Mets Chat Room: Pelfrey goes fishing/Shea Top Ten

The Mets announced today the top ten moments at Shea Stadium:

1. Game Six of the 1986 World Series highlighted by the Bill Buckner team.
2. Mike Mike Piazza’s dramatic two-run home run in the eighth inning, Sept. 21, 2001, to beat the Braves in New York City’s first sporting event after the 9-11 attacks on America.
3. The Mets beat the heavily-favored Baltimore Orioles, 5-3, in Game Five of the 1969 World Series.
4. Endy Chavez’ Game Seven 2006 NLCS catch.
5. The Mets 7 1986 World Series victory.
6. Robin Ventura’s “Grand Slam Single” in Game Five of the 1999 NLCS.
7. The Beatles play Shea, Aug. 15, 1965.
8. The Mets, on June 30, 2000, scored 10 runs in the eighth inning vs. Atlanta.
9. Tom Seaver’s one-hitter against Chicago.
10. Todd Pratt’s walk-off home run in Game Four of the NLDS vs. Arizona.

Let’s talk about them during the game, if there is a game. For the second straight season the Mets’ last hurdle to October are the Florida Marlins.

“We have three games left and it’s going to be hard,” said Carlos Beltran, who is hitting .315 (17-for-54) with three home runs and 12 RBIs against Florida this season.

The Mets are 9-6 against the Marlins this season, including 4-2 at Shea. None of that success is by Mike Pelfrey, who is 0-3 with a 7.91 ERA in four starts against the Marlins this season and 1-4 lifetime in seven appearances.

263 thoughts on “Mets Chat Room: Pelfrey goes fishing/Shea Top Ten

  1. Mets just had brief ceremony on top moments at Shea. Tarp is off. They should start soon.-JD

  2. The Mets’ announced today the Top Ten Moments at Shea. Kind of surprised at a couple. I thought the Jets beating the Raiders to get to the Super Bowl would have been on the list. Also, Dykstra’s homer against Houston.-JD

  3. doesn’t look like the mets are ready to play. they better get themselves sorted out and quick, because the marlins are here to end the mets playoffs hopes just like last year.

  4. ED: Please post your thoughts in text. Keep your link, of course. It is always welcome here.-JD

  5. alex: No question. This can get ugly real quick. Hell, it doesn’t look very good right now.-JD

  6. because the marlins hitters are attacking pelfrey as if he’s a soft tossing 41 year old…

    fortunately for us, pelfrey is better than that. he needs to get out of this inning without letting up another run.

  7. Ok, it’s the first inning. Can we at least try to be rational and not write off the season based on what happens here? I hope some of you aren’t voting.

  8. i’m not writing off anything. only saying that the mets need to realize that they are going to have to fight, scratch, and claw all weekend to win these games.

    which means not falling behind by too much early and coming out ready to play their absolute best.

  9. Considering how the inning started, Pelfrey got off cheaply. Could have been a lot worse. It’s early. No need to get cranky yet.-JD

  10. I’ll give Pelfry credit for stopping it at 2 and stranding the 3rd run. The bats need to come to play tonight.

  11. Ed: if either wirght or delgaldo come up with those plays. Its a great play. The balls were stung.

  12. my prediction

    phillies will sweep the nats and win the nl east.

    if the mets sweep the marlins they will win the wild card.

    if they take 2 out of 3 they’ll have to play a tie breaker.

    if they lose 2 out of 3, season over.

  13. JM: Plays like that are bang-bang. You either make them or you don’t. Hard to place blame on those plays.-JD

  14. I would have put Johnny Callison’s home run in the 1964 All-star game in the list.
    Don’t know if there is such a thing as a Jets highlight. Emperor Hirohito looking baffled watching a Jets game in 1974? Maybe the playoff game in 1969 they lost because coach-GM Weeb Ewbank wouldn’t keep an offensive lineman over a $2000 dispute in salary?

