About Last Night …. Stayin’ Alive.

Here’s the request. Can we not hear anymore comments about choking or not having any heart? Please. After last night, and after the Santana game, it is more than evident this team has enough heart and emotion to win.

What it is lacking is a bullpen and ability to hit consistently in the clutch.

Pedro Martinez showed us all something last night. He’s not the same pitcher he used to be, but his heart is as strong as ever. He somehow found a way to stay out there longer than we all thought. Should the Mets be playing meaningful baseball next week they might need to give Martinez the ball to start Game 4.

He deserves it.

3 thoughts on “About Last Night …. Stayin’ Alive.

  1. If the mets get rained out today and tomorrow, I think the mets actually get an advantage as they can pitch Pelfrey & Santana Sunday and Ollie P against the Marlins on Monday, thus skipping Niese/Knight all together. So what, it’s hard to sweep a doubleheader, if this team wants the playoffs bad enough they are more than capable with their #1 & #2 both going in the doubleheader.

  2. I agree the Mets have heart. My comments have been that they seem to press in the big situations and often they seem tight. They always try and they never give up. I just think sometimes they press and look discombobulated at the plate, taking the good pitches and swinging at the bad ones, and missing the good ones when they do swing at them.