Loose threads

What's on your mind?

What's on your mind?

Sometimes you might not want to talk about what I have posted. Sometimes, there are other things on your mind. That’s the reason for this post. I call it “Loose Threads,” for obvious reasons and it is here for you to vent, offer an opinion or ask a question about things not already on the board. Maybe you want to talk about something other than the Mets. That’s OK, too.

I will post it regularly. Hope you have fun.

29 thoughts on “Loose threads

  1. A note about the blog itself – each thread always has the date on it, but not the time it was posted. Makes a difference.

    Is it possible to increase the size of the font of the threads – it looks to be about an 8 and quite faint. Needs to be at least an 11 and perhaps a bit darker.

  2. A loose thread that I wanted to address is to thank John for his continuation of a blog when his personal circumstances could have easily made him walk away with no one blaming him. The fact that there were over 300 and counting comments in your blog on a recent post as opposed to only a handful on the blog where you formerly hung your hat is a tribute to you by the readers that have demonstrated where they believe the real place to chat, argue, or be informed is. All that being said, I hope the following this blog has somehow translates into successful employment opportunities for you!

  3. JD, I wanted your take on something about the ceremony after the game. I’ve seen it debated in the past whether Mike Piazza was a Met long enough to have his number retired. I feel it should be given that he made the Mets relevant again after the disasters of the early 90s and led them to two playoff births and an NL Pennant. I think the organization basically stamped him as being the the best position player in its history by having him play such a central role in the ceremony along with Tom Seaver. This indicates to me that we will see his number retired, maybe even next year. Do you have an opinion on this?

  4. John, do you know if the Mets/SNY will be replaying the Closing Ceremony or know where I can acquire a copy. I’d really like to have it for my Mets collection but my DVR stopped recording 1/2 way through.

    Thanks and keep up the great work!

  5. Annie,

    I agree. Time stamping the posts is helpful, but not necessary.

    The font on the threads could change I guess. I am fine with the way they are. It’s kind of a decoration thing. I guess if you are older a bigger darker font is easier to read.

  6. Piazza

    He did make the Mets more entertaining and was central to the offense. I personally do not consider him a central Met. He was important for the team, but many of the older guys were more important I think.

    Bud Harrelson, Seaver, Doc, Straw, Mookie.

    Currently you have Jose and David, but their careers aren’t done yet.

  7. JD

    You should start a Knick blog. They have many things wrong with them starting with ownership so there are plenty of things to vent about.

  8. I agree with Ed R. on the retiring of Mike Piazza’s number by the Mets for his impact on the field with them, and, his representation of them off the field. I am hoping that now he is retired from the game, that this may become a reality. I definitely hope it is the case before he goes into Cooperstown.

    It is being reported that this offseason the D-Backs are going to be looking to trade Eric Byrnes. He has 2 years left on his contract for a combined 22 million. They have a young OF and don’t seem to have a place for him.

    It is being reported they would look to dump his contract for another contract that can help them.

    Luis for Eric has been mentioned. The D-backs need a 2nd baseman since hudson is not coming back.

    I think that would be a great trade for the Mets. Byrnes is the type of player the Mets need. Tuff, gritty, firery type of guy. Right hand bat to play left felid for a year or two until F-Mart is ready. Great club house guy. I think he would be a great fit for this team. What do you guys think?

  10. It’s time to put Gooden in the Mets Hall of Fame.

    #16 should be retired though I doubt that will happen. Doc was good. He was great. He was the Mets. Everyone I knew planned their game-attending schedule around his starts.

  11. Certainly love Piazza. Hard to find a better guy and loved to watch him play. Help take this team out of a bad time. Horrible actually in terms of the Vince Coleman, Bonilla, Saberhagen days. Bunch of jerks who were bad on the field and nasty to fans and the media. My only question would be whether or not he was here long enough and that he didn’t win a world series.

    No go on Doc? He was by far the biggest star in this town in the 1980’s. Mets attendance blew away the Yanks. He was so dominate for years before self-destructing. No ring without him.

  12. Eric Byrnes – sounds like a trade to me. We need another OF. The fact that he is a righty is great.

  13. Michael S.: I’ve been told SNY will rebroadcast the ceremonies. When? I’m not sure. … I’ll find out if there are DVD for sale.-JD

  14. im sure we would have to give more than castillo…maybe eating 10 mil of his contract, taking all of byrnes contract back and throw in a prospect..they may ask for parnell.
    would you guys do that
    Castillo and Parnell for
    Eric Byrnes

  15. Jim: I don’t want to see them deal Parnell. They need all the good, young arms they can get.-JD

  16. I agree with JD.

    Considering how hard it seems to be these days to get even mediocre pitchers in a trade, I wouldn’t give him up.

  17. Do I really want an outfielder who will be 33 in February coming off a four year OPS+ run of 75, 96, 104 and 63? And how did Byrnes finish 11th in the MVP voting last year-are Arizona voters that partisan?

  18. Here is an analysis of FMart, not the slam dunk ppl may think


    Still young tho..

  19. Dan,

    If it means getting rid of Castillo for a bit of depth in the OF and a right handed bat?


  20. I understand the thought behind making a Castillo and Parnell for Byrnes trade but the last thing the Mets can afford to do is trade young guys with live arms. Doing so has come back to bite us several times. Just look at who closed the game Sunday, would you not have taken Lidstrom in our pen this year?

  21. byrnes had a good 07 yr. if it can get the mets out of the rock known as castillo it has to at least be considered… castillo contract help and a minor leaguer for byrnes… i think i might bite. hopefully not parnell though

  22. As I said, I like Byrnes. He’s a good player, but I don’t like him to where I’m willing to give up a promising arm.-JD

  23. Chatting once or twice a week would be great in the off season. The suggestion about a column was fantastic. Your one liners and updates are witty and interesting. Please include those as well. You are to be applauded for not giving up and going after your dream. Keep blogging.

  24. Byrnes is the type of player who could kick David Wright in the A$$ and tell him to stop whining. He’s the type of player i believe who can ignite a fire (a good one, like Sean Avery did with the NY Rangers in hockey)

    I think Delgado should be dealt away. I think the players who need to take leadership roles are blanketed by Delgado. It is time for Reyes/Wright to make this their team, with guidance from players like Beltran (yes i know he’s quiet, but he sure does lead by example) and fire igniters like that of Byrne.

    The mets INDEED lack this type of player.
    Also for the record i think its lunacy to trade Wright and/or Reyes. Howard and Co for the Phillies are all 4+ years older and just started showing their “clutchness” last year.

    Being 24 myself i find it unimaginable how these young guys are dealing with the NY Media day in and out.

  25. Jim: I’d take Pudge for a year. I think he could provide some leadership and definately hits in the clutch. He’s night not have a lot left, but Schneider and Castro were hardly impressive this year offesively or defensively.

    My only question is bringing in another aging players at a tough position.