Examining Perez’s comments.

Bury him on his pitching, not his comments.

Bury him on his pitching, not his comments.

Here’s what Oliver Perez had to say about coming back to the Mets and the free-agent market: “This is the team that gave me the second opportunity to come back to the majors and I was really happy, but I have to look at everything and see what team gives me the best opportunity to win.”

To look at surface value, if Perez had come through the Mets would be playing this week, perhaps even hosting a game. But, he didn’t. He had 17 no-decisions in 34 starts. Talk about not completing your work.

I don’t think Perez was throwing his teammates under the bus. Perez is not a great speaker and gets overwhelmed at times talking to the media. He has a tendency to speak in cliche, and that’s what he did there. Scott Boras had him primed on what to say during the season and that was a stock quote.

However, the question should be asked whether Perez gives the Mets their best chance to win. If the dollar figures are true of five years at $75 million to start, is Perez the answer? He won 15 games last year and only 10 this season. That’s a huge drop and injuries aren’t to blame.

Do you really want this guy back or should the Mets spend the money elsewhere?

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  1. How many of the 17 no decisions were because of the lack of offense and lack of the bullpen to hold a lead ? I think Ollie has shown that he can pitch in an important game and he has shown that he can pitch in New York and he has shown that he can stay healthy. He only went 5 innings in the last game of the year, but he was pitching on 3 days rest and Jerry got him out early before any further damage. Maybe if it wasn’t game 162, Jerry lets him try to work throw a jam. I would like to see him back with us next year.

  2. Spend some extra money and go after Sabbathia.. I’ve see this guy lay too many eggs over the past two years.

  3. I for one like Ollie and he should be back. With that you can’t over pay for him. They have enough to do make a fair offer and move on. Either he takes it or he walks just get it resolved sooner rather than later.

  4. Go for broke and sign Sabathia. If not, try for Garland or Lowe. Sheets is too risky so Coin Flip is preferable to him. Avoid Carl Pavano like the plague.

    I don’t suppose anybody ever says “I want the money”, do they? Maybe Bobby Holik when he signed with the New York Rangers.

  5. Didn’t the Mets give Perez “The best opportunity to win” this past weekend? I’d take a pass – I recognize the Boras talking points….

  6. When Santana,Pelfrey, or Maine pitch you’re thinking win,but when Ollie pitches you really don’t know what to expect. If we can find a more reliable pitcher I would go for him fast and let Ollie give ulsers to other fans.

  7. I pass on coin flip I’d rather find a consistent pitcher then Ollie… Yeah he goes 8 straight games with a 1 ERA but then he also goes out their and you have no idea what your getting… With Santana, Pelfrey and Maine bring in a consistent guy who goes out every fifth day pitches at least 6 innings and is always 3 or under per game in ERA I don’t know Lowe maybe….

  8. Let me try a bit of thinking outside the box. Although we would like a pitcher to be consistently good, is it really good if he’s average to be consistent. Bill James did a study once on a “Sandy Koufax” career (some lousy years with truly great years) vs. a “Don Sutton” type (pretty good every year). The “Koufax” team won more pennants but had more losing seasons. Is that an accurate study: any real statistical guys here.
    I pull out what little hair I have left over Coin Flip but he does have stuff and could harness it as he gets older. 5 years $75 million is a lot of money but t $10 million the going rate now for a Kyle Lohse or Carlos Silva.

  9. I like Ollie. He can be a very effective pitcher. He can also suck big time.

    It is a question of cost. Will he price himself off the team? I think his agent will.

    I think we do what someone suggested recently. Give him our best offer out of the box. If they hem and haw, tell Boras this is the offer. If they dawdled pull the offer and make an offer to someone else.

    You will know soon enough if he is a Met or not. Either way you get it done or not quickly.


  10. True there were games were the offense was not even in the stadium, and then there were times where they staked him to a lead and gave it away in the next 1/2 inning.

    I realize his command on the language isn’t great but that statement was a slap in my mind.

  11. John, still the Ollie thing? I hate to say it, but you’ve always judged him sharply. You cannot pin the 17 no decisions entirely on him. How many, for example, did Johan have? Or Pelfrey? I agree that Ollie frustrates with his inconsistency at times, but I’d gladly take him at the right price. If not there’s two draft picks that come with him.

  12. DG: Of course you can’t pin all 17 ND on him. But, let’s face it, he came up small in September when they needed him most. Hey, he’s the guy that’s going to ask for $15 million. He didn’t show he’s worth that this year.-JD

  13. Sam G.: I was trying to give him the benefit of doubt, but even so, he should have realized what he was saying. Or his agent should have advised him.-JD

  14. I really would like all those who say Maine makes you think win explain how and why since he had a great start in 07 but spentthe lalst year and a half being a very average at best pitcher.
    So you want Derek Lowe. 36 next year It does sound like the perfect age for Minaya to give too many years to. He has trained the fans well. So let OP go, spend half the Winter trying to get one starter like this over rated GM has done the last 2 winters and guess what, he’ll forget the pen again and we’ll have the same disaster one more time.

  15. i would pass on 15 million for perez… i say go after lowe. experience, SINKER BALL

  16. Harry,

    Why do you like OP so much? He has great stuff .. sometimes. His won loss is not so great. He is still young, but he really isn’t.

    In a short series if he is on he can help you win. If he is off he can make you lose.

    Pls explain why we NEED to keep him.

    I like him as I said above. But he ain’t that good.

  17. I’d like to bring Ollie back. We know he can pitch in New York, he can be a dominating pitcher and he generally does better in the big games. (I’m willing to forgive Sunday’s effort since Ollie was pitching on short rest.)

    However, I don’t think the Mets should overpay to keep Ollie. Make him a fair offer, but don’t let Scott Boras manipulate you into a bidding war. There are other options out there.