Mets Chat Room: Sifting through the rubble edition.

Let's talk

Let's talk

I have enjoyed Mets Chat Room immensely and don’t want it to fade away. I’ll be keeping the blog open throughout the winter and hope you’ll join me.

What happened this season? Who is to blame? Who stays? Who goes? Let’s talk about all that tonight.

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  1. Read me. And, of course, other blogs I might do. … Watch “24” when it comes on. … Look for a job for me.-JD

  2. IMO the biggest need to fill quickly is Closer.

    Who are the 2 or 3 that you’d target if you were Omar?

    I’d like Soria, but don’t know what KC would want in return, or even if he’s available.

  3. The one comment I didnt like was the one he made about the offense only score 5 runs over the weekend. While most of us will agree the failed this weekend to single them out and kinda throw that group under the bus is simply a way to take heat off the fact he did nothing to improve the bullpen that blew it last year. Actually im sorry he did bring in Matt Wise.

  4. Bill: I would go after Brian Fuentes first. He won’t come cheaply, but he’ll cost less that F-Rod. … With KC, everybody is available. … F-Rod will cost a lot, and his fastball has lost a couple of miles.-JD

  5. Omar Minaya should’ve been the human sacrifice offered to the baseball gods yesterday at Shea in the ceremony.
    He should be fired for assembling the worst bullpenin history, an aging starting lineup, a bad bench, a mediocre back end of the rotation and doing nothing about the bullpen he had two years to fix.
    That said, here’s who else must go: Heilman, Schoeneweis, Castillo, Schneider, Church, Ayala, Feliciano, Sanchez, Evans, Anderson.
    Schneider and Church are the only real starters of value that can be dealt for pieces of value; they’ll have to eat large chunks of both Castillo’s and Schoeneweis’s contracts to be rid of them.

  6. David: I didn’t get that impression. It was in response to the bullpen and he was pointing out there were others to blame.-JD

  7. Gil: You want to get rid of Nick Evans? Why? Church, I think, might be harder to deal. I think teams would be wary of his health. … I would keep Church.-JD

  8. By the way, Minaya sounded about as coherent in his interview as Sarah Palin with Katie Couric.

  9. Jim: I like Lowe. Always have. I’d give him a shot. Perez I would let walk. Anybody else agree on letting Perez walk?-JD

  10. I’d deal Evans as part of a package for starting pitching or bullpen help.
    Evans is expendable, given the promise of Fernando Martinez.

  11. JD & Jim: Love the idea of Lowe as a middle of the rotation guy. Give me the guy who’ll consistently give 6-7 IP 3-4 runs over the guy who could toss a 3 hit shutout and just as easily give up 6 runs in 4ip.

  12. Unless his demand was WAY out of line ($75 mil/5 yrs), I’d keep him. We don’t have to give up draft picks for him, and if he leaves his replacement would cost as much, plus draft picks.

    Who out there is better (other than CC), and how much would they cost?

  13. Gil: He’s older but has only been starting for the pass 7 years. Either way he’s not a bad middle of the rotation guy.

  14. Bill: I’m hearing that five years and $75 million is a starting point. Before it’s over, Perez will be asking for more. He didn’t show much this season that he was progressing. Good bye Ollie.-JD

  15. Annie: Just wondering why would you want him gone. Not attacking just want to hear the view point.

  16. If Ollie walks, who replaces him, and at what cost? I like Lowe, but in addition to Ollie, not instead of him.

  17. David: With the Mets’ limited spending flexibility, I’d look to trade for starting pitching rather than sign starters as free agents. Lowe’s best days are behind him.
    I’d rather spend some cash on Orlando Hudson to play second base.
    How about Juan Cruz in the bullpen? His services probably wouldn’t be that costly and we desperately need a couple of power arms in the ‘pen.

  18. Annie: So was Omar. Do you want him fired? I don’t think you can use that reason to get of Manuel unless you also want Omar gone.-JD

  19. Annie: I see what you’re saying but if thats the view point than Omar & Tony need to go as well. Which is what I said earlier as well. If Omar goes than I dont mind seeing Jerry go if not then it makes no sense.

  20. Bill: I don’t know who replaces Perez, but I think you have to give Niese a shot. … But, how hard would it be to replace a 10-8 guy?-JD

  21. Gil: Love the idea of power arms and i wish the mets had more of them. To me thats one of the biggest problems in that pen, they dont have one guy in there who you’d consider a fireballer like say Matt Lindstrom of the Marlins…..:-)

  22. I heard Omar this afternoon squirm real bad as Francesa laid into him – not sure where Omar is on the Org Chart do you know who he reports to and who/what he is responsible for?

    I’m assuming that Manuel is responsible for the players and reports to Omar.

  23. Annie: I don’t agree with your take on Jerry Manuel. He communicated with the players the way Willie Randolph couldn’t. Not sure who else may be out there who could get more out of the players on the roster.

  24. Yeah, Lindstrom and Heath bell sure would’ve been nice to have in the bullpen the last couple of years, huh?

  25. Gil =- OK, so Jerry communicates with the players and the press, but are the players responding any better? If so, why is the second season in a row over?

  26. Bill: I actually do like STokes stuff, although I wish he was better against lefties. As for Parnell we need to see more of him but maybe he’s that guy.

  27. John – OK, Omar reports to Jeff Wilpon, but does he oversee other things/people than the players?

  28. Folks …

    Here’s a scouting report on Bobby Parnell (Baseball America)

    Strengths: A former prep shortstop, Parnell has velocity to spare. His fastball sat in the low 90s and regularly hit 95 mph late in games in August. His heater also has heavy sink and generates plenty of groundouts. His hard slider sits in the mid-80s at times and can be a strikeout pitch.

    Weaknesses: The development of his changeup has been an issue since Parnell became a pro. He still needs to trust the pitch more, but he made significant progress with it in 2007, giving the Mets hope he can remain a starter. Too often Parnell works away from contact while trying to strike every hitter out.-JD

  29. a rotation of
    1. Santana
    2. Pelfrey
    3. Lowe
    4. Maine?/or another Veteran
    5. Niese

    how does that look ?

  30. Annie: Omar has complete authority over the baseball operations. That includes the minor leagues.-JD

  31. Annie: Jim beat me to it. Jerry inherited the awful bullpen Omar assembled and still had the Mets playing 16 games over .500.

  32. Jim – nevermind the record – as Omar said this afternoon, the post season is our goal and hasn’t been reached for the second year in a row.

  33. Jim: A healthy Maine would be third IMO. The back end could be stronger. … I just wish I had a better handle on Niese.-JD

  34. Here’s another candidate for the ‘pen, if we can pry him loose in a trade with Arizona: Chad Qualls. He held opponents this year to a .224 BA, recorded 22 holds and averaged 8.67 Ks per 9 IP.

