Bulletin: Santana to start Saturday.

With the Mets losing tonight, manager Jerry Manuel said Johan Santana would start Saturday against Florida on three days rest.

“I’m very concerned,” Manuel said. “We’ve put ourselves in a tough spot and we have nobody to blame for that but ourselves.”

Manuel said Santana told him he wanted to pitch on short rest on Thursday. Santana threw 125 pitches in his last start this week against the Cubs.

Should Sunday mean anything, Oliver Perez will pitch on three days rest in the season finale.

12 thoughts on “Bulletin: Santana to start Saturday.

  1. Does it really matter? By the way how the heck do the Twins do ity. They dumped our ace and got nothing to help them this year, they lost Hunter to FA snd they are on the cusp of getting in while we chole for the same reasons we choled last year. Give us the Twins GM…… give him the 4 year deal.

  2. Chiti, I must say, You were right. Now we have four more years of the idiot who sent this team of overpaid allstars into the season without a bullpen. Heilman must always carry the shame of his weak perfomance last night. It would have been better to hide him. Now nobody will want him. Paging Bobby V. we miss you Bobby San.

  3. Our season could be over 8 hours from now. Santana has pitched magnificently but he’s almost due for a slip up. Then there’s our bullpen… But as our 1973 NL pennant-winning manager said “If you are going to get beat, get beat with your best pitching”.

  4. Yes, Sadecki… Bobby V….. But I doubt it will happen. Phillips hated him and Omar was a Phillips trainee.
    Keeping Omar sends the signal. Winning it all doesn’t matter. Getting lose and keeping the seats full is all that counts.
    Yes Dan you go down with your best so why do people still knock Yogi for going down with his best?

  5. Because they thought Stone and Seaver were the best, not Seaver and Matlack. I’m not one of them. I’m more upset Stone decided to wreck his shoulder playing church league basketball that winter.

    Major kudos to Santana for volunteering to pitch today.

  6. I hope they do to put this dog down, it hard watching this mess begging for mercy…. They played last night like Castillo bats not to get out/lose… prevent defense and we all know how well that works……

  7. I want to see this team play it out.

    they deserve to do it for themselves and the fans.

    If they lose fine. At least they tried. I like that Santana wants to pitch. That is what you want from your ace and leader. You lead by example.

    The season is on the line and he wants in.


  8. Can Santana pitch both today and tomorrow? That’s the only feasible shot we have at winning.

  9. Those church-league basketball guys are deadly.

    Personally, I would have thrown Matlack in Game Six, with Seaver waiting in the wings and with full rest for Game Seven. Yogi short-circuited them with that decision.

  10. If Tug were here this weekend.
    He would of course say ” You Gotta Beleive ”
    I believe the Mets will get some help.
    The Cubs do not want to go into the playoffs on a 4 game losing streak.
    Win 2 and hope the Cubs fear the wrath of Lou.