Burgos on the run after fatal crash

Burgos: In trouble again.

Burgos: In trouble again.

Police in the Dominican Republic are searching for Mets pitcher Ambiorix Burgos tonight after he fled the scene of a traffic accident that left two women dead. Police said Burgos slammed into the women with a Hummer.

Police Col. Eulogio Taveras said: “The investigation indicates that Burgos was the driver of the [vehicle] that hit the women.”

A relative of Burgos, Edwin Silvestre Sanchez, told police investigators he was the driver.

In a statement the Mets said: “We are extremely disturbed by the reports regarding the player’s potential involvement in the hit-and-run accident that unfortunately killed two women in the Dominican Republic. We take this matter very seriously and have begun an internal investigation to ascertain the
facts. Our thoughts and sympathies are with the families of the victims.”

Burgos spend the season on the DL following elbow ligament replacement surgery, but hasn’t had an event-free season.

During spring training, he had over $200,000 in jewelery stolen from the team hotel, which raised questions about his judgement for carrying that much jewelery. Also, last month he was arrested in New York on assault and harassment charges after being charged for throwing his girlfriend to the ground.

Prosecutors said Burgos appeared in court entered no plea. He’s due in U.S. court again Oct. 23 and faces up to a year in jail.

9 thoughts on “Burgos on the run after fatal crash

  1. This is horrible. Let’s hope justice is done in this case and in the girlfriend’s case. Burgos is entitled to his day in court but these are very disturbing.

  2. Here’s my question: did the Mets do a “thorough investigation” when he was arrested for assaulting his girlfriend?

    I realize that this was the death of two women, but do women have to be killed for them to take things seriously?

  3. Caryn: Apparently, not thorough enough. I don’t know why they can’t cut him and say “we don’t want this kind of person to represent our organization?”