  15. I meant to apologize for something I posted last night. David Wright doesn’t suck.
    He just has been suking lately with RISP.

  16. Dan: The AFC title game where the Jets beat the Raiders to go to the Super Bowl was a classic. … Namath also had a shoot out game with the Colts. … It was against the Mets, but Jim Bunning threw a perfect game at Shea.-JD

  17. yes it’s early, but this is a big AB for Church. hopefully he can carry last night’s momentum into tonight.

  18. pelfrey needs to settle in and hold the marlins at 2 runs. if he can, i think the mets will be able to score runs off volsted.

  19. alex: Remember the contact. That was a good at-bat, and with what he did last night, he might have turned things around. We’ll see later.-JD

  20. Dempster against the beermakers tonight, he dominates them. Something to keep in mind as we scoreboard watch.

  21. absolutely, i had no problem with that ab…it was just a tough break. like i said, the mets look like they can score some runs off volsted, pelfrey just has to settle in.

  22. JM: On a personal note, I took Ryan Braun for the writer’s home run pool. If he hits a couple and the Brewers lose, that’s fine by me.-JD

  23. There we go, maybe Martinez, Schnider and Pelfrey can put some runs on the board!

    Lou’s playing his regulars tonight, except Derosa of course, who’s injured.

  24. The 1972 game wasn’t quite a shootout-the Jets always had a 10-15 point lead. But in an era of “three runs, punt, force mistake” football it was exciting. Something like 454 yards (15 completions) for Namath versus 373 yards on more passes in Johnny Unitas last great game. Remember both were from Western Pennsylvania so Namath worshiped Johnny U growing up. 300 yard games were a rarity back then, like complete games today.
    Certainly hope Church found his stroke, especially since on Thursday Mike Francesa said the Mets should bench him since he wasn’t hitting.
    The Who have too many farewell concerts but my brother loved the 1982 with the Clash opening.

  25. The Who is playing somewhere in Connecticut at the end of this month. I’m tempted. But, they aren’t the Who without Keith Moon.-JD

  26. well that was a lucky break — both that pelfrey didn’t break anything and that he hit a guy trying to sacrifice

  27. Memo to Reyes: You want to hit the ball in the air when there is a runner on third. Other than that, hit it on the ground.-JD

  28. ugh. another wasted opportunity. that’s two innings in a row we’ve let them off the hook without scoring. it’s still early, but they have to take advantage of these chances when they have them.

  29. Anyone catch Jacobs sprint to Pelfrey after he was hit in the wrist? Jacobs sprinted and just stood in front of him, did he really believe Pelfrey would get himself ejected in a game of this magnitude?

  30. The game Matt Franco won with a two run two out base hit off Mariano Rivera was as exciting a game as you get. July 10th, 1999. 9-8 to give the victory to Pat Mahomes.
    I don’t if we should be patient since Volstead has nothing or worried because we haven’t gotten to him and he may settle down (or be replaced).

  31. Look at the Phillies the can smell the post season and change gears,,, we get tight and press which equals struggling.. I wish Omar would stop worring about the clubhouse and get a killer instinct guy like Milton Bradley or Jose Guillen….

  32. edfever: please, you can’t seriously compare the nationals against the marlins. The nationals can’t wait to go home, the marlins feel like they’re in the world series.

  33. ok. good job by pelf. he looks like he suffered no ill-effects from the hbp.

    now, please, let’s get some RUNS.

  34. This may just be a case of people remembering the most recent thing but Endy Chavez’s catch over Tommie Agee’s TWO catches in the 1969 World Series game 3 that saved maybe 5 runs?
    Looks like the Phillies are squashing the Gnats 7-1. If you want anything done, you got to do it yourself.

  35. One I’ll never forget was the 25-inning game to the Cardinals. They lost on an error. I was a sick puppy. I was thinking if they are going to play 25, they might as well play 27 for the record.-JD

  36. seven stranded over three innings is not good in the least, but i don’t think that is necessarily indicative of the mets hitters not having any confidence.