  35. Annie- Very good point Annie.. but the way I see it is Jerry played the hand he was dealt. He had nowhere to turn in that bullpen and that wore down his team. Not his fault i think. Even Beltran mentioned late that it was ridiculous…just added to the pressure. I think they respect Jerry and want him back and will play hard for him.

  36. The team hustled and played hard under Jerry. … Then again, I’m not so sure it wouldn’t have done the same for somebody else. They were tired of Willie.-JD

  37. Annie: I advocate firing Omar. And only then, would I throw Jerry out with the bath water.

  38. John – OK, so Omar has many more responsibilities than just Jerry and would be much harder to replace.

  39. JD- watching Alexi Ramirez ( a guy i thought we should look at for 2B in the last off-season) hit a grand slam and the announcer say look at that smile he your appreciates playing i couldn’t help thinking of our players and how miserable they looked under the prseeure….

    You posted about two weeks ago about Tatis and what you thought was an exaggeration by Manuel of his importance. hindsight is 20/20 but this team might have missed him the most the last week. Playing for a church on house money, thankful for every minute on the field none of us may have realized what Jerry did….

  40. JD- to be honest, niese makes me nervous…relying on that curve can be dangerous (ask Zito) but as a 5th starter he might prove to be a find for next yr. people need to give him time to find himself (and a possible third pitch???), look how pelf improved

  41. Another ‘pen target for a trade: Taylor Buchholz of the Rockies–21 holds, .188 average against.

  42. ed: How Church sputtered at the end revealed Tatis’ importance. He’s somebody who played better than expected and should be brought back. … Sometimes general manager’s try to fill the big pieces before working on the bench. Tatis is somebody they should wrap up. If they delay they will lose him.-JD

  43. Still another ‘pen trade target: O’s 25-year-old righty Jim Johnson–groundball guy got 19 holds and opponents batted just .219 against him.

  44. Jim: Niese is very raw, but there’s potential there. He’s somebody I can see coming up in the middle of the season. That’s one of the reasons I wouldn’t mind signing Pedro as a fifth starter. But, the point has been made: Will the diva settle for that?-JD

  45. Gil: You’ve picked out two guys who would make the Mets’ pen better. Of the two, who do you like best?-JD

  46. Here’s a trade proposal: Ryan Church to the Pirates for righty releiver Tyler Yates and lefty reliever John Grabow.

  47. Ed: Fair enough. I like both Tatis’ offense and attitude. And, for somebody who wasn’t a natural outfielder, his defense wasn’t all that bad.-JD

  48. I really think the Mets better not rely on players like Tatis and Easley. Bench positions yes…starting NO. they will be in major trouble if counting on tatis especially. he is a good spot starter, pinch hit threat but counting on him to be an everday outfielder is foolish

  49. C’mon John – stop calling Pedro a ‘diva’ – admittedly he’s not a stud pitcher like Santana, but diva?? Have a little kindness :)

  50. Jim: I’m counting on both Tatis and Easley as role players. … Same for Ramon Martinez.-JD

  51. How about a change behind the plate, perhaps a package for Salty? Other wish list moves would be K-Rod, Cruz, Orlando Hudson and trading Castillo’s contract for Guillen’s.

  52. I like Chad Qualls.
    I might offer Brian Schneider even up for him.
    The D-Backs have a strong enough lineup that they could hide Schneider in the 8th hole.

  53. Annie: But, he is a diva. He rehabbed on his own terms, and I’m not so sure that didn’t set him back a bit.-JD

  54. Pirates would make the deal because having dealt Xavier Nady and Jason bay, they could use a young, hard-nosed player like Church with big-time upside…and they could trade him to a contender for prospects come next July 31.

  55. Gil: If you deal Schneider, who catches? Castro isn’t an everyday catcher. Neither is Cancel. You’re creating another hole.-JD

  56. Mike: You’re in Denver. What are the papers there writing about Fuentes being available?-JD

  57. John = Looks like you’re off to a successful off season here on the blog Is it going to be Hot Stove Miscellaneous or just Baseball only?

    I’ve got to finish some Brian stuff, but should be able to pop in now and then tonight.

  58. You’re not creating another hole if you trade for another catcher. Maybe Mike in Denver’s idea of trying to Jarrod Saltalamacchia is a good idea.

  59. Don’t really keep up too much with the Rockies but I remember hearing they were going to try and hold on to Fuentes and he has been expressing interest in staying.

  60. Pedro didn’t have much left down the stretch, but the truth is it was almost like he started and stopped three times. … Then there was all the time he missed with the death of his father. … I think he’s worth a shot as a No. 5. To depend on him in the front end of the rotation would be a mistake.-JD

  61. Pedro is a diva. that is fact…. i think a corner outfielder (right-handed is definitely needed)
    how do you guys feel about this package

    FMart, 2 other prospects, maybe church, and heilman (who i have hearn COL has a liking for) for Matt Holliday

  62. Church won’t be needed back in July. Fernando Martinez will be on his way to a rookie of the year season in left and signing Milton Bradley to play right solves that problem.

  63. Omar Minaya must be fired or the Wilpons are clearly stating that winning is not important. He built a team that wasn’t good enough to go all the way in’06, slept in 07 including the Summer when he didn’t enhance the bullpen, again didn’t enhance the bullpen last Winter or last Summer. He is the direct cause of failire. And to give him 4 years!
    I disagree with Annie on Manuel. What Manuel proved this year is that the team is flawed, not the managers. Two mangers, same failed ending. The only one to blame is the man who put the team together. And that is Omar. And in reality, Omar’s players have proven for 4 years that they cannot perform under pressure. Over performed in 05 until they got close and they died. Had no competition in 06 and died when the Cards played tough. Won’t even discuss the last two Septembers. Omar gets the wrong type of personalities, which is why he probalby likes his old Expos. Losers all……..

  64. Also, talking about hard-nosed players
    Aaron Rowand???
    didnt have a great yr, SF might want out of that contract

  65. Jim: That’s WAY too much to trade for a guy who’ll be a free agent at the end of the ’09 season.

  66. John – Pedro really did have an unsettling season – and coped quite well – he went 6-7 innings a couple of times, didn’t he?

  67. Gil: Enough of the signing Milton Bradley talk. I wouldn’t want him near a guy like F-Mart, or any other young player.-JD

  68. JD: If he hits the way he did this year, I don’t care who he’s around. Who knows? Maybe playing in New York would be the opposite of what everyone would expect. Yes, he has been mentally unstable and had anger issues in the past, but at least he passionately cares about winning. Maybe his fire would help the Mets, who knows?

  69. Jim: If you trade a guy you signed as a FA during his contract, then he has the right to be a FA after the season. I like Rowand, but they’d have to protect against that before making a deal. I am assuming you’d play him in left.-JD

  70. well obviously you hope to resign him after the deal is made but point well taken with him being a boras client

    how about rowand guys

    would u deal fmart for him

  71. oh ok JD. well i think u look at him to play left but maybe vs. lefties he could move to right? give church a blow and then u can get tatis some ABs?

