.

    A long time ago a friend and I used to swap jokes at work. The computer used to have the ‘message of the day’ which we would read to each other. He used to tell me how bad my jokes were. Over time I got better. It wasn’t the material it was me. It’s all about timing. Kinda like dancing. If you are too fast or too slow your partner has bruised toes.

    Also ya gotta keep it short. This is the MTV generation even though MTV ain’t what it used to be.