Mets Chat Room: Good for Jerry Manuel.

Word is Jerry Manuel is saying “no” to John Maine and won’t let him pitch again this season. Manuel said his conscience won’t let him use Maine, who will undergo shoulder surgery on his right shoulder.

The doctors said Maine can’t reinjure himself, but they really don’t know. Should Maine try to overcompensate with his delivery, it could place stress somewhere else. That’s what the doctors ARE NOT taking into consideration.

That Manuel won’t risk Maine’s health with the season being on the line, and consequently possibly his job, shows his integrity. He’s doing the right thing.

Martinez: Pitching for October.

Martinez: Pitching for October.

Pedro Martinez is starting what could be his last game for the Mets tonight if they don’t get into the playoffs.

Should they somehow squeeze their way in, I can still see Manuel giving Martinez the ball by citing his experience.

That said, I don’t have faith that experience will last long then, or tonight. Not with these numbers: In his last three starts, Martinez has worked 16 innings and given up 14 earned runs on 24 hits and eight walks.

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  1. Why did the Mets even bother to mess around with Maine? Why didn’t Jerry make this known to management sooner if he had no intention of using John? However,good for Jerry though, protecting his players.

  2. Patrick: You like to see a manager protect his players. All during the Church incident Willie kept saying he’d leave it up to the player to tell him how he felt. There were too many questions he couldn’t answer.-JD

  3. I’ve been thinking about other blogs after the Mets are done. The Giants, “24” and a political blog. Any other topics would interest you?-JD

  4. Rough spot for Pedro if by the grace of god he pitches well. It will be because of a crappy cubs lineup if he gets shelled it will put yet another nail in a Hall Of Fame coffin….At this point I’ll just as well take the former.

  5. Let’s go Pedro, please just one good start, your last start in a mets uni, please make us remember you on a non-glavine note!

  6. JD,

    The other night you condemned Manny Ramirez for being selfish, lazy, and spoiled, though you might not haved used those words exactly.

    Now I’m not suggesting that the Mets should have, or should in the future, pay through the nose in money and/or prospects for him or a guy like him, but just so there’s no doubt about what the Mets need: Manny gets that run in from third, everytime out of 10.

  7. Come on, Pedro. They sent a bunch of kids out there. this plays to your only strength remaining: experience.

  8. hey, i’m all for a 24 blog…but the only problem for me is that i’m in Los Angeles and wouldn’t be able to contribute to the discussion till 3 hours after you watch it.

  9. JM: Did you see the at-bat (in the middle of his tantrm) against the Yankees this year… bottom of the 9th, against Mariano, Manny TOOK 3 pitches, all strikes, never moved the bat from his shoulder?

  10. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…

    Ben from Flushing May 25th, 2008 at 4:11 pm

    How come I feel like the words “first big-league home run” and “first big league win” are associated more with Mets’ opponents than anyone else in baseball?

  11. With my Pedro prediction for tonight’s game, I’m exploring the idea of legally changing my name to Nostradamus.

  12. alex: Just curious, but how did you get around in LA after the nuclear bomb went off? Jack had no problems. Even on the best days LA is impossible to drive around.-JD

  13. Bob,

    Didn’t see it, but pointing out one or multiple places where a ballplayer fails is not the point, as clearly its an exaggeration to say anyone can always come through. But he’s always been a clutch RBI man, and that is missing around Shea these days.

  14. Anyhow I wont get upset about it tonight. As I made it quite clear last night that i thought tonight and sat are lost causes. The mets had to have last night.

  15. JM: the point wasn’t that Manny failed, it was Manny CHOSE to fail, by intentionally not swinging because he was mad at the Sox front office. Are you telling me D Wright intentionally struck out because he chased ball four twice? I’d hope not, he was trying his ass off, just tried too hard, the complete OPPOSITE of Manny.

  16. 2-time world champion manny w/o the playoff clinching dodgers:

    50 games: .398avd 17hr 53rbi

    he is also in the top 5 all-time in playoff: runs, hits, hr (1st), rbi (2nd), extra base hit, times on base

    yes, he’s flaky too

  17. yeah, driving in los angeles is never fun. thankfully, i’m usually able to avoid the worst times to drive on the worst roads…and like jack bauer, i try to stay off the highways.