  72. Milton Bradley hit .321 with 22 HR and 77 RBi and is a switch-hitter. He hit .341 against lefties; hit. 333 with men on first and third; .400 with runners on second and third and .333 with the bases loaded. Sounds like some timely hitting to me.

  73. Gil: Not disputing the guy being able to hit. I think he’s a head case. New York is a tough nut to crack. It would be a combustible relationship with the press. … I can envision some mood swings. … Just don’t want him on my team.-JD

  74. JD: Bradley and Dukes are two different brothers. I don’t compare Scott Olsen with Randy Johnson.

  75. You guys want to trade for all these good guys when we have a team with hardly any players that are tradeable.
    Gil: Church is getting too old to be called a young player. He’ll be 30 in 2 weeks. He’s at the point where it will be siad, he never reached his potential because he was always injured.

  76. I listened to Francesa for about 1.5 hours today. He kept talking about how the Mets must change the core, i.e. trade Reyes or Wright, preferably the latter. Not to take this guy seriously-no team is making him GM-
    but I’m wondering if teams ever have and how it turned out. What I can remember
    1) Reds after 5 years of close-but-no-cigar trade Frank Robinson for Milt Pappas and two others. They figure Lee May and Tony Perez will replace his right handed bat. It didn’t work-very famous one-sided trade.
    2) Blue Jays in 1989 trade Tony Fernandez and Fred McGriff for Joe Carter and a young Roberto Alomar. It works spectacularly. Helped even more in 1993 when the Jays re-acquired Fernandez and he has most rbis in World Series.

    Any others?

  77. Give Jerry Manuel some credit, JD. Maybe he’s the manager who really can reach Bradley. I’d have to think also that guys like Delgado, Wright, Beltran and HoJo would be good for him to be around.
    Also, remember it wasn’t too long ago everyone wrote off Josh Hamilton, who was into far worse things (illegal drug use) than Bradley ever was. Yet now Hamilton is a media darling.

  78. Harry: The rap on the Mets last year was they didn’t have much of a farm system. Even so, they managed to deal for Santana. … With the Red Sox and Yankees playing chicken with each other, the Mets might have overpaid. … Given all that, I don’t see where the Mets are all that deep in their system to where they can deal for a stud like Holliday.-JD

  79. i agree on Bradley…the carl everett type, great swing, crazy mind.

    still no takers on the F Mart for Rowand convo??

    FMart could be the next Reyes type or he could be Alex Ochoa

  80. Dan: You listened that long to him? I heard about his comments regarding Wright, but didn’t hear them. … Did he really endorse trading Wright? If so, that might be the single dumbest thing he’s ever said.-JD

  81. With Holliday, the Mets would have to get a third team involved.
    And I’m sorry, but I’m now officially advocating the Mets sign Milton Bradley.And what if the Mets could somehow get Holliday, too.
    What about an outfield of Holliday, Beltran and Bradley?

  82. There is nothing wrong with the core. The problem was the supporting cast. … Wright and Reyes had good seasons.-JD

  83. Jim: Bradley has already surpassed what Everett ever did. What if Bradley turned out to be a worthwhile gamble?

  84. Gil: Now you are officially endorsing Bradley? I got that idea about 45 minutes ago. … By the way, that is a sweet outfield you suggested. A lot of runs.-JD

  85. I’m with you on Pedro, John. He’s been anything but a diva since coming here, and realizes his limitations. He’s been through a tough year between his health problems and his father’s long losing battle with Cancer.

    Now that he’s apparently healthy, and his father is at rest, he can concentrate on getting stronger this Winter.

    I wouldn’t give him a big guarantee, but if he’d take a low ($5 mil) guarantee for a year with high incentives he can be a legit #5, allowing Niese to get a AAA season (or part)under his belt.

  86. I agree JD. There’s nothing to trade so how you gonna get all these good players?
    You have 6 holes in the pen, 2-3 holes in the rotation, holes at 2B or LF, maybe RF since nobody knows if the Church at the end of they year is the Church of the future You have almost no internal solutions or trade bait, and few regulars who can return any value. So you either overpay in FA market or leave this team in tact….. With a new park Omar doesn’t need to win next year. He probably doesn’t have to win until 2011.

  87. Bill: I spoke with Pedro on Saturday and he wants to come back. He said his father’s illness drained him emotionally and he never felt strong physically.-JD

  88. Yes he did. Didn’t want to hear about the poor bullpen “You only scored 5 runs in three weekend games. How is that the bullpen’s fault?” Of course Schoenweiss and Ayala giving up back to back home runs didn’t help. Let’s face it, Francesa needs some one to dump on since his Yankees aren’t going to the playoffs and stirring up audiences gives you high ratings.

    I say give “The Core” three more years. I wonder if after 1974 Francesa was telling the Reds to trade Rose, Bench, Perez or Morgan. They found Foster sitting on the bench and some pitchers who were good for a few years.

  89. One reason I’m advocating signing Bradley is that the rest of the free agent outfield class is awful.
    I wonder if Jason Isringhausen has anything left as a possible closer.

  90. Harry: You’re right about the new park. If the Mets are in it in late September, they’ll get a free pass because of the park. … The park will be a distraction and people won’t look at the team as closely. Same goes for the Yankees.-JD

  91. i bet francesca would like wright on his side of town.. he is a yankee homer who dislikes the mets and always has. i dont listen to him for mets news op opinions

  92. Why Gil are you spending so much time on the outfield? You need 8-9 pitchers. The outfield is good enough. You scored enough enough runs.

  93. Scratch Kyle Lohse off the free agent list. Cards just signed him to a 4-year extension.

  94. Francesa couldn’t find his way to the Mets’ clubhouse with a GPS system. … He gets the manager on the phone once a week. Big deal. … Everything he knows about the Mets he gets from Ed Coleman or reading the papers. … Trading Wright would be idiotic. … And, people thought Russo was the crazy one.-JD

  95. Gil- you are right. bradley might be worth the gamble… do u think he would be ok in the clubhouse and stay healthy? cant have anither year of 50 or less games by your starting LF

  96. Harry- enough runs? Martinez, Evans, Castro is not a good enough 6,7,8 hitters to win a division and thats who the mets ran out there

  97. I don’t know if Lohse is worth four years, but wrapping him up quickly is the thing to do. … If the Mets really want Perez back, they need to give Boras the take it or leave it now.-JD

  98. Harry: You must’ve missed my earlier posts, in which I identified relievers Juan Cruz, Chad Qualls, Jim Johnson, John Grabow and Tyler Yates as relievers I’d go after via the trade ot free agent route.
    One of those scenarios involved my trading Ryan Church to the Pirates for Grabow and Yates, so Bradley could be signed to replace Church in right, if that scenario unfolded.

