7 thoughts on “Answering your questions ….

  1. I think Omar has proven that he can fix a team just like the one like this 2007 Mets team, and that team was the 2005 Mets. I believe this team is much like the 2005 team in that they had a mediocre bullpen and a inconsistent offense. He was able to fix the problems by getting Wagner, Sanchez, Delgado, and Loduca.

    There is no way he can acquire those caliber of players again this offseason, so I guess my question is… Should I just stop caring now?

  2. David Wright said that they lost as a unit and that everyone has to look themselves in the mirror…all things equal I think he has the most mirror gazing to do. This is a guy that USED to be a clutch player and someone that we all looked at as being our future captain someday. Instead he’s now turned into a loser who strikes out in any big pressure AB. Statistically one could say this was his best season, but realistically it was his worst.

    He needs to go look in the mirror, stop reading his press clippings, and realize that if he could have had at least ONE clutch hit during this last week they might be playing the Brewers today.

  3. One other point I want to make. Of late people are making the point that the hitters are just as much to blame as the pen for the choke they had this past month. One thing though is that you can’t discount the mental aspect of the pen killing them time and time again. This team recovered from some absolutely demoralizing losses but you have to wonder how many times you can do that before it finally gets you. Somewhere along the way these guys broke.

  4. Why was Mookie not at Shea yesterday. It was great to see Doc, who was not there two years ago, but Mookie was the heart of the team for so many years and actually spanned more than one Mets generation (as he coached for Bobby V)

  5. You can also ask why Todd Zeile was there, but no Olerud. No mention of Bobby V, or Torre. There were quite a lot of things wrong with the whole ceremony.

  6. Jon: You are so right. There are others. I don’t remember Rey Ordonez being mentioned. Or David Cone. Or Kevin McReynolds. Or Kevin Mitchell (save the tape of Game 6).

    It should have been a grand time and a time to patch fences.-JD