  18. Tiffany: Sweet idea. I’m serious about doing some things. The worst thing about pizza is it isn’t a good food when you’re writing.-JD

  19. Sacrifice fly: When a batter hit a fly ball, the runner on third is allowed to advance and score after the ball is caught. This is a legal play.-JD

  20. Best pizza in NYC:

    1. Di Fara
    2. Grimaldi
    3. Totonno’s (Brooklyn shop)
    4. John’s
    5. Lombardi’s/Patsi’s
    6. Una Pizza Napoletana (over-priced though)

  21. JM: I agree 100% just making a point that if he decides to intentionally not try he’ll do it and I haven’t seen any Mets do that yet, except POSSIBLY Castillo.

  22. OK, all together now, let’s ask:

  23. Bob: The thing about Manny is I can see him intentionally dogging it at times. Didn’t he quit on his Red Sox teammates this year?-JD

  24. Is anyone else worried that because Lou ran this lineup out against us he’ll feel obligated to run out the same or something close to this for all 3 games against the Brew? I mean what he did wasn’t so bad, he started almost all his regulars the first three games.

  25. Ok we all know how this story will go Pedro gave his typical 2 in the 1st. Now he will go 3 maybe 4 scores and in either the 5th or 6th give up 2-3 more.

  26. Speaking of Manny and other supposed selfish players, anyone read the piece on today about how hated Ichiro is in the Mariners’ clubhouse and how some threatened to beat him down?

  27. Bob: Not really. I don’t think it matters who starts for the Cubs, because I believe the Brewers will be pumped if they have a chance at the playoffs.-JD

  28. If the mets don’t win this game, they don’t deserve to make the playoffs, Wow, I could play a better 1B or LF than these cubbies.

  29. Church you’re a fool. A game of this magnitude, what is the likelihood that they would call it after 5 in a rain delay? You would think they would delay it as long as possible to get it in, maybe I’m just thinking optimistic.

  30. JD: but what are the chances that they would call it in a rain delay?


  31. dykstra’s interview will probably be the most interesting thing about tonight’s game. maybe, if we’re lucky, he’ll try and kiss burkhardt.

  32. wonder how long the leash will be before manuel has to seriously consider pulling pedro? with the threat of rain, and the mets offense, they can’t afford to fall too far behind.

  33. That AB tells the entire story of Pedro. If you feel you have to nibble against Mike Fontenot what are you made of.

  34. You know what’s gonna happen with the rain, right?
    It’s gonna start pouring the moment the game becomes official and with us losing big-time.

  35. The Brewers have Gallardo going tonight. Guys 22 years old and hasn’t pitched in 5 months. Said he was shocked to be pitching tonight because he hasn’t even taking any swings or tested his knee yet.

    Guess it’s not just the Mets who are wacky when it comes to the health of their players.

  36. Ben: I’ve seen plenty of dykstra interviews on CNBC where his eyes weren’t half shut and we was not slurring his words.

  37. It’s too bad that Pedro’s hammy didn’t keep him out for the season, then Minaya may have decided to actually make a move for a starting pitcher instead of this notion that Pedro would come back in some magical form.

  38. With Fukudome showing that he can’t hit a changeup, why is Pedro now throwing him fastballs?

  39. David: Might have a chance with an average bullpen, with our bullpen furrrget about-it!

  40. Why does the SNY seem to have a love fest for those three goons on their cell phones?

  41. JD –

    as far as expanding the blog, i think the best way for you to do it would be an anything and everything blog — kinda like Slate or Huffington Post.

    then you could have posts and threads on whatever topic sparked your interest.

  42. Expanding the blog? Will the domain name change or will there be two blogs? I can’t see people typing in when they’re in search of pizza restaurants or movie reviews.