  37. great catch by beltran.

    as long as pelf holds them at two, i am confident (for some strange reason) that the mets will get to volsted at some point and score some runs.

  38. Question for the Room: If this score holds and Milwaukee wins, should Santana start on three days rest? Jerry is now open to it.-JD

  39. yes. if the mets are a game back in the wc, which would make it a must-win game, then he has to start.

  40. As much as you can look at the bullpen and rightly blame them for the Mets not having a 10 game lead, the bottom line is that the Bats and the Starters have a chance to be clutch these last 3 games. The bullpen got them even after 159 games; now there should be no excuses from the other guys.

  41. Statistically, I think most guys get shelled when they start on short rest in recent history. I don’t know if Santana has ever done it, or how he has fared, but it generally doesn’t work out well.

  42. Volstad settling down it seems. Of course, that wasn’t the cream of the Mets’ order that inning. Pelfrey’s wrist obviously not bothering him.-JD

  43. JD- if we lose and they win I dont think it matters.. call me neg. it was a good year but they simply havent found the right formula and it will be the offense as much as that horrible pen…

  44. If we don’t get on the board here, I think we can count it as a loss. We’ve GOT to get to this guy. Like NOW.

  45. thank you ramon martinez, thank you jim edmonds.

    top of the order coming up, 3rd time through the order, time for the mets to put a few on the board.

  46. JD- i said yesterday Cubs will play hard they dont want brewers in because they know them best…. But if the Brews win tonight and we cont to look like a team playing not to lose were in trouble

  47. I hope the Mets don’t watch the Brewers score too much. They need to be thinking about this game, and only this game.

    And Pelfrey has just impressed me time and again this season. He has a chance to become a real stud.

  48. I don’t know if you can made a judgement on Ramon Martinez for next season at second, but I’d be willing to deal Castillo and take my chances with finding somebody in the offseason. And, if I don’t find one, I’m fine with a platoon at second.-JD

  49. Folks, I think it’s time to hope for help from Chicago. We look absolutely dead at the plate. Another night of wasted opportunities.

  50. Earlier this year when he was struggling, Delgado went the other way. And, I think he bunted, too. Why not now?-JD

  51. crap.

    i’m not writing them off either. as long as pelfrey can keep it close, but they are going to have to score at some point if they want to win.

    as for ramon martinez…he’s helping out quite a bit right now, but there’s no way he’s playing second base next year for the mets.

  52. How anyone could say it’s probably over after this 5 has got to be crazy after last nights game. The unsung heroes showed up in the 8th last night, maybe the actual studs will show up in the late innings tonight. Delgado’s due for a big clutch home run isn’t he? Hasn’t had one in about 2 weeks.

  53. JM: You know that’s been a couple of times when I didn’t get you. I’m like the Mets with RISP and coming up empty.-JD

  54. They just like to wait for the late innings now. They can’t be called Team Tightrope if they score early and often.

  55. Bob, I’m not crazy.
    Trends don’t suddenly reverse themselves.
    All season, we’ve left bodies on the basepaths, just as we’ve done tonight.
    Volstad has already been through the order twice and we’re no closer to solving him than when he started pitching.

  56. It’s not an insurmountable lead the problem is once they get in this 1-2-3 mentality they have a hard time getting out of it weve seen this before I wouldn’t be surprised if this game ended 2-0

  57. If the Mets get shutout in this game, that’s not a choke job? Last time I looked the mets weren’t facing cliff lee of the Indians.

  58. I will say that they might want to start the comeback a bit earlier tonight. Then again, they still have Robinson “Babe” Cancel on the bench.

  59. We’ve still got a chance with the Cubbies to back into tomorrow with this thing tied, I’ve got no problems with a back-in job.

