Empty barrels make the most noise

And who is more of an empty barrel than Mike Francesa?

His comments stating Ryan Church hates New York were irresponsible and baseless. When you’ve got nothing in a job like his, you have to throw something against the wall and hope it sticks.

Instead of talking to Jon Heyman for his take, why not get Church on the phone? Francesa has the juice to make that happen, but he won’t do that.

When I covered the Yankees, he would come down to Tampa to do his show from the pressbox, but in all those years, not once did I see him in the clubhouse. So, for me, it’s hard to believe it when he passes something off as fact.

There have been so many things, like saying the Mets had no shot at Santana, that were passed off as fact. We should start a list.

24 thoughts on “Empty barrels make the most noise

  1. It did not look that way. He always played hard and seemed to care about what happen on the field. He missed so much time with his injuries and with rehab he was not even with the team. Mike looks like a fool with his comments.

  2. JD – good to hear. Did you see anything in the clubhouse that would make you think Church “hated” anything about NY or the Mets?

  3. I never saw anything to make me believe he hated New York. I know he was extremely frustrated with the injury and hated talking about it. There were times he could be short, but all of us understood he was frustrated.-JD

  4. Francesa can be a huge windbag at times..


    After the Mets quacks horribly bungled his second concussion, who could blame him? This is where I could a basis for any “hate” Church has for being here.

  5. David R.: Mets played that badly from the beginning. He went out of his way several times saying he didn’t blame anybody. You have to take him at his word until he says or proves otherwise.-JD

  6. Mike and the Mad Dog has always been full-of-it. Now without Mad Dog, Mike Francesa is full-of-it and boring. Very boring.

    At least Russo was a fun guy who we all knew was playing around when he went after somene. Francesa is nasty. He should some more respect for the real journalists who show up every day and ask the tough questions in the locker room.

    I’m surprised that Heyman sold out. I know he gets paid well, but he confirmed what Francesa was saying (to a lesser degree). Jon…what are you doing? Church is a hard-nosed, good-guy.

  7. Frozen Rope: If you ever watched him on YES, he’s reading the newspapers – the same people he blasts – for his info.-JD

  8. JD, didn’t even know you had this blog! What is Francessa talking about? How did this even come up? I heard it too, and it amde no sense. He also needs to realzie that wright and Reyes have yet to hit their prime and in no way should be traded. He continues to compare them to the Phillies guys, but those guys are all about 5 years older at least. It is hsyterical how he wants to dismantle the Mets. his hatred is ridiculous

  9. Hi Franco: I started this blog a couple of weeks after Gannett dumped me. Their CEO needed a new pool, I guess. … Yeah, Francesa is way off base on this as he was Wright and Reyes.-JD

  10. I listened to the show here and there over the years. Mad Dog was funny and pretty harmless unlike Francesa.

    It’s funny. Any time you hear Mike say a “little birdy told me” you knew right away that he was going to say something that was in the newspaper that morning. It’s often his script when he isn’t lying: re: Wright needs to be traded, for example or being so extreme with his Church statement.

  11. JD- its sad francesca does this. he is so biased towards the yankees its sickening. he talked all last winter. “the Mets have no chance of getting santana, none.” his sources knew that for a fact then. he has no credibility but many people do not know this. its sad he abuses the ability to speak on the air and call things fact he does not know.

  12. Jim: I remember that comment. He’s said so many things that he’s passed off as fact that never happened.-JD

  13. Didn’t a little birdie tell him Reyes MUST be included in a deal for Santana?

    oh yeah and this sounds like Church ahtes NY:

    Ryan Church is dealing with blisters from inactivity, but none of the dizziness that forced him to the DL seven weeks ago. In his second straight start since returning, he went 2-for-4 with a run scored Saturday nightin the Mets’ 8-3 loss to the Astros.

    Church revealed that his wife Tina was driven to tears by the standing ovation the Shea faithful gave before his first at-bat in Friday’s 1-for-3 return. The hard-nosed Church said the fans’ embrace cemented his desire to spend the rest of his career in Flushing. He’s even open to signing a long-term contract now to wipe away his arbitration years. Church won’t be a free agent until after the 2011 season.

    Jerry Manuel indicated that Church is likely to sit today against lefthander Randy Wolf. Fernando Tatis is expected to start in right field.

  14. I think we should also blast Michael Kay a bit. He had Lupica on the other day and Lupica was rambling about how the Mets had to trade “The ShortStop”. His rationale: look at the playoff teams, none of them have premier shortstops. Apparently he forgot about Rollins in Philly. Hardy may not be an All Star, but he’s pretty darn good too.

    But the reason why Kay deserves a good bashing is that Mr. Yankee just let Lupica ramble on without bringing up the fact that the Yanks won many WS with Derek Jeter at shortstop.

  15. Oh, and let’s add the Mets pursuit of Miguel Cabrera to the list. Francessa is the ONLY person I can remember saying the Mets were seriously pursuing Cabrera.

  16. I saw a bit of the White Sox/Twins game last night with Ron Darling at the mike, but the games I’m waiting for are the Dodgers/Cubs series starting today at 6PM from Wrigley.

    So when I tune in Mike Francesa at 1PM today, I am NOT surprised that his first guest on the phone is Joe Torre. That’s what Mike brings to the table.

  17. Adam Rubin:

    Ryan Church really enjoyed playing in New York. How do I know? We talked several times during the year about it. Not with a notepad and tape recorder out. Just casual one-on-one conversations,when he talked about how much more he liked New York than Washington. Did he love all his teammates? No. Does anyone? I probably should have written it at the time, but it was the day Johan Santana pitched a complete game and would have seemed meanspirited.

    The report time for players for Saturday’s game was 11:15 a.m. Duaner Sanchez strolled in at 11:45 a.m. Ricardo Rincon strolled in at 12:05 p.m. I don’t know if they had something family-related that caused them to be late, and Jerry Manuel almost made it sound like players might have had permission to be late, but that’s the kind of stuff that irked Church. Church is a gamer, the kind of player the Mets need. He had a right hip injury the final week of the season. Doctors told him to take a week off. He instead played, and struggled, through it while taking daily injections.

    1. Francesa is a punk
    2. I hope Sanchez is gone next year. I had enough of his lax behavior


  18. i never saw mike & the mad dog, from reading comments on the blog i didn’t miss much.

    why do i care what he thinks of church or anyone else?

    those guys are paid to provoke, not to provide information.

    kinda like mike irvin on espn. completely clueless. but he gets paid too.

  19. dave: Well said. Their jobs are different from real journalists. Francesa is an entertainer, not an informer.-JD