Name your Dirty Dozen.

``Death by Bullpen''

``Death by Bullpen''

Let’s fast forward for a moment and assume the Mets are in the playoffs. The assumption would have them opening against the Cubs. From what we saw this week, it should be a great series.

However, right now Jerry Manuel has the luxury of using the expanded roster. That won’t be the case next week. He’ll need to pick a pitching staff. I think it will be 12 deep.

Here’s mine:

1. Johan Santana
2. Mike Pelfrey
3. Oliver Perez
4. Pedro Martinez
5. Aaron Heilman
6. Scott Schoeneweis
7. Pedro Feliciano
8. Joe Smith
9. Brian Stokes
10. Luis Ayala
11. Duaner Sanchez
12. Richard Rincon

15 thoughts on “Name your Dirty Dozen.

  1. I agree with most of that except Heilman, he has shown nothing in the past 2 months that merit him to have a spot, instead swap him with Parnell who has looked more impressive than Aaron as of late. Oh and swap Richard with Ricardo, we all know his brother can’t pitch! lol…

  2. Make no mistake everyone JD purposely listed Heilman as the first guy after the starters in his list. EVIL EVIL MAN!

  3. Under almost any conceivable circumstance, you wouldn’t throw a kid like Parnell into the playoff fire.

    Aaron Heilman, however, is beyond conception. He cannot be allowed anywhere near the Mets playoff roster.

    That said, we can all get ready to see him if the Mets are lucky enough to make the playoffs. Mark it down: there is no way he will NOT be on the playoff roster. And that makes me ill.

  4. My question is what is Heilman’s failure rate in a playoff game regardless of score? 100%. That cannot be argued. Now, what is Parnell’s failure rate, ragardless of score? I’d say <75%. Now that’s why regardless of rookie or 4 year bum veteran, Parnell needs to be included.

  5. Bob: I feel your pain. Believe me. Do you know how many stories I’ve had to rewrite because of Heilman? But, he’s a veteran and I know their thinking. Heilman will be in the pen.-JD

  6. JD: I hear ya, but say you’ve been boxing for four years and getting your ass kicked for four years. Does that make you a veteran boxer because you’re severely beat up? I’d say no, it just makes you a failure. I think Parnell is more valuable to the team right now than Aaron.

    Unreleated note, do you have access to the Cubs/Brewers lineups for tonights game before they’re posted on the major network websites? Need something to watch as the mets will be rained out for sure.

  7. Here are my 12:

    starters: Santana, Pelfrey, Perez,
    relievers: Parnell, Feliciano, Schoeneweis, Smith, Ayala, Stokes, Knight, Niese, Martinez

    Yes. Use a three-man rotation, with Pedro and Niese as longmen.

    Parnell is also starter by nature, so he could give more than an inning or two, if needed.

    I’d omit Aaron Heilman, Duaner Sanchez and Ricardo Rincon.

  8. Psychic prediction: In announcing his post-season roster, Jerry will note how Heilman had been used sparingly down the stretch because of the inflammation on the knee, how the inflammation had impacted his performance and how the knee just wasn’t getting better. Jerry will also note that the team doctors prescribed rest for the knee, something Heilman wouldn’t be getting on the playoff roster.

  9. Heilman will and should be on the playoff roster. Results aside, he still clearly has the best pedigree and best stuff on this roster. He traditionally owns the Marlins. This weekend is hopefully an opportunity to get him some momentum to ride into the playoffs.

    Rincon will not make the roster except if/when we play the Phils in the playoffs. The Cubs, our likely initial opponent, don’t have the lefty firepower to require 3 LOOGYs. Parnell will be on there over him.

    I’d also look at a guy like Figgy or Knight over Sanchez. Duaner looks cooked. Figgy could come into the middle innings and spin some balls and confuse a few over-anxious guys and sneak away with a few outs.

  10. I haven’t had the chance to really see the young guys so cannot comment on them.

    Either way our pen is weak.