Manuel all but official ….

Manuel: At his first press conference. He should have another soon.

Manuel: At his first press conference. He should have another soon.

The Mets were 55-38 under Jerry Manuel, a record good enough to bring him back. GM Omar Minaya is meeting with ownership today about Manuel’s contract. An announcement could be made this week, perhaps as soon as tomorrow.

Minaya on Manuel: “Jerry did a very good job in a tough situation, overcoming injuries to [John] Maine and Billy [Wagner]. … I was very pleased with the job he did.”

I’ve been saying Manuel should return. Agree? Disagree?

8 thoughts on “Manuel all but official ….

  1. David: Exactly. Manuel has already been praised by Minaya, Fred Wilpon and several players. Can’t see it otherwise. I don’t know if they’ll announce Minaya first or Manuel.-JD

  2. jerry did all he could do. i respect him as a manager of the mets…but is he too much a part of the last 2 yrs? could fresh blood be necessary right now?

  3. JD- do you think the mets could put together a package for matt holliday or aaron rowand? Holliday would be worth FMART and a couple other prospects and Rowand would be available for less than that I would believe. I also think getting a lefty hitting specialist (Juan Rivera or Kevin Mench) to sub for Church against lefties

  4. Jim: The fresh blood arguement only holds true if you can Omar as well. Otherwise it just looks like you’re holding Jerry accountable like you did Randolph. So we’re back at my orignal comment. If you get rid of Omar than I can see canning Jerry hence brining in some new fresh blood. Otherwise, you keep him on and restructure the roster.

  5. Mike Scioscia is a Hall of Fame manager. Look at that team. Nice team, but 100 wins. Playoffs every year? Best manager in baseball.

    Manuel certainly isn’t the problem. No reason not to bring him back.

  6. David: You make a good point. But I was thinking fresh blood in the clubhouse. Having someone speaking to them everday with a new look could be of help. I am not sure. Personally I would lean towards brining Jerry back. He did all he could and has the respect of the players.