  60. Im just amazed at how flat they came out- from Pelfrey to the defense that inning to the complete shut down of the offense… After last night I expected them flying all over the place.. like the Marlins were

  61. time for the mets to show their mettle.

    last year they weren’t up for the task. we listened all off-season and all summer as everyone – from players, to coaches, to managers, to front office execs – proclaimed that this year would be different.

    well, the time is upon them. show us what you’re made of.

  62. Did you see where Mariano Rivera is considering shoulder surgery? He’s 38, and coming off shoulder surgery, the Yankees should be expected to go hard after a closer. So, whomever the Mets target, you know the Yankees will also.-JD

  63. JD, I read multiple articles that the Mets are not going to go after Fuentes or Rodriguez or any other big time free agent in the off season.

  64. I don’t have stats but I was under the impression Santana isn’t good on three days rest. But when the alternatives are Niese and Figueroa, I would start Santana. He’s pitched tremendously the last three months.
    But the offense has to hit for anyone to win. We are letting Volsted off the hook when he had nothing early on.

  65. Heads up play by Hanley Ramirez. The ball was hit to Martinez’s left, and you’re taught to run then.-JD

  66. Amazingly, in light of the collection of animate objects in the pen who call themselves pitchers, Marlon Anderson is the worst player on the Mets. It’s not even close.

  67. marlon is definitely having a horrible season, but i’d still submit that castillo is the bigger disappointment…if only for the role he was supposed to play and the money he’s being paid.

  68. Anderson is worst. .212 average, .534 OPS. Maybe Argenis Reyes is numerically worse, but he’s a rookie and is not here for his bat. Anderson ain’t worth a damn if he can’t hit, and he cannot.

  69. oh, i thought the question was presupposing that aaron heilman was the consensus number 1 pick?

    my bad.

  70. murphy should probably leave the deeking to more experienced outfielders. the marlins lead back up to 3, and the mets prospects for a playoff birth continue to dwindle.

  71. I give you guys all the credit in the world for believing in this team. I don’t but that’s me. Just let it go, it isn’t worth the stress.

  72. They’re booing Parnell? I guess they’d rather see Heilman? So this one looks lost, really need the Cubbies or else the season is pretty much over. With that said, Cubs win and we’ll be ok.

  73. Bob: I don’t know if they are booing Parnell as much as they are the Mets’ lousy bullpen in general and the prospects of a season fading away.-JD

  74. tomg: It seems that you’re most stressed out by your negativity, the mets must really have a serious impact on your personal life. If so, I’m sorry. The cubs and brewers are on ESPN, turn the channel there and root for the Cubs since you’ve declared this one over.

  75. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pen who can’t get anybody out like the Mets pen. Thank you Omar Minya, you suck.

  76. I’ve never seen a team get beaten on the first four pitches of a game — until tonight.
    And with this team’s moribund offense, again leaving a trail of runners all over the place, we had no chance.

  77. There’s no margin for error for the Mets. This game might already be over, but one more run will steal it. Here comes Heilman. I might add his song is “Paint it Black,” by the Stones, which is about death. Just thought you might want to know.-JD

  78. No thanks Bob, I fine but you seem to be the one who is stressing by attacking me but that’s ok, I understand.

  79. tomg: Sorry if you felt I attacked you, all I did was said concentrate on the cubs/brewers, we’ve got a chance in that one.

  80. You’d figure that the Mets would be more inclined to just not use him, letting other teams simply forget about him instead of putting on a putrid performance here for all possible suitors to see.

  81. tomg: Lol yeah man… I wasn’t saying don’t root for the mets, root for the cubs, i’m saying root for the cubs! They’re our only hope at this point! GO CUBS GO! That’s a catchy little song they have at wrigley when they win a ball game, can’t hate on that.

