Mets Chat Room …. Let’s talk tonight at 7.

I open up Mets Chat Room for every game. I will post throughout the day, but plan on opening the Chat Room tonight at 7 p.m., to answer your questions about the season and the immediate future of the Mets. I hope you will log on for another evening of talk.

4 thoughts on “Mets Chat Room …. Let’s talk tonight at 7.

  1. I can’t talk.

    When I came into work this morning, on my white board behind my desk, I drew a picture of a baseball with the “NO” sign around it, and “please. thank you.” (I work in an office full of Yankees fans.)

    The only thing my manager wanted to know was if I stayed for the whole thing. that I would answer.

    There are a ton of photos on my blog if you weren’t there, click through my name to get to the flickr links.

  2. Do you know anything about the whereabouts of Hubie Brooks? He seems to have fallen off the face of the earth since his playing days, and I was disappointed that he didn’t show up yesterday.