  99. JD–

    re: Pedro–you confirmed what I thought. I’d make the offer.

    Re: Rowand–I think you have the rule slightly wrong. A player traded during a multi-year deal has the right to demand a TRADE after one season. If he makes the demand, and is not traded, THEN he becomes a FA. Very few players have reached that point, though.

    Keith Hernandez planned to when he got to Shea, but changed his mind. If Rowand got to the point of being a FA, his market value might well be lower than the contract he’d “escape” from.

  100. And Harry, how could you say we scored enough runs, after watching the team score a total of five in the last three games, with the season on the line?

  101. Did I also mention that Milton Bradley’s on-base percentage was third in the Major Leagues, at .436?

  102. JD do you agree that most bullpens are put together without spending a lot of money? Down here the Os spent millions last couple of years and have gotten burned. you need to find young, power arms. or many times find a guy who is less knwon/less expensive

  103. Dan: The most important thing it that game to me is whether Dye and Thome homered. I have them in my pool.-JD

  104. John –
    I never agree with Francesa about anything, however, when I’m up late or can’t sleep, Tony Paige and I often have some great discussions. Best ‘host’ on the FAN – not only does he know what he’s talking about on many subjects, but he listens and plays great music as well.

    I’d also like to mention the passing of Paul Newman, more than just an actor he was involved in all sorts of things including the Hole in the Wall Gang camps for sick children. That’s where all the money from the Newman Food Products went – millions of dollars in fact.

    A great man.

  105. The bullpen is my priority as far as trading.
    Bradley would be my number one free agent target. Juan Cruz would be my second.
    No way the Mets will be able to afford K-Rod and I don’t know if I’d overpay for Brian Fuentes, who, after all lost his closer’s job in ’07 to Manny Corpas.
    If we replaced the existing bullpen with Juan Cruz, Tyler Yates, Chad Qualls, Jim Johnson and John Grabow and kept Joe Smith and added another lefty, that’d be a hell of an improvement over what we have now.

  106. so with that thinking, spend on all parts ,not just BP but we all know the BP has to be a major priority.. i just feel a right handed corner bat is big too

    playoffs will be tough to watch this yr… i really really really am rooting against philly but i think they wil handle the brew crew

  107. Milton Bradley has talent but has been on six different teams in nine years. That tells me I don’t want him on my team.

  108. Gil- u are exactly right BUT… those guys will want $$. they arent unknown.. so it would be tough to get all of them

  109. Annie: I tip of the hat to Newman. … So many great roles. One of may favorite Newman lines was one to Redford when the two are on the ledge talking about jumping into the river.

    “Well, hell, the fall will kill you.”-JD

  110. Bradley might be worth the risk, but he wouldn’t sign for less than 3-4 years. If he started slowly or hit a slump, I doubt he could handle the abuse at the level that Heilman, Castillo and Delgado faced.

    And if that happened, he’s worthless and we’re stuck worse than with Castillo.

  111. Dan: There’s a reason why Bradley has all those stickers on his suitcase, and it’s not a good one.-JD

  112. My 31 yr. old sister is a HUGE Mets fan! She’s loved them all her life. She’s a knock out and her divorce was just finalized yesterday. Does anyone know if there are a couple single Mets that would be willing to take her out for a night on the town? Considering the season is over, I thought perhaps a few might be game. She posed in Playboy about 5 years ago, thus I’m sure the players wouldn’t be disappointed. Delcos, an you help me out on this? You know some of the right? Any chance you can hook my sister up?

  113. John – I believe the line you cite was after Redford had said “I can’t swim”, wasn’t it?

  114. JD: Nah. Milton and I aren’t relatives or homies, but it’s hard to argue with his stats and say he couldn’t help the lineup. I see a guy who wants to change his image.
    I’d also have gone buck wild on an ump who called me a “piece of $#@!” as one did in San Diego in ’07 (and Bradley’s manager then, Bud Black, also had Milton’s back.)
    A bad reputation is hard to shake, but not always impossible.
    Again, ask Josh Hamilton about that.
    The Mets should due their due diligence, of course.

  115. Annie: as a race car fan I know Paul Newman was highly regarded in the racing world. Both for what his team Newman-Haas did and as a person. The two don’t always go together. Never won the Indianapolis 500, partly because he sided with CART during The Split, and partly because his drivers included Mario and Michael Andretti.

  116. heres a name that has not been thrown out there… pat burrell… play left for a season here? then move to 1st after carlos is out after ’09?

    throwing out ideas

  117. Annie: Yes it was. … I also love these lines to Newman in that movie:

    -“You keep talking Butch, that’s what you’re good at.”-Redford.

    -“Rules? There are no rules in a knife fight, Butch.”-I forgot the character’s name, but he was the actor who played Lurch in “The Addams Family.”

    One more by Newman, to Redford: “I don’t mean to be a bad sport about this, but if I lose, kill him.”

    I love that movie. I may watch it later tonight.-JD

  118. Dan: How many different teams did Roerto Alomar play for, before coming to the Mets?
    Alomar, until his Mets days, put together a Hall of fame resume.
    Bradley, like Alomar, was traded a few times. What was Bradley supposed to do when he became a free agent, retire?
    Players can eventually mature.
    Remember the Mets dealt away Kevin Mitchell and he became an MVP a couple of yeqars later?

  119. Jim: Good thinking. Of course, one wonders how he’d do if he weren’t hitting Mets pitching.-JD

  120. Dan – I don’t know much about car racing (I raced thoroughbreds) but I do some charity work for the camps – so far I’ve made about 30 crocheted children’s afghans with matching hats.

  121. Gil: Alomar played for the Padres, Blue Jays, Baltimore, Mets, Cleveland. I think he retired in spring training while with Tampa Bay.-JD

  122. hahah pay him to not play vs our team..interesting concept
    in all seriousness though.. he could be a stop gap in left who could then move if need be.. i dunno though, he is very streaky and Ks too much for my liking.
    any other corner outfielders of interest here other than MB?

  123. Might as well shoot for the moon—Chipper Jones is a FA if the Braves don’t pick up his option. they’re re-tooling and looking to get younger, and he loved Shea, so he might get to love Citi.

    (just kidding—he’s a Brave for life.)

  124. Is it worth trying Heilman as a starter? Could part of his problem as a reliever be he doesn’t want that role?

  125. just back from diner so far my biggest dilemma is Delgado….

