Do you want Delgado back?

Delgado: Wants to return. Few other options.

Delgado: Wants to return. Few other options.

In early June there was no way Carlos Delgado would return to the Mets. The team would undoubtedly give him a $4 million buyout as opposed to picking up his $12 million option.

Then he had a week in one afternoon at Yankee Stadium and never looked back. While the Mets floundered in September, Delgado sizzled, hitting .340 with eight homers and 22 RBI. He finished the season batting .271 with 38 homers and 115 RBI.

Those numbers warrant a return for 2009.

“I’d like to be back. I like this group of guys,” Delgado said. “I think they’re a great team. There’s a lot of talent here. In my stage, you don’t want to be bouncing around any more than you absolutely have to. The decision is in their hands.”

Since the Mets would pay Delgado $4 million regardless because of the buyout, it’s really only an $8 million investment they would be making. That’s not much in the grand scheme of things. The Mets have five days after the World Series to make a decision.

Delgado said he’d like to play several more years, but considering his off-year in 2007 and how long it took for him to get started this season, the Mets would be wise to make him earn the extension and not do anything until the end of 2009.

Should the Mets go the buyout route, there aren’t many appealing options in the free-agent market. Here’s what’s available:

Rich Aurilia (37)
Hank Blalock (28) – $6.2MM club option for ’09 with a $0.25MM buyout
Sean Casey (34)
Tony Clark (37)
Carlos Delgado (37) – $12MM club option for ’09 with a $4MM buyout
Nomar Garciaparra (35)
Jason Giambi (38) – $22MM club option for ’09 with a $5MM buyout
Wes Helms (33) – $3.75MM club option for ’09 with a $0.75MM buyout
Eric Hinske (31)
Doug Mientkiewicz (35)
Kevin Millar (37)
Richie Sexson (34)
Mark Teixeira (29)
Daryle Ward (34)

Should the Mets bring him back or not?

12 thoughts on “Do you want Delgado back?

  1. Definitely bring him back. He could probably use a few more off days here and there, perhaps with Nick Evans getting 1 out of every 3 starts against lefties (at 1B)? It’s not even that Delgado has looked particularly bad against lefties, just thinking that he would probably benefit from some time off. It’d also be important to see how Evans does defensively at 1B, both in case Delgado goes down w an injury, and for 2010.

  2. I think the Mets need to bring Delgado back based up his overall performance for the year and the economics of picking up his option versus what is available in terms of first baseman. I believe that Delgado can still eliminate a need for the Mets, or, can be used in a trade once his option is picked up if the Mets do not wish to go in that direction. I also agree with Ciceroj that resting Delgado more frequently may keep him at an acceptable performance level.

  3. I can’t see the Mets not exercising the option. The only other possible is Teixeira, but, he’s going to get a ton of money. If you have to revamp the pitching staff, the money is well saved on Delgado.

  4. Sam G.: I can’t see Teixeira. Not that he wouldn’t be great as a Met, but that he’ll be costly and there are pitching priorities. Bringing back Delgado is cheap by comparison.-JD

  5. Ciceroj: You make a good point on the time off. Neither Jerry nor Willie were great at resting Delgado. Shawn Green was really the best sub for him.-JD

  6. Yes. Bring him back. One less thing to worry about. If he falters there are internal candidates to fill in.

  7. Speaking of money, Maine is arbitration eligible this year? Do you arbitrate to negotiate a longer term deal like they did with Wright and Reyes.

    I think I’d try the longer term deal. The shoulder surgery is a concern but he should be good to go in April and he’s proven he’s got game stuff. The dead arm stuff had to be related to the bone spur. With that gone, next year should be a solid season for him.

  8. I would like them to bring Delgado back. The question that I have is if they do that what positions are open for an upgrade? Second is a gimme for change but where else will they make improvements?? Catcher LF or RF. The pitching needs more arms and a closer they have alot of things to do which way will Omar go ?