Marlins talkin’

The Mets and Marlins don’t like each other, and the Marlins are anxious to knock your team out of the playoffs again.

Here’s what several Fish had to say:

Scott Olson: “Silence is golden. It’s not that good of a stadium. I remember Tom Glavine walking off the mound with his head down without getting three outs.”

Paul Lo Duca: “It was not a good memory and I’m hoping we can make it not good memories for them again this year.”

6 thoughts on “Marlins talkin’

  1. Wow, Paul, how eloquent you are! Pelfrey may just have to hit him this time…maybe it can make him more stupider?

  2. Who cares about Paulie?

    He was a cheater. On a level playing field he is a career backup and would never have been on our team.

  3. Hey Delcos, glad to see you’ve set up another blog, I’ve been looking to see if you had continued things from your previous one.

    Hopefully the Mets can shut the Marlins up, because when it comes down to the talent on the field, the Mets are better, they need Pelfrey to pitch deep and well and the offense needs to score early and often. Some help from the Cubbies and Nats would be welcome as well.

  4. Figures Olsen would take a shot at the staidum where he’s posted a 4.76 ERA and .309 BAA not to mention he almost got a good ole fashion passionate a– whopping from Miguel Cabreara there.

  5. Azy: Nice to see you found us. Hope you stay around for the Mets Chat Room tonight. Take card.-JD