    If we all believe they had enough talent to at least make the playoffs then it has to be a lack of veteran leadership and Delgado has been the unofficail leader / captain of this team. He is also the only core player I believe is moveable from a competitive point of view. But can Delgado’s new found production be replaced. Would a strong leader type LF clash with Delgado or could they co-exist…

    If they did decide Delgado needed to go I’d pick up the option then trade him…

    I think Rowand is the perfect type of player for us…

  126. John –

    I also have “the Sting” – I had heard that Newman and Redford had always wanted to make another film together, but couldn’t find a suitable script.

  127. JD.. get a business plan together, a job means a different team and blog. I can’t go through that separation again :)

    Perez is going to get a lot of cash this winter from some team. He’s got Boras as an agent he’s a lefthander and when he’s on he’s lights out. “When he’s on.” Teams will overlook the up and down of him for the “promise” I am certain Boras already has the binder printed up 26 times.

    Pedro said the same thing after the game on TV. He clearly said he couldn’t focus with all that happened with his Dad. Looking back you could clearly see the lost look on the mound. We all commented on it, I for one just thought he couldn’t figure out pitching again. Never thought it could have been his Dad.

  128. Dan: That might be one of the most important questions of the offseason. He was moved to the rotation when the club fell in love with Brian Bannister. If they can find the pen pieces, it wouldn’t hurt to give him a shot. … Some team will do it, why not the Mets? … It would look horrible if they gave up on him and traded him this winter and he turned out to be a solid starter.-JD

  129. Dan- I dunno about you guys, i am tired of seeing heilman in a Met uniform. the look of no emotion.. the meat ball thanks on him being a starter..he has shown 2 pitches, fastball and changeup. deal him please

  130. I’ve thought about that proposed Ryan Church deal again. What if we could trade him to the Bucs for Matt Capps and John Grabow?
    Have you seen Matt Capps’s stats?
    He went 21-for-26 in save opps and had a 3.02 ERA, but get THIS: A walk-to-strikeout ratio of 5 to 39 in 53 innings.

  131. Sam G.: I am trying on the business plan. … When the Mets were in LA I remember Boras telling us that Perez “wasn’t erratic, but needed to be more consistent.” He’s beautiful, isn’t he?-JD

  132. No way I want Heilman on the team in ANY capacity. And he’s one of the few players we have with any trade value.

  133. Wasn’t Alomar a free agent several times (signed with Baltimore and I think Cleveland). He got traded from San Diego because they wanted the more established Fernandez. He got traded from Cleveland because they wanted to rebuild. People traded Bradley because they didn’t want to deal with him. Maybe he can mature, I certainly hope so.
    Kevin Mitchell got traded several times too and after his one big MVP year, he only had one year when he had more than 80 rbis.

  134. Yes JD, im getting rid of heilman for sure…best case in a package with others to get back talent..worse case just him for a bag of balls and karin’s friend from playboy

  135. Dan: Yes on how Alomar moved around. He wasn’t a problem child. … He got a rap that he didn’t always hustle. I covered him for three years in Baltimore and thought he was a terrific player. He’ll get my Hall of Fame vote.-JD

  136. My winter wish list is as follow:

    Fire: Omar & HoJo
    Resign: Manuel (and let him pick his staff)
    Trade, cut, let go: Heilman, Sanchez, Feliciano Schoeneweis, Feliciano, Rincon, O. Perez, Anderson, Easley, Tatis
    Look to trade: Schneider, Church
    Keep: Smith, Parnell, Delgado (no other choice)
    Resign: Ayala, Stokes,
    Potential signees: Lowe, Dempster, Fuentes, O Hudson, Floyd (lefty bench), Millar (righty bench)

    Not complete or well thought out, just some quick ideas!

  137. Gil- i think the pirates (as they always do) will look for a little bit of younger talent. they would ask for the moon i think knowing we would love a closer… Fmart and Heilman for Capps and grabow?

  138. JD- when was your time in Bmore? what area do u live in… im only 21 and i am a student at U of Md now. grew up mets and Os fan but cant fully support the Birds with an owner like Angelos.. all my family from NYC and have always loved the Metropolitans.

  139. Chili: Well, I don’t think you’ll get your wish on Omar, but HoJo is a possibility. Somebody has to take the hit for all those runners left on base.

    Not sure on why you want to deal Schneider or the urgency to trade Church.-JD

  140. Jim: I wouldn’t give them F-Mart, But I might throw Nick Evans into the deal if they’d add a low-level prospect in addition to the releivers.

  141. i thought schneider was solid behind the plate this yr. it does concern me that he is starting to get up there in age but i think another yr of him and castro will happen

  142. I was a big advocate of getting rid of Franco but hindsight he seemed to serve a purpose players responded to a player/coach…

    Maybe Millar would do well in that spot, the fifth bench spot was a waste this year anyway as they carried a none used 3rd catcher…

    I hear Tony B. is still mad at him for being a scab

  143. Are there any plans for Ryan Church to play winter ball to see if he can regain his hitting stroke? Are the Mets consulting with top concussion specialists to figure out how to handle this best-especially when they did such a terrible job to begin with? If he hadn’t run into the Braves player. If Minaya had acquired a Ken Lofton or Xavier Nady to replace him. The terrible ifs accumulate (as Winston Churcill wrote explaining the disastrous Dardenelles campaign he urged in WWI).

  144. Jim: I covered the Orioles from 1990-1998. I lived in the Hunt Valley area. Then moved to Rockville, Md., where I was part owner in a bagel restaurant.-JD

  145. to be honest, nick evans does not look like anything special to me. decent power and an ok eye at the plate with no real position. i know omar said he sees him hitting 20-25 dingers but i dunno about that

  146. JD – any idea why Endy did not see much time in September? I know, the more he plays, the more he’s exposed as a weak hitter. But Church was just atrocious – wasn’t it worth giving Endy at shot? Does Jerry like him less than Willie did?

  147. JD- familiar with both areas and what a great time what was to be an O’s fan… listen mets fans we think we got it bad.. poor Os fans down here. my goodness

  148. ed: Tony Bernazard used to work for the players association. That’s the steam behind the grudge. Time to get over it.-JD

  149. JD – Schneider can’t hit, IMO doesn’t block the plate all that well, and in Sept. couldn’t throw out a runner (maybe he calls a good game and maybe the runners stole on the pitchers….I’ll never know). As for Church, he has an upper cut swing only and he was awful in September. Both players come from losing programs and have let losing rub off on them (again, IMHO).

  150. I hope Howard Johnson has updated his resume. I never know how much hitting coaches have to do with it but the Mets hit poorly with RISP and the firing of Rick Down last year was controversial and led to Hojo getting the job. Minaya and Manuel aren’t leaving. Warthen has only three months on the job.

  151. Tony Bernazard– what exactly does he do that is a positive for the organization… i only hear complaints about him. Jd any insight on him? he seems to breed descent in the clubhouse (at least under willie)

  152. Dan: No plans that I’m aware of for Church to play winter ball. … If you want to look for another reason why the Mets didn’t win, their handling of Church was another. All the time he missed, you don’t think Church might have helped them win another couple of games?-JD

  153. I read somewhere that Nick Evans was voted the Top defensive 1Bman in the EL.

    Sounds like a position to me.