  82. Bob: They aren’t showcasing him for a trade. They still believe in him. I’m saying I don’t and he should be traded.-JD

  83. JD: It seems pretty fun, the park, the environment, catchy song, wondered what it’d be like at Shea. Then again, over half of the attendance leaves before the game is over and Mets PR would probably turn the song into a rap song that included the lyrics, “Billy’s gonna shut you down and delgado’s gonna put them out.” Wait a minute, they already did!

  84. Heilman’s a joke, heading to the bar to cheer on the cubs, giving up on tonight, but not the season. Have a good one fellas.

  85. His pedigree is really gonna come in handy if the Mets make the playoffs. His pedigree has a 2.31 ERA.

  86. not even close. i’d wager that that was the last time we ever see aaron heilman pitching in a mets uniform…playoffs or not.

  87. Heilman deserves every decibel of that booing. He tunred in maybe the worst season ever by a Mets relief pitcher.

  88. So, back to a question I posed earlier: Does Manuel come back with Santana on three days rest tomorrow? Does he if Milwaukee wins? If Brewers lose, does he go with Niese or Knight or Stokes?-JD

  89. The Mets came out with their theme song on the radio during the bad years and it always stuck in my heads …”meet the mets, come on out and beat the mets”

  90. Brewers win it doent matter JD seasons over…..if they lose you have to pitch everybody on short rest getting in is the mission at this point….

  91. After last night’s victory, this really does blow….there’s nothing more to say at this point. Reyes, Murph, and Wright better get going this inning.

  92. he only goes to santana if the mets lose and brewers win.

    if not, i say start neise. he’d be pitching on normal rest (the last time he pitched on regular rest he pitched brilliantly) against a team that struggles against lefties.

    if niese falters then go to figueroa, his stuff would probably have the best chance against the fastball hitting young marlins.

  93. I’m a big supporter of Manuel but I cant understand how they came out so flat, he needed to do his best Newt rockney… but even more important I dont understand why Anderson had an at bat or heilman pitched

  94. JD: I think Jerry talked about winning one in memory of George Zipp and told the boys to get out there and win one for the Zipper.

  95. Sadecki checking in, Manuel loses a lot of love by going to Heilwoman. Bats are asleep too. IMO the Mets really needed this game to be called. Who made this schedule where the Mets are making 3 trips west in the first two month s and have no off days for the last two weeks?

  96. Does it really matter who pitches tomorrow. Again this club just gives up. I’m thinking Marlins sweep….

  97. David.

    You busted my chops earlier this week talking about players elevating their game. I wish one Mets could do what Handley did tonight, He decided in the locker room he was winning this game and look at him. Not one Met has that mentality 5-5 with two stolen bases.

  98. i think one overlooked benefit of last season’s collapse is the fact that i’m not anywhere near as angry and depressed as i was at this time last year.

    last year i would have been screaming and perhaps drunk during this game. right now, i’m just kinda blah, waiting for the game to end so i can watch the debate, eat dinner, and then catch up on the rest of the shows my dvr has accumulated this past week.

    i think given the way the mets started this season, i pretty much expected no october baseball this year, and while much may have changed between april and now, the end result appears to have never been in much jeopardy.

  99. Ah well guys. Regardless of what happens its been a real blast with most of you. I doubt i’ll have much of a chance to jump on this weekend so thanks for making it fun to suffer together.

  100. Alex – good point….how do you give Omar a 4 yr extension after this? It is criminal by the Wilpons….first they raise my friends 4 seats from $24k to $74k per season and then put an inferior product on the field and reward the GM for 2 consecutive disappointing seasons with a new 4 yr deal….criminal!

  101. ED: By the way once this is all over maybe we can find another blog to debate on. Whats your political stance :-) Im kidding…

  102. JD: You can count me in…Im up for it. Baseball is my heart and soul and i live and die the hell out of it. But I love all sports..

  103. I gave up politics… i had an opinion but didn’t feel it matter so gave up i was very red… I love the off season in baseball Its rumor time…

  104. Gary just said, based on the poll, that folks aren’t jumping off the bridge yet. Right, b/c most of ’em are bobbing face down in the water already.

