Mets in the Afternoon: Pick tomorrow’s starter.

-He’s pitched a good game and he’s pitched a poor one. The Mets are hoping Jon Niese has another good one in him and the first one wasn’t a fluke. It looks as if he’ll go Saturday. It’s not official, but he seems to have the inside track over Brandon Knight or Nelson Figueroa. Who would you go with?

-If tonight gets rained out, the Mets will have a day-night doubleheader Saturday. Assuming, of course, the weather holds up. There’s no guarantee of that, either.

-Brian Schneider didn’t play last night because of soreness in his back. He can only benefit if tonight gets rained out. No word of his status if they do play.

-Damion Easley said last night he should be available to play in the field tonight. Sorry. Right now, I’m sticking with Ramon Martinez.

-The Daily News’ Peter Botte reports Dwight Gooden will be at the closing ceremonies Sunday.

4 thoughts on “Mets in the Afternoon: Pick tomorrow’s starter.

  1. Would it be too much to hope for a rain out tonight and only be able to fit one in tomorrow with the double header puched to sunday….

    Saturday- pelfrey
    Sunday game one – Ollie short rest
    Sunday game two – if its a must win Santana if not use anyone save Johan for game one

  2. JD: What if both today and tomorrow are rained out. Doubleheader Sunday and makeup game Monday? That would allow us to use Pelf/Santana & Ollie on Monday on 4 days rest, correct? I think that is our best option.

  3. Bob: Rainouts today and tomorrow would be tough also because the bullpen would be used heavily.-JD

  4. In a perfect world I want to see Niese pitch against the majors, but I don’t want to experiment trying to go into October.

    Not sure what options we have though.