Bringing back Manuel

Manuel deserves to continue.

Manuel deserves to continue.

If the Mets continue their fast fade in the NL East for the second straight season, should Jerry Manuel be brought back as manager?

That’s the question the Mets are wrestling with, but in the wake of news general manager Omar Minaya will get a four-year extension, how can they not extend Manuel as well? Afterall, part of bringing back Minaya was his decision to ax Willie Randolph and how the team responded.

The Mets were sinking when Randolph was replaced by Manuel, but they’ve rebounded and are tied for the wild card. They still control their destiny despite last night’s miserable showing.

The players responded to Manuel. He has their attention and respect. They play hard for him. The bullpen is awful, but players are trying. Nobody is dogging it.

Manuel has shown he can manage this team and he should get the opportunity to continue with better pitchers.

15 thoughts on “Bringing back Manuel

  1. John, the key is Manuel getting a different team to run next season. I think it is forgone conclusion that OMar and Manuel will be staying…. My problem is that if it the problems lie at the feet of the players, will Omar do what it takes to overhaul certain parts of the roster, such as the bullpen?

  2. I 100% agree. I think manuel should stay, hes done a great job with a TERRIBLE bullpen. I believe the bullpen is half the reason this team presses so much.

    Bullpen has to be priority #1, with #2 being signing a pitcher to round out the rotation (NOT OLLIE).

    But enough of next season lets go mets.

    They really just need to go out there and have fun.

  3. The #1 reason he should be brought back is just what you said, the players aren’t dogging it. They all could have looked around the room and just said “it’s not worth it”. Manuel has to be partly responsible for that not happening.

    There’s a completely different look to their faces. Last year the look was “yeah we lost again”

    Now, to the man, they have that pissed off look that THEY failed and shouldn’t have, when something goes wrong.

    It’s a positive trend and Manuel should be rewarded for that alone.

  4. Mike Francessa was making a completely absurd point yesterday afternoon regarding Manuel. He was saying if the Mets didn’t make the playoffs, they would HAVE TO get rid of Jerry as it wouldn’t be fair to Willie if they didn’t. His whole point was that Manuel isn’t doing the pitching, just as Willie wasn’t, if Willie couldn’t turn the team around and Jerry couldn’t either they both should go.

    There are so many errors with this, I seriously considered calling in, but thought better of telling off a diet-pepsi drinking radio host whose show has bombed once that comedic idiot, mad dog has left.

    First, Willie had 3 full seasons to put together a winner. Second, Willie collapsed last year after having a full year: offseason, spring, season. Willie was well on his way again this year, this team was as far as 7.5 out and Willie had managed them to a .500 record over the course of a year and a half. Jerry took over half way through the season and since the team has been about 20+ over .500 Sure, they are well on their way of collapsing again, but with Jerry for THIS full season would they be in this position? My thoughts are no, they’d already be division champs. So why penalize Jerry for not being able to clean up Randope’s mess ENOUGH in just 3 months? Give the man 2 more years and if Omar makes the necessary moves, this team will win a championship together.

  5. Manuel keeps the media happy. These days that’s the most important job of a manager in NYC. He’ll be back…no doubt. I’m sure Omar, Wilpons x 2, and the media relations department want Manuel back.

    The only thing that can stop Manuel from returning is if the fans go crazy after the Mets miss the playoffs and WFAN and the various blogs are calling for his head. Though I can see Omar being the target on the blog comments.

  6. I was one of those that was calling for Willie’s head since 2005 and I will be the same one rallying to keep Jerry, he deserves it, regardless of what the media think.

  7. You are all wrong. You like Manuel because he is entertaining, but the bottom line is that under pressure he failed just like Randolph failed. The team is fundamentally flawed for whatever unkowen reason. We know the problem with the pitching we don’t know what’s wrong with the players heads. Under the gun this team failed under Randolph and under Manuel and Manuel makes bizarre moves that he gets away with because he plays cutesy after the game.
    He needs to go and Omar needs to go even tho I know Omar is getting extended. Soon we will hear the chants of Goodbye Omar just like we heard in Yankee Stadium decades ago when the Giants gave Allie Sherman an undeserved contract. Goodbye Allie, Goodbye Omar. See it in an overpriced new ballpark near you in the Summer of 09.

  8. They press too much. They can’t get it done when they need to. Its not just the results. The swings they take, their pitch selection, their body language is so messed up when the game is on the line. Its hard to watch. I don’t have the answer but I know what I see.

  9. this just in…

    john maine has been shut down for the year. the decision was manuel’s.

    ramon martinez is starting at 2b tonight.

    and damion easley has pronounced himself ready to play (though he estimates