  154. Chili: Not buying you on your scouting report of Church and Schneider. … I’d like a healthy Church for a full season. Schneider didn’t do a bad job behind the plate, and he had some health issues, too.-JD

  155. Fly Ball gets a run should be embedded on the walls at Citifield and as much as I liked Hojo as a player I’m not that impressed with him as a hitting instructor… their ability to situational hit ground balls to certain sides, elevate balls and especially bunt was horrible as a whole….

  156. Bernazzard is close to the Latin players and often acts as their interpreter. It is not a good thing to have someone who can bypass the manager with complaints.
    Bernazzard and Minaya may have raised the Mets profile in Latin America, I don’t know if that means players will sign with the Mets because of them but it could.

  157. Seems like we just have too many old/injury prone catchers. Granted, it’s a position that is more often exposed to injury, but still. Brings up another one of the what-ifs: what if Omar had freakin’ protected Jesus Flores on the 40 man.

  158. Agreed with all Heilman can’t pitch in this town anymore. He has no confidence in himself, despite what he says.

    I wouldn’t hold onto Evans for the sake of holding him either. He has value right now. He showed a little sparkle, he could be value in a package.

    Floyd as in Cliff Floyd? I’d love to see him in a left handed bench role and spot starter. His full time status is pretty much done, but, he’s still got good leadership and he knows a lot of this team. He could be helpful.

  159. Jim: Tony B. was Omar’s eyes and ears in the clubhouse during the Willie era. They didn’t like each other.-JD

  160. I agree we have to trade Heilman – but I really really hope it’s to the AL. Otherwise, he’ll own us just like all the other ex-mets.

  161. Mets are loaded with 1B prospects if someone goes in a trade it will be from that group…..

    They were platooning three AA all-stars at 1b Mike Carp, Nick Evans and Murph. Plus they drafted a 1B in Ike Davis….

  162. JD- not gonna lie…i would give a lot to cover the Os then the Mets in my lifetime. you do a tremendous job for all of us who cant be there. thanks for the dedication

  163. Hey! How ’bout trading Church and Schneider to Washington for their rookie, Milledge? He has some pop, hits righty, and can play Corner OF.

    then we can sign Lo Duca to replace Schneider, and we’re all set.

    Or not.

  164. JD- not gonna lie…i would give a lot to cover the Os then the Mets in my lifetime. you do a tremendous job for all of us who cant be there. thanks for the dedication

  165. Dan: Players did go to Tony over Willie. That was a huge problem. Personally, I think Willie asked Delgado for help on this and didn’t get it.-JD

  166. JD- any thoughts on delgado or too early…

    Is he the core player that needs to go, can he cohabitate with a strong personality in LF ( if thay can find one) or has he made himself too valueable to worry about the other things….

  167. Jim: You are very welcome. I loved my time in Camden Yards. The passion of Mets’ fans and Orioles’ fans is similar. I covered the Yankees for a long time and didn’t always see that. Mostly, with the Yankees’ fans I thought there was a sense of entitlement.-JD

  168. i would hope at this pt in his career, Delgado would just want to win and not be worried about another leader but who knows

  169. Gil/John –
    Hope we can veer into media politics for a moment. Brian Williams sent out a message this afternoon about Sarah Palin. He’s had a request in to interview her ever since she was first chosen by McCain. Today he asked us for a question we would like answered by her.

    This is mine:

    Why are you running for Vice President?

  170. JD – were Tony B and Delgado close? I remember the story from back when Delgado was a FA, pre 05 season I think, and they tried to sign him. Supposedly Tony screwed it up by being too strong in his approach to Delgado, trying to make an appeal to him based on their shared puertorican ties.

  171. i have been lucky to see a lot of good Os games. LAst game at Memorial Stadium, 1st at Camden Yards, 2131, 2632 cal ripken is a GOD down here. you think people love tom terrific, or keith or piazza,
    wow the love for ripken is crazy

    did u see all the big ripken games while u were here JD?

  172. Jim—too small a sample to tell about Evans. But if he’s got the glove, he’s the logical replacement for CD after ’09. He’s got next season as a part-timer in the OF and 1B to show how he can hit.

    A lot of good 1Bmen have not had great power (Casey, Overbay, Olerud, Mattingly, Keith). But it helps.

  173. Ciceroj: The Latin American card was played the first time the Mets went after Delgado and it cost them.-JD

  174. JD – bagel shop next to Hank Dietel’s?

    I like Cliffy back in the fold for 1 season essentially taking Marlon Anderson’s slot. Plus, Cliffy always seems to make it to the playoffs throughout his career.

    I like Daniel Murphy a lot as a hitter and hustler, but not sure he’s a second basemen. If not fully convinced after fall ball, Metsies should go hard after O Hudson.

  175. bill – I think Evans has the potential to fill out a lot, and develop some power along with it. Murphy kind of looks like he’s already somewhat stocky, but I could see Evans getting a lot bigger. Though I guess not quite as big as he would have gotten had he come up in the mid 90s.

  176. Jim: I saw much of Ripken’s streak. As fate would have it, I was covering the Yankees in Baltimore when it ended.-JD

  177. Chili: White Flynt Mall. I don’t know Hank Dietel’s. I haven’t been down around there in a long time.-JD

  178. Annie, here’s my question for Sarah Palin:
    Which weighs more: A ton of gold or a ton of feathers?

  179. Jd- it was a very eerie feeling seeing Ryan Minor at 3rd base (now a 1st base coach with the Delmarva ShorebirdS)

  180. JD: Sorry to correct you, but having lived in DC for many years, it’s White Flint mall, in Rockville–unless of course you’re trying for a Larry Flynt reference…

  181. Getting back to Delgado. If the Mets believe they are a contender, they should bring him back. However, they SHOULD NOT offer an extension. They should make him earn it on the field next year.-JD

  182. Gil: Thanks. That didn’t look right when I wrote it. It is White Flint Mall. Right across from the Metro stop.-JD

  183. I’ve been a huge fan of Cliff since he was a FA in ’02. When his agent told him the Mets were interested, he told him “Make the deal. Don’t even talk to other teams”.

    But his time in the OF has come and gone. He’d be a PH here, while he’s doing fine as DH in Tampa. That’s where he belongs now.

  184. sad that i have to as kthis… i hope delgado would perform in a contract yr. (reference to did he lay down for willie)

  185. Hank Dietel’s is a little bar right across Rockville Pike from White Flynt (beer, burgers, and pool). It’s a small world!

    If I hadn’t said previously, thanks for the site and your time, it’s been very cool…as a diehard Met’s fan, this season, even with the Willie thing and injuries was a total disappointment given the closing of Shea and the last few years. I didn’t expect the Mets to win the WS, but I did expect October baseball!