  43. alex: Thanks. I’ll drop you an email to pick your brain. But, I will keep this all Mets.-JD

  44. I hope the Mets start slowing their at-bats down. It’s raining. Please keep raining. Please keep raining…

  45. Well here comes the rain, I just know they’re going to call an official game with the mets on the losing end. Mets luck.

  46. There’s plenty of political blogs, in the words of Gary Cohen it would “behoove” us to leave politics off of the blog.

  47. Is there a rain delay? Im just tuning in remote from Austin TX. 106 comments, John. You are off to a new record!

  48. Ski: No rain delay. Not yet, anyway. … Church just tied the game with a two-run double. Nice to see him come through. He’s a good guy. Also, if the rains come, you don’t want to be losing.-JD

  49. Gil: Late for last night, but on time for tonight. You know they can still win this thing.-JD

  50. actually, as nice as it would have been to have gotten the big hit in last night’s game…the big hit today is even more important, because the stakes are now higher and with the threat of a rain out looming it was imperative to tie the game up there.

  51. I’d have to think Pedro would like throwing in the rain, he’s always licking his hand trying to get more moisture, well here you go Pedro.

  52. If he gets through the sixth at three runs, that’s a quality start. That’s the best they can hope for these days.-JD

  53. If we get to the bottom of the 5th tied, does Jerry manage it like the bottom of the 9th? Pinch hitters, pinch hitting for Pedro?

  54. Bob: Great question. I would guess yes. Mostly, because you’re not going to get that much more from him.-JD

  55. JD: Win what thing?
    An inning?
    You know the Mets only came back last inning so they can tease us before they blow it, right?

  56. Gil: Mathematically they are still alive to win everything. That’s the best they can hope for right now.-JD

  57. I don’t know about pinch hitting for Pedro now. If cancel gets on, Pedro can bunt him over. If cancel doesn’t get on, you can take a shot with Easley or Castro, to knock one out, then again Pedro the past 2 innings has looked rather impressive, do we really want to go to the pen? Decisions, decisions…

  58. there’s that goose egg…

    as for managing this inning for 1 run, that would only make sense if a down pour or delay was imminent. otherwise they should try to get at least 1 more inning out of pedro. after the first inning he’s better than the bullpen.

  59. Don’t be mad at Jerry. It obviously Willie’s fault this team is repeating its sorry finish. No wonder Bill Murray was in the park last night. He’s used to groundhog’s Day.

  60. JD: Did the Mets’ mathematical advantage through the last 17 games of last season ultimately help them?

  61. Gil: Not getting your point. They are still alive heading into the final weekend. With their bullpen and how they haven’t hit with RISP, they could have been eliminated by now.-JD

  62. Gil: You seem to be sure the mets aren’t going to make the playoffs, insinuating that being mathematically alive isn’t important. My question, why are you still watching them and providing us with your comments?

  63. JD: If it weren’t for the rain, Pedro would be coming back out for the 7th, I wanted a rain out this morning now I want it to go away!

  64. Ron Gardenhire is a great manager…the Twins just took the lead on their way to sweeping the White Sox for the division lead. If it wasn’t for the Rays, he’d be manager of the year.

    Pedro did his job

  65. I really think the extra moisture was of benefit to Pedro, I’m impressed with his outing, it’s those DAMN first innings!

    This is OUR inning! LGM!!!

  66. Bob: Because I’m in an abusive, co-dependent relationship with this team. In fact, it’s what I call “sado-metsochism.”
    I’m the submissive partner being dominated by a baseball team which tortures me nightly, yet deep down, no matter how much emotional abuse, teasing and disappointment they heap upon me, I always come back for more the next day.
    Where’s Dr. Alan Lans when you need him?

  67. gotta be happy with what pedro has done, even if it’s against the cubs b team.

    on a slightly unrelated topic, from the tale of two halves department — who has had the bigger swing in performance this year from first to second half delgado or fukudome?

  68. Frozen Rope: He sure did. I had no faith in him tonight, but he overcame the bad start. With what Martinez did tonight was make a statement that should the Mets get into the playoffs he will be the fourth starter.-JD

  69. Gil: I feel your pain, felt the same last night/early hours this am when I couldn’t sleep. It’s a new day, the sun has risen (and set) all we need is a run here and pray for rain, we’ve seen mets magic before. Let’s get it!

