About Yesterday ….

Perez: No better than a No. 5?

Perez: No better than a No. 5?

Instead of packing to head to Wrigley Field, the Mets will be in today to clean out their lockers. They will drift in throughout the afternoon. The Mets are telling us 11:30 until 3:30. Why 11:30?

Let’s figure it out …

I’m guessing a lot of guys will be in before that and leave before answering questions about another late season fade.

“We failed,” David Wright said yesterday. “We failed as a team.”

That they did. Yesterday, was a microcosm of all that went wrong.

Starting pitching: Oliver Perez showed he’s not an ace. Or even close to it. Perez finished the season at 10-8 with 17 no-decisions. Out of 34 starts, he came away with a no-decision half the time. Terrible. He can’t close the deal. In his biggest game of the season he gave the Mets 5 1/3 innings. Thanks for showing up.

Bullpen: No blown save yesterday, but does it matter? Back-to-back jacks were the difference. For the record, 29 blown saves overall. That is the stat of the season.

Offense: The Mets have an offense? Not yesterday. Two runs on four hits won’t get it done.

The Mets will pack to go home. Many of them never to return to this clubhouse. Who should go and who should stay? More on that today.

Please stay tuned throughout the day.

9 thoughts on “About Yesterday ….

  1. This quote in Newsday tells it all.

    “Yesterday, Minaya blamed the Mets’ latest failure on injuries, failing to note that his habit of signing aging, infirm players to long-term contracts might have had something to do with it. He said the Mets never got to play with their intended roster, conveniently failing to mention that the roster included the likes of 42-year-old Moises Alou, 40-something Orlando Hernandez and the perpetually gimpy Luis Castillo, whom Minaya signed through 2011.”

    Omar Minya is in the wrong business. Minya should be a politician and to think those idiots, the Wilpons, have awarded this clown 4 more years. God help the Met fans.

  2. What do you expect Omar to say? Im sure he knows that he put together a club of old nursing home residents and that his gamble totally failed. The funny thing is that I think anyone could have predicted that Alou and El Duque would crap out. I personally KNEW Pedro would suck…I could see that coming. I’m not sure any of us would have foreseen Castillo breaking down the way he did…but we’re not paid to be the GM.

    They need to gut this roster and bring in some enthusiastic guys that have some fire. Most importantly, they need that kind of player that “won’t let them lose.” They have one on the mound in Johan, but they need one at the plate b/c it’s obvious that Reyes or Wright will never be that guy.

  3. tomg: Sure, injuries were a factor. Had everyone stayed healthy, and that includes Billy Wagner and Ryan Church, perhaps things would have turned out differently because they came within one game.

    But, championship caliber teams overcome injuries and the Mets weren’t of that caliber.-JD

  4. JD,
    my point is that Minya brought in and signed all this old players. That’s why this happened. Omar minya should be held responsible for the make up of this team which is soft, no heart, no grit and a bunch of chokers. The only player that doesn’t fit the description is santana. I don’t want to hear that Minya made that deal (santana). The yankees and red sox were never that interested as made to believe. The Mets will never go anywhere as long as Minya and Bernazard are running the show.

  5. Tomg: You’re on about the Santanta deal. In fact, the Yankees and Red Sox all but gift wrapped him to the Mets. I think they could have gotten him for less. I wrote that both in the paper and blog at my old place. I don’t even know if they have my old posts. I haven’t checked. I feel like I was taken in the Stalin purge. There’s probably no record of me there.-JD

  6. tomg is right, over the past several years our gm has signed way to many senior citizens.

    just look at this year our star lf for most of the year is an over the hill vet.

    going into the season we had too many old broken down players slated to play crucial roles: castillo, el duque, alou, pedro.

    this constitutes 1/4 of your lineup and half your rotation.