  186. Ciceroj: As he gets older, Evans will fill out and get stronger. Hard to project power potential for either him or Murphy. But, I think Murphy will be able to hit for average. He looks polished at the plate.-JD

  187. JD–I agree totally on Carlos. Keep him now, consider an extension after July.

    As long as people mentioned Bradley, here’s another guy who could be signed for a year—Switch-hitter with power. Hit .327/29/100 in only 419 AB—for the Ducks.

    Anyone interested in taking a flyer on Carl Everett?

  188. Jim: Delgado denies he laid down for Willie. He said he was a matter of finally feeling good physically and things coming together at the plate. That said, he did find it not long after Willie left.-JD

  189. Bill: No on Everett. Or as a columnist for the Boston Glove once called him: C Everett Kook. That was Dan Shaughnessy at his best.-JD

  190. Gil – This is what Brian wrote this afternoon – he’s getting very anxious. Although he usually gets a debate to host, Brokaw is getting the NBC slot this time around. And, of course, your friend Gwen is getting Sarah (and Joe)on Thursday.

    “Because many people have asked, I wanted to say that I, along with many other journalists, certainly hope and expect to be given the opportunity to interview the GOP Vice Presidential nominee, Gov. Sarah Palin. We issued the standing request for an interview the instant Gov. Palin was named to the ticket, and have followed up numerous times on various fronts with the campaign. In anticipation of such an event, please post questions that you would like to see asked, and I will make every attempt to work your question into the mix during an interview.”

  191. JD – what do you think is reasonable to expect of Murphy next year? Jacoby Ellsbury had a similar amount of ABs for the Red Sox last season and hit .350 or so. This year he hit .280, after Sox fans had spent the winter anointing him a hall of famer. Different type of player, for sure, but I find that I get so excited about Murphy’s potential I probably need to be a little more realistic.

  192. im not saying he didnt try… im just saying maybe he didnt try AS HARD with willie…. the carlos we saw the rest of the yr was unreal

  193. Buddy Harrelson said they were very happy with Everett in the clubhouse as well as on the field. a MnL deal with ST invite gives little risk. The biggest downside I see is that he’s played very little OF, being used as DH for the Ducks.

    If he’s got his head together, he could have value off the bench.

  194. Jim: The Carlos we saw in the second half was a MVP player. Omar has to be wondering whether it was a fluke or the real thing. Don’t forget, this was a walk year in this sense: He could have his option picked up for $16 million or be bought out for $4 million.-JD

  195. Ciceroj: Hard to project on Murphy. But, he seems so sound at the plate that there’s a sense this wasn’t a fluke.-JD

  196. Both bad contracts might look to move and take back a bad contract Castillo Rowand, Guillen,

    FA cost nothing but money Bradley, Baldelli, juan rivera

  197. Here’s a question for everyone:
    How much of the MLB season do you plan to watch?
    Me? Not so much.

  198. Gil: I was wondering about doing a Chat Room blog during the playoffs. Let me know the interest.-JD

  199. JD: Disagree with your take on Murphy.
    The league’s pitchers caught up with him.
    Suddenly, the .313 average over 50 games doesn’t look so imposing.
    I love the kid’s approach at the plate, but look at what happened to Gregg Jefferies 20 years ago. And Murphy, while he plays hard, is at best a decent fielder and has no speed.
    Dare I say this?
    Would Murphy be someone to dangle in a package to Kansas City for Joakim Soria?

  200. Gil- i think the ability to work a walk and hit the ball with power from gap to gap showed a lot. i like murphy

  201. Gil – did you see game #3 vs. Cubs where Murphy (with no speed) turned a leadoff double into a leadoff triple? And he batted .313 over 50 games….the guy’s a .285-.305 hitter IMO. My only concern is where to play him? He’s not great in LF and I’m not too sure at 2B (although I would love if we could pencil him into 2B next season).

  202. Jim and JD: Then the question becomes what’s more a priority–a guy who played a great 50 games and worked pitchers in at-bats, or landing a young, inexpensive closer who could make a huge difference in the Mets’ biggest weak spot?
    Mike Jacobs had a great last month or so back in 2005 and in doing so, he helped the Mets trade him for Carlos Delgado.
    I ot nuttin’ but love for Murph, but if getting a deal done for Soria would require him and Heilman, I’d do it in a minute.

  203. He was being moved to 1b from 3b because of his poor footwork and slow hands.. his bat was making them find a spot for him even though there was a long jam at the position… Carp the best all around 1B (off/def) ended up DH and Evans the best defender of the three started rotating through 3B and LF to make room….

    Tony B. found Murph playing with his son at college liked his bat didn’t like his 3B

  204. Chili: That goes for you, too. To get a closer like that you have give up something. … By the way, I am not holding out for Ambiorix Burgos.-JD

  205. very interesting idea in murphy for soria.. wow, i wish they could center the package around evans not daniel

  206. Let me run some stats by you on Joakim Soria: 42-for-45 in save opps; 1.60 (yes, 1.60) ERA; only 19 walks, but 66 strikeouts in 67 innings and the guy is only 25 years old.
    If getting him meant parting with Murphy, again, I’d do the deal in a heartbeat. Murphy could DH for the Royals and is in the perfect doubles ballpark to do it. Murphy’s stock is sky-high and will only diminish from here on in.
    I’d add Heilman and Luis Ayala.
    I’d make that three-for-one offer.
    Think of it this way: You’re getting a younger, much cheaper version of K-Rod.
    Give F-Mart a chance to play left field and trade for another second baseman.
    Remember the old baseball adage: In order to get something of value you have to give up something of value.

  207. As far as I’m concerned, the only untouchable Mets are Santana, Wright, Reyes, Beltran, Pelfrey and Maine. Anybody else could be had in the right deal.-JD

  208. I think if KC would take Murph, Heilman, mid prospect for Soria, I would do it. Then sign O Hudson to play 2B, keep Church in RF and sign a gritty righty veteran to play LF (no idea). Then spend the rest of my money on 1 starter (Dempster or Lowe) and 2-3 bullpen types.

  209. If Minaya implemented my plans and the opposing GMs went along, here’s how our bullpen and outfield would look:

    Soria – closer
    Capps – RH setup
    Grabow – LH setup
    Cruz – RH setup
    Joe Smith – middle man


    F-Mart LF
    Beltran CF
    Bradley RF

    I’d trade Schneider, Duaner Sanchez, Schoeneweis and Evans for pitching and catching help and might even give Argenis Reyes the 2b job.

  210. I don’t think KC would have any interest in Ayala, but Kunz might interest them as possible closer to replace Soria. I’d start the offer with Evans/Kunz/Heilman, only going to Murphy if necessary to seal the deal.