  70. JD: +1 on the no faith comment.

    I like the mets being patient with Harden here, he’s good for 5-6 BBs a game.

  71. agreed.

    fukodome’s decline could be attributed to pitchers adjusting to him, there was no reason to expect him to perform at the level he was at in the early months for the whole season.

  72. Bob: Thanks, buddy. Seriously. This blog is sometimes more a disappointed fans’ support group than anything else. It’s nice to know I’m not the only out there that takes these disappointments so hard.

  73. Clear pitch around here, no pinch hit Easley for Ramon? Easley said he can start, so whats the deal?

  74. Alex:I was considering visiting an S&M store today and buying a full leather ensemble, complete with a collar and one of those rubber ball thingys, which I’d paint royal blue, with an orange, interlocking “NY,” stuff that in my mouth, then watch tonight’s game on all fours, handcuffed to my couch.

  75. Lol, it’s time JD invests in an automatic filter for the blog now, too many s&m references!

  76. alex: I’d think so, Easley hasn’t looked good in his pinch hit at bats, then again, he hasn’t had many opportunities.

  77. Please do not let Pedro pitch to Hoffpauir! I don’t care if he cruises through the first two, Hoffpauir has owned him tonight.

  78. Alex: LOL! I don’t blame ya, brother. I’d shudder too, at seeing an image of myself in such a getup!

  79. Manuel might as well be standing on the top step of the dugout screaming, “I have no faith in my )((&*^$%$#()( bullpen.”-JD

  80. Frozen Rope: Jerry alread had his Grady Little moment last Sunday in Atlanta when he let Pedro pitch to Josh Anderson with two outs and a runner in scoring position.

  81. How does Pedro manage to look shocked that he’s being taken out?
    Season’s on the line, pal and you couldn’t stymie the Cubs’ B team.
    Thank you for all your contributions as a Met, Petey.

  82. Pedro knew that was his last moment in a mets uniform. On a sadder note, Brewers up 1-0, SEASON OVER

  83. How fitting.
    Pedro started his Mets career getting a no-decision because the bullpen blew a game for him and he ends his Mets career as the bullpen ruins his effort with its first pitch.

  84. Gil: You are incredible. Anyoner doubt Gil now.
    Get Omar ans all his loser signees the hell out of Queens. 4 year deal.. Wi;pons you make Hankee the Yankee look smart. See you next year for AS the Mets choke, one more time….

  85. well, i’ve done my best to try and remain optimistic throughout these last two weeks…

    but, i have to say, that homerun may have been the end to the mets’ 08 season.

  86. JD: Stunning, my ass.
    Eva Mendes is stunning.
    The donkey show scene in “Clerks 2” was stunning.
    This, my friend, is only natural when you have Little League-caliber pitchers coming out of the bullpen.

  87. For all you Jerry lovers, there’s a reason a guy wears # 73. He’s a minor leaguer. But Jerry doesn’t care. He’ll be humorius after the game. HAHA goodbye Jerry. Omar ain’t accountable. See you in KC or something.

  88. What was Jerry waiting for? He should have been out of the dugout before the ball hit the scoreboard.-JD

  89. I don’t understand all the “season over” talk though. Mets still have time in this one, and the Brewers still have to play the Cubs.

  90. Keep him in Jerry. Seaons over We know you don’t care.
    Keep prayingCohen for a rainout. These umps have prders to finish the game.

  91. Know why this team has no heart? Becuase guys like Santana either won’t or aren’t allowed to pitch on 3 days rest like CC and Myers. Who cares about winning says Omar. I got my extension. Screw the fans. They are used to losing and they just want a nivce park anyway for the next two years.

  92. JM –

    yes, there is theoretically still time in this game, and three more games…

    but what about what the mets have done in the last two weeks (not to mention last year) suggests they can recover and find a way to win out — which is probably what they’d have to do to get in (assuming the brewers win tonight).

