About Yesterday ….

Santana: Dominant.

Santana: Dominant.

There’s still a buzz around Shea this morning following Johan Santana’s masterful performance yesterday over Florida. Shutouts are rare. Rarer still is the kind of job Santana did yesterday. His roll is why the Mets remain in contention.


-Since July 4, he’s 9-0 with a 2.09 ERA in 17 starts. He has allowed three runs or less in 16 of these starts.

-Santana is 6-0 with a 1.47 ERA in his last nine starts at Shea.

-Santana is the first Mets pitcher to throw a complete-game on three days rest since David Cone, Aug. 13, 1990, at San Francisco.

5 thoughts on “About Yesterday ….

  1. yeah. we used to have quality pitchers. maybe we will again.

    Pelf has a lot of promise. Neise looked really good in the spring.

    Ollie is Ollie. Kinda like El Sid. Really good until the middle innings when he implodes

  2. Yesterday, the Mets had a real pitcher on the mound for them.

    Not since Seaver had Shea seen this kind of performance. Johan Santana commanded the mound like a general. He led the charge and took no prisoners. He even had a bit of Gibson in him, almost daring anyone to challenge him.

    Yet, at the end, when it was all over and he had nothing else to prove, he took his game ball and tossed it into the stands with a smile.

    Thank you Johan for giving all of the Shea community a day to remember.

  3. I am off to Shea.
    I believe.
    I know Tug is at the park in spirit and he believed.


  4. JD, one hypothetical just for consideration. Lincecum is supposed to pitch today….Say he doesn’t fair well 3+runs 6innings or so or worse.

    Don’t you think Johan has to be strongly considered for cy young? I mean i think he has carried this team on his back (giving 7+ innings, resting the bullpen and the team knows they have a 95% chance of victory, i believe hes exceeded expectation this second half of the season?

    When was the last time a pitcher hasn’t lost a game in the 2nd half of a season?