  211. ed- i think thats a terrible ,terrible idea. beltran has been superb and underappreciated by met fans. if u really had to deal him you better get someone who can bat above .240 bc thats all your getting from endy…and 0 power

  212. I would definitely trade Murphy and Heilman for Soria. I like Murphy a lot, and think he will be a solid hitter for a long time, but the Mets have a dire need for a young, MLB-tested power arm to close or a setup guy a la Dirty back in early 06. Murphy also might be better-suited to DHing at times to keep his bat in the lineup, which could work out for KC.

    Speaking of KC trades and relievers, what ever happened w Burgos’ “combeback” this year? We heard murmurs he could be a Sept. callup, but then the only news we heard about him was being arrested, near Shea, but not actually with the team. JD, any more word on that?

    btw, Thanks a ton for this, this is a really good chat to keep my mind off the crash (Mets and markets)

  213. gil- i like most of it… reyes at 2nd?? no way. id rather easley than him. you could get a guy like mark loretta for cheap who can at least hit some..reyes was exposed

  214. Gil: Sanchez and Schoeneweis don’t have a lot of value. What are you expecting to get for them?-JD

  215. Ciceroj: If I had the choice, I would rather have the Mets crash than the markets. It’s a shame they both did.-JD

  216. JD- dont you feel beltran is underappreciated by met fans??
    best CF in game. very good offensively
    thats why another RH bat would be great..beltran in the 2 hole is very nice i feel

  217. Ciceroj: I have to make some calls about Burgos. The guy is a dim lightbulb with his only ability to throw a baseball 95 mph. Of course, that was before the injury. I don’t think you’ll see him in Citi Field.-JD

  218. Sanchez and Schoeneweis might bring back a decent reliever or bench help.
    I’d swap those two to the D-Backs for Chad Qualls and pay 75% of Schoeneweis’s bad contract.

    If everything else went as I wanted, out bullpen would then have Qualls, Capps, Grabow, Cruz and Smith setting up Soria. maybe sign Shawn Chacon to be the longman.

    I’d use Schneider, Evans and Eddie Kunz to try and get some starting pitching and catching help.

  219. Jim: Very much so. And, to think some think he’s soft. No way. Beltran is a very good player, but what he isn’t is a guy who craves the spotlight and attention. And, Beltran in the two hole isn’t the worse idea I’ve heard.-JD

  220. Gil: You are quite the optimist. You’re getting a lot but not giving up much. The Murphy idea to KC was pretty good, however.-JD

  221. JD- I agree Endy would be expose he would be an all glove no bat solution until a better CF came along. I think an offense with Holliday could carry endy and a catcher. But looking at his numbers he might not be as much better as I thought .321 Vs .278 . HR= 28 Vs. 25. RBIs 88 Vs. 125 Looks like Beltran better except average…

  222. JD, Jim: With the catching market thin, OK. hang on to Schneider. But I think Ryan Church, Nick Evans and Duaner Sanchez might be enough to get those two Pirate relievers.
    Cruz and Bradley you can sign as free agents.
    And I think Pedro Feliciano might have some value, too, in a trade.

  223. Perhaps the Murphy-Soria trade will be next year’s version of Hamilton for Volquez. Probably not, but perhaps.

  224. realistic line up for next yr
    vs. righties/vs. lefties
    1. SS- Jose Reyes
    2. CF- Carlos Beltran
    3. 3B- David Wright
    4. 1B- Carlos Delgado
    5. LF- Aaron Rowand
    6. 2B- Daniel Murphy (poor defense, good offense)/ Damien Easley
    7. RF- Ryan Church/Fernando Tatis
    8. C-Brian Schnieder/Ramon Castro

    1 Johan 2. Pelf 3. Lowe 4. Mussina 5. Niese

    BP- Smith, Feliciano, Ayala, several FAs
    what do u guys think???

  225. I’m tired of Castro, gets hurt too much and its because he carries too much weight… Supposedly the pitchers love Schnieder he was brought in for defense this offense was suppose to carry his weak bat not count on production form the catchers spot…

  226. Other then Smith the entire pen needs to be rebuilt. They should build from the Closer position back. If I was Omar I go after Fuentes he a lefty and been closing for some time now. They need a few arms that can pitch to either side of the plate. 1 situational lefty only. Time to trade F-Mart and a small package for some starting pitching a big time number 2 that could slide in behind johan and move all the other guys down a spot. I would love to get another leadoff type guy to hit behind Reyes.

  227. No way is Beltran soft.
    He played in 160 games and played hurt and through pain. He’s much tougher than anyone gives him credit for.

  228. I like Rowand and now that Giants realize there not a contender for several years might want to move that huge contract but what will he cost…. Lowe would be a solid pick-up

  229. Well folks, I think it is time to call it a night. I am thrilled at the turnout tonight. For those still online, let me know how you think this went and how often we should do it in the offseason. Your comments are valued.

    Again, thanks so much to everyone. I will be posting on a daily basis, so you can count on getting your Mets fix here. Please give me your feedback.

    Good night all, and thanks again.-JD

  230. I would love to see Rowand playing for the Mets be the type of guy that they need. IMO Mussina is just another 5 inning guy who will tax whatever pen they have. The catching position could use an upgrade those 2 guys were hurt alot.

  231. JD- I check the site multiple times a day and plan to continue to throughout the offseason. Hot stove baseball is always fun. Thanks for the blog, its been great and I hope it continues. It is nice to have a place to talk with other Met fans (knowledgeable and well mannered too).



  232. JD – thanks again for doing this, i’ve got this blog loaded in my RSS feeds so i’ll be back whenever you have ’em. Could be really great for the hot stove.

  233. mets fans..i can feel it already, we must be sick but i feel the optimism for next yr already. gotta love it
    goodnight and as always, Let’s Go Mets

  234. realistic line up for next yr
    vs. righties/vs. lefties
    1. SS- Jose Reyes
    2. CF- Carlos Beltran
    3. 3B- David Wright
    4. 1B- Carlos Delgado
    5. LF- Aaron Rowand
    6. 2B- Daniel Murphy (poor defense, good offense)/ Damien Easley
    7. RF- Ryan Church/Fernando Tatis
    8. C-Brian Schnieder/Ramon Castro

    1 Johan 2. Pelf 3. Lowe 4. Mussina 5. Niese

    BP- Smith, Feliciano, Ayala, several FAs
    Closer- Maine
    what do u guys think???

  235. Your blog is great! You are direct and honest with a great sense of humor. Refreshing to us sports fans. Look forward to the off season hearing from you.

  236. sorry i missed the chat room tonight, but i’ll be sure to keep checking in throughout the days, weeks, and months ahead.

    keep it up JD – this sight is blossoming into one of the truly great mets’ online communities.

    l’shana tova to any one else celebrating the jewish new year.