  93. 1970, 1973, 1985, 1987, 1998, 2005, 2006,2007, 2008.
    As opposed to 1969 and 1986.

    What a tradition!!!!!!

  94. 1-1 Pirates-Brewers. Our only glimmer of hope. Nice gamesmanship by Jerry here. GOD I hate the cubs!

  95. Alex: For all intents and purposes, the season effectively ended at Shea a couple of weeks ago when the bullpen blew a 2-0 lead after Johan pitched. Sure, Niese rebounded to win the nightcap, but any semblance of recovery was erased the next day when the bullpen blew another win.
    If the bullpen did its job, we would’ve had a sweep of the Braves and gained how many games on the Phillies.
    Then we went on to lose the next two to the Nationals and later in the week lose two out of three to Atlanta.
    Omar should be fired for not fixing the bullpen he had two years to fix. How the hell is a four-year extension for him justifiable?

  96. Since this is my first post
    1) Good for Manuel in not pitching Maine. Don’t take a chance on his health. If we can’t win without jeopardizing his health, we don’t deserve to win
    2) I have no interest in a political blog. Hopefully “24” will be better this year although I usually wait for the DVDs to come out and watch them all at once. Bring back Aaron Pearce and make him President: everyone else who has had the job has died. I would be interested in a New York area hockey blog with all three teams roughly represented if you have interest in that.
    3)Twins have fallen behind the Chisox. Go Twinkies and Ron Gardenhire. Gomez made a nice catch in the 9th yesterday. He can’t hit but he can field pretty good

  97. JM: Why so our bullpen can give up 7 runs in 2 innings when they resume the game Monday?

  98. Pigs will fly before Bud Selig stops tonights game with the weather forecast for this weekend. Mike Francesa said one of his stooges called MLB and they said the Mets are instructed to finish the weekend series by Sunday: doubleheaders, whatever. Only play Monday if it can’t be helped.

  99. I honestly don’t know if I’ll watch any of the post-season without the Mets in it.
    Last year I did, but I knew early in September the Mets were done for.
    And this year, they almost had me convinced that it wouldn’t go the same way.
    Pedro said last winter the team owed the fans for last year.
    Carlos Beltran talked tough, telling Jimmy Rollins that this year, the Mets were the team to beat.
    Delusional David Wright talked about how he was supremely confident this year’s Mets would get it done.
    Last night, Jerry says we have to find a way.
    I’ve accepted the fact that in the next four days, they’re not gonna find it.
    I applaud them for regrouping and actually giving a damn after Willie Randolph was fired.
    I applaud Jerry for reviving the spirit of a broken team.
    I applaud Carlos Delgado for turning into the monster at the plate he has always been.
    I applaud Johan for pitching like an ace all year.
    I condemn Omar for doing nothing to fix the Mets most obvious weakness.

  100. Honestly guys how are you the least bit surprised by what transpried tonight. I respect your faith but knowledge of baseball needs to play a role every now and again. Last night was the season. Plain and simple.

  101. David: I disagree. As I mentioned to Alex, the turning point of the season was that Saturday home game a couple of weeks ago when the bullpen blew a 2-0 shutout for Santana, then blew another win the next day.

  102. The 4 years is justified by the picture collection Omar must own. There’s no other explanation.

    Lets look at his great signs.
    Pedro didn’t earn his pay
    Castillo didn’t earn his pay.
    Mota didn’t earn his pay
    Schoeneweiss didn’t earn his pay.
    Anderson didn’t earn his pay.
    El Duque didn’t earn his pay
    Wagner didn’t earn his pay.

    He got Delgado and LoDuca on the cheap, he got Beltran only because the Yankees wouldn’t bite, he got Santana only because the BoSox/Yankees wouldn’t bite.
    His virtues
    He didn’t trade Reyes/Wright Big deal. Even Duquette didn’t trade them.
    He finds guys off the scrap pile who give him a good year.
    He built a good bullpen in 06 and let 2 key elements leave and brought in junk.
    He gave away so many starters he doesn’t have a pitcher for the 2nd to last day of the season. Ansd these morons are giving him 4 years!!!

