About Last Night ….



Last night was a spur of the moment decision. My thinking was I had to let you guys know I wouldn’t disappear in the offseason, so I got the idea of the Chat Room. I was thrilled with the outcome.

The question is how often should I do this in the off-season and when is the best time?

I’ll need your help on that and what else you’d like to see in the off-season. Please let me know what you’re thinking.

In the interim, please check in regularly for what’s going on with your Mets.

11 thoughts on “About Last Night ….

  1. Hi John –

    I thought the debut of the Off Season Chat Room was very good – however, there are only so many MLB players that you can ‘move around’ in the off season. What other topics do you think would fit this group?

  2. I am not sure. Still working on things. There could be other blogs. I’m considering a list of topics.-JD

  3. John – I was unsure as to how far to take the ‘fire Omar’ discussion and was trying to explain the business example through the Org Chart used by every business in the country. My point being that Omar was responsible for much more than Jerry and not as easy to replace.

    Also with the Congressional mess, much of it was caused by the fact that every member of the House – and one third of the Senators – are up for election in a month and didn’t want to take a public stand with a vote.

  4. JD – I think the timing was good, because a lot of us had probably hoped to be watching a Mets-Brewers game at that point last night. So evenings are probably best. Maybe you could do one or two a week? Perhaps if you had some kind of longer-form weekly column, you could post that, then the chat room discussion could be framed by that? Regardless, I’m sure we’ll all be interested in what you have to say. No doubt there are plenty more lurkers than actual commenters as well (like me, normally).

  5. I enjoyed last night’s chat, and appreciate your doing this for us. I’d like to see it again, about twice a month, during hot-stove season, with an “extra” during the Winter meetings.

    If there’s a way you can collect e-mail addresses from those interested, and send a reminder notice a day before the chat, that would be great.

    thanks again.

  6. JD

    I liked what you did last year. Not sure if you will be able to replicate it.

    You could try a chat room on certain days/times every week see how it works.

    I agree this week was special as the season ended.

    The offseason is long. Not much real news going on.

    It is being reported that this offseason the D-Backs are going to be looking to trade Eric Byrnes. He has 2 years left on his contract for a combined 22 million. They have a young OF and don’t seem to have a place for him.

    It is being reported they would look to dump his contract for another contract that can help them.

    Luis for Eric has been mentioned. The D-backs need a 2nd baseman since hudson is not coming back.

    I think that would be a great trade for the Mets. Byrnes is the type of player the Mets need. Tuff, gritty, firery type of guy. Right hand bat to play left felid for a year or two until F-Mart is ready. Great club house guy. I think he would be a great fit for this team. What do you guys think?

  8. Jim: I like Byrnes. He could help the Mets. But, you’d have to give Arizona more than Castillo.-JD

  9. I like Byrnes too. Is he going to be healthy in 2009? If so, maybe Castillo, $, Evans, mid-level pitching prospect?

    Will that get ‘er done?

  10. Azy: There’s no doubt we’ll have a chat room during the meetings. Could have several then.-JD