  105. NIce play by Murphy. No decisions on him. He’s got to play next year. Either left or second.-JD

  106. alright everyone, i’m gonna unplug for the night.

    it may not have been pleasurable, but it’s always a pleasure…

  107. Off season is fun hopefully this year will be more then speculation on our part……06 was soo much fun anaylzing trades and signing since then Omar has been so cautious….

  108. JD: I’d really love to see him at 2nd batting second next year. I think the mets need another power stick in left field.

  109. Yeah Omar’s been so cautious hes probably still waiting for El Duque to stroll out the pen and start tomorrows game.

  110. David: He’s an infielder. He’s played second. It’s not a total reach. I don’t think they’ll get much for Castillo. If they trade him, they’ll have to eat most of the contract anyway. Why not just cut him and be done with it?-JD

  111. Clearly Murphy will start somewhere next season, but he certainly doesn’t look like he has the body to be a smooth middle infielder. I’ll reserve judgment until i see him at 2nd, but LF may be the place to hide him.

  112. JM: I agree that i have a hard time imagining him at 2B. But i just think the mets need another RBI guy in the middle. To me murphy looks like the guy you want behind reyes.

  113. David: Vargas was hurt this year. Hip surgery. Bostick, I don’t know. Yes, this was another bad trade. Lindstrom would have looked good anywhere in the Mets’ pen.-JD

  114. “For I consider that our present sufferings are not to be compared with the glory that will be revealed in us” (paraphrased to my liking). We shall see.

  115. See you all when Omar makes his first bad off season move. At least this year’s choke job wasn’t as bad as last year. Almost all of us expected it.

  116. I hate all of you who say the mets are chockers, mostly, because I now fear that you are right. To Gil, What I said last week was wrong, I know you think dems will save us. I think you are wrong. If you want to further discuss, I give delcos permission to give my email to you.

  117. one run against the Marlins and coming out flat with three games to go is choking plain and simply this team doesnt have the culture to win they have a competitive culture the minute theirs pressure they fold since 06 on…..

  118. Sadecki Gil’s right but its not Dems who will save us, its new thoughts as represented by Barack who will start that process. Look at the old guy went to Washington to save the day and left unwanted and with no thought on how to fix anything, just like Omar. We need new ideas in DC and in Citi field. We won’t get them in Citi….

  119. Now see harry dont turn this political its more fun when all it is, is sports……I work in a very blue state in a profession thats specifically impacted by blue decissions and I dont think they can manage their way out of anything…. they are Hank Steinbrenner lots of money to spend with alot of bad ideas…

  120. I remember a couple of weeks ago, the Poll asked how the Mets would end the season, and a big majority said they would miss the playoffs entirely. Keith, Ron and Gary were all incredulous: “Oh, you people are harsh!” No, just realistic about this team.

  121. Let’s go Cowboys! Ah… wait just one minute, you think you’re going to get on me for being a boys fan? Well, I’m going to get on myself first.

    My two favorite professional sports team are the biggest chokers in their respective sports, the Mets and Cowboys. October 2006 mets blow game 7 after Endy’s catch… crushing. Two months later, December 2006, Romo chokes and bobbles the snap, Cowboys lose to seattle. September 2007, Mets have the biggest collapse in professional baseball history. Three months late, December 2007, Cowboys earn the #1 seed after dominating the entire NFC and again, choke and lose their first playoff game. September 2008, Mets collapse and blow a 3.5 division lead with 18 games remaining. December 2008, Cowboys… how will they choke folks?

    Just remember you Mets & Giants fans, you COULD have it much worse. You COULD be a cowboys fan too. That’s all, looking forward to Sunday to watch the Cowboys dismantle the redskins to do nothing but get my hopes up for another December disappointment. Hope my misery has at least made the night of one person out there.