    See ya when he makes his firast big movwe this Winter.

  103. Gil: Tough loss indeed however I think last night was much bigger. You had a 2 game lead in the wild card staring you at the face with 5-1 lead you blow it, you have a runner on 3rd and no outs nothing. To me that was much bigger and was the season…

  104. The only bright spot to this pathetic ending was the injuries so they had to use Murphy. I don’t think 4 year deal can trade him without the new Wilpon Field beying destroyed.

  105. JM. You saved your faith for the wrong thing. “When will they ever learn; when will they ever learn”?

  106. Agreed on Murphy. He’s been a pleasant surprise and hopefully he will continue a nice long offensive career for the mets. Just need to find him a home on the field.

  107. Harry and David: Yes, last night was the last straw, but that Atlanta game I mentioned started the final downward spiral.
    Think of this: If the bullpen had saved even half the games it has blown this year (14 for 28), how many games ahead would we be now?

  108. It has nothing to do with faith or heart. It has to with matchups and talent and right neither favor the mets.

  109. At least when Citi Bank goes under, Freddy Coupons can alter the sign for the new place and leave the letter “C” and word “Field” in place. Just remove the I-T-I are replace them with “O-L-L-A-P-S-E.”

  110. Gil: Dont get me wrong the season as a whole is on the GM and the bullpen. I just think last night was the nail in the coffin.

  111. Ifs and buts Gil; Every team has them but good teams overcome them. This team has no guts, no heart, no soul, no leadership.
    Will somebody tell David Wright to just shut up tonight. I can’t ait for his we’ll give it our all this weekend bull.

  112. Gil: Rauch was dumped cheap. Omar didn’t want him. He wanted scrap heap Ayala. Rauch was too good. Bradford was dumped by the O’s. Omar didn’t want him. Would have been another admission of him screwwing up.
    So lets give him 10 years…… Just like Allie Sherman got….

  113. You know the one silver lining for the mets may be that the cubs may want to play them again so badly in the first round that they go all out to sweep the brewers…

  114. Harry: In all fairness Rauch’s ERA has been close to 7 since joing the D-Backs…Hmmm on second thought he might of fit right in.

  115. David: You’re right. It’s a matter of being good enough, and there were too many games over the summer where they weren’t. It just seems bigger now.-JD

  116. What does it matter David. The Fish will sweep anyway. We can’t beat minor leaguers, why would we beat the Fish when they are playing for real. Two years in a row to bury us. I think they’ll play hard to humiliate these overpaid cholers.

  117. Maybe he’s been bad there, but he looked good in DC. I didn’t even know where he went. But you’re right. ERA of 7 he’s the ace of the pen.

  118. Harry: Guys like Ray Knight, Keith Hernandez and Gary Carter just wouldn’t have allowed what’s happened the last two years to happen if they were on the team.
    Problem is we have no one now who not only can talk the talk, but walk the walk.
    Say what you want about Jimmy Rollins, but last year, he backed up his talk.
    Down in Tampa Bay, Carlos Pena has let his bat do the talking and the walking.
    The Mets need a “Redass” in the worst way.

  119. Gil: I’ve heard that theory, too. There’s nobody with that personality. The one guy who did speak up, Billy Wagner, took a lot of heat for it.

    There are guys with heart on this team. Just not a lot of guys in the bullpen who can throw strikes.-JD

  120. JD: Im with you im not a big “heart” guy give me talent and I’ll take my chances. Im not saying those gritty all out players arent winners im just saying we all to often chalk up losses to heart when its more a matter of talent and execution. To me heart is a guy not busting it and letting a ball fall in.

  121. 68% of the fans on the SNY text poll think the Mets will miss the playoffs. Looks like “Ya gotta believe” is no longer our slogan

  122. I agree Gil.. The 86 team wouldn’t take it, and the 69 team brought in Clendennon to give them that authroity guy.

  123. You see right there guys. Talent and execution. Beltran takese off and church doesnt follow. If he had you’d be looking at a tied game. Thats just execution not heart.

  124. Billy’s problem was that he threw teammates under the bus instead of calling them out in the clubhouse where it belonged.
    And he was selective about which teammates to toss. There was a time when Mike Pelfrey was struggling as much as Oliver Perez, but Wagner chose to throw Ollie under the bus.
    Granted, Pelfrey has had the far superior season.
    But then he dissed Carlos Delgado without fully knowing the circumstances about Delgado’s not being available to the media on the day he exploded at him.
    Plus, Billy wasn’t out there everyday, getting his uniform dirty and couldn’t have the same degree of influence.
    Two guys I think could’ve filled a leaderhsip role were Torii Hunter and Aaron Rowand. And Omar might’ve had one of them if he hadn’t committed the money he did to Luis Castillo, Moises Alou and El Duque.
    Oh, and it’s not just me and a few others who lack faith.
    SNY’s poll tonight shows 68 percent of respondednt believe the Mets won’t make the playoffs.

  125. the game is not over, but i would just like to say god bless your optimism JM…you are a better man than I.

  126. See what I mean about the team playing with my emotions?
    Lousy at-bat by Easley and now we turn it over to the arsonists…I mean, the bullpen, sorry.

  127. Nice to see the mets tie it up. One HUGE factor to remember wiht the mets bullpen here late is the bench that Lou has sitting over there.

  128. Gil: You’re a Met fan. When you signed up for this you knew they’d toy with you and tease you worse than that girl in high school.-JD

  129. Harry: Shame on you. We’re sharing in a positive moment and you come up being negative. … By the way. I’m guessing Heilman.-JD

  130. Harry: Define give it away. Is it on the reliever who gives up the run. Or the piece of crap lefty specialist who cant retire the little lefty utility man he has to face.

  131. I’ve tried everything to bring us luck.
    On this very chat board last night, I prayed to the baseball gods.
    I’ve done good deeds during the day.
    Nothing is working.

  132. dave: Are you telling me the Stones can’t sing “Honky Tonk Women,” on back-to-back shows?-JD

  133. Gil, you just got a run-scoring, game-tying, two-out RBI hit from a guy who looks like a fire-hydrant. And nothing is working?

  134. JM: Easley struck out, didn’t he?
    Another chance for a potential game-winning hit and it didn’t happen, right?
    We’re in a jam now, aren’t we?

  135. now we will see whether the mets have what it takes. they had the chance to win it last night and blew it. can they do find a way to avoid making the same mistake twice?

  136. Before Smith got out of the jam, Ramon Martinez’s play was very smart, getting the lead runner, knowing how the ‘pen has given up more than the game-tying or go-ahead runs.

  137. alex: A week before the prom she backed out. I thought I had blown a seven-game lead with 17 to play.-JD

  138. Can Kirk Gibson still play?
    Maybe we could quickly sign him and he could pinch-hit this inning.

  139. To borrow a line from a despised Met, Vince Coleman, “you’ve got the best bleepin’ base stealer out there” and you’re having a .340 hitter sacrifice?

  140. What a ridiculous decision to bunt.
    Murphy is a great contact guy.
    You could steal or hit-and-run there.
    Great time to manage like a National League team, Jerry!
    And how many seconds until Wright strikes out?

  141. jesus. awful, just awful. wright is pressing in these spots and swinging at balls way out of the strike zone.

  142. well, here comes the chance for beltran to show jimmy rollins that he is also capable of backing up his words with actions.

  143. There is no excuse for Murphy not being able to put down a bunt…but we’ve seen him try it before, he sucks at it…how stupid do you have to be to force him to try to do it in that situation? My respect for Jerry has plummeted in the last week based on some of his decisions.

  144. David, thanks for the clarification, I don’t have it on at the moment.

    If that’s the case then Murphy needs a 2×4 to the side of the head.

  145. I’ve taken that ball out of my mouth.
    Anyone else out there with the Extra Innings package gonna tune in to the Milwaukee-Pittsburgh game?

  146. Ok guys dont hate me for this comment. But Its a little unsettling that Lou went with a total B squad tonight, including the bullpen and took all that to pull out the win. Granted any win is a win but geesh.

  147. these pennant race games are beyond exhausting, but i definitely enjoy them more when we win.

    but, win or lose i always enjoy the conversation on the blog.

    thanks JD.

    have a good night everyone….see you tomorrow. same bat time, same bat channel.

  148. Another side note the Pirates might be the worst collection of ballplayers i used that word loosely ive ever seen.

  149. I can honestly say, there is no single player for whom I like to see good things more than Carlos Beltran.

    And btw, that slide by Ryan Church could go down as one for the ages if the Mets can find a way to get into the playoffs.

  150. david- yea the pirates somehow overcame a 4 run lead against us in the 8th and 9th earlier this year…seems like those 4-run-leads have had a way of getting away from us this season…i can remember at leat 5 games when weve blown one…but it doesnt matter, the game tonight was in the top 10 games at shea for me, anyone agree?

  151. No question JD, he was dead to rights, the ball beat him easily. He probably gets tagged out 9 times outta 10.

  152. how about that JD…D Wright gets a sac fly…about 1 inning too late, but a sac fly none-the-less!

  153. JD: You are the man, I love the blog, greatest mets blog out there. I was not on here from the 7th on, I have a new superstition and must stick with it. For some reason I decided to close the lid on my laptop going into the bottom of the 7th and thats when the mets started scoring. So I will be doing no more blogging during games! Hey whatever works right? LETS GO METS! GO FOR THE DIVISION!!!!

  154. Can someone please tell Daniel Murphy never to bunt again….man, that kid does everything well except bunt…no bunting, swing away!

  155. Chill: Agreed on murph. I think hes a very good 2 hitter because he makes a ton of contact and has a good eye but his bunting is atrocious. I would of liked to have seen a hit and run.

  156. David: I still would have liked to have had Reyes take a shot with the steal first. The percentages are with him.-JD

  157. agee: If they get into the playoffs, I might have to agree with you. How they came back tonight after that loss was impressive. One of the best ever here. It was a great series.-JD

  158. True, JD. But we should’ve had three of four. If we’d won last night and tonight, we’d be up by a game in the division with three left.

  159. Well, the Brewers certainly know how to get a big hit — Ryan Braun hits a walkoff grand slam.
    Nothing will come easy for the Mets, will it?

  160. wait til the Brew Crew plays the Iowa Cubs this weekend….plus the Brewers will get 3 games in and the Mets will probably have to play a triple header on Sunday!

  161. With the weather predicted and the Brewers playing in a dome, this puts unbelievable pressure on the Mets….I don’t think they get ‘er done.

  162. according to, 100% chance of rain all day & night tomorrow, 90% chance Saturday, and 40% chance Sunday. So they are playing a doublerheader on Sunday and maybe 1 on Monday.

  163. How does that put unbelievable pressure on the mets? What if the brewers lose tonight while the mets are rained out and they lose tomorrow while the mets are rained out? I think that puts more pressure on the Brewers with CC “my arm will fall off” Sabathia pitching on Sunday. The mets will then know they can either win this thing with one, possibly two victories.

  164. If the mets get rained out today and tomorrow, I think the mets actually get an advantage as they can pitch Pelfrey & Santana Sunday and Ollie P against the Marlins on Monday, thus skipping Niese/Knight all together. So what, it’s hard to sweep a doubleheader, if this team wants the playoffs bad enough they are more than capable with their #1 & #2 both going in the doubleheader.

  165. Wednesday night, the ‘it takes a village’ bullpen roster listing on Diamondvision had Mr. John Maine at the bottom, and we did see him warming up there at the end.

    Last night, his name was conspicuously absent from that listing on the board.

    I was simultaneously sad & glad.

  166. Bob – my point was it is hard to sweep a doubleheader and the way the pitchers are going, everyone in the bullpen will have to pitch twice in one day….pretty taxing my friend. However, if the Iowa Cubbies help out and beat the Brew Crew tonight, then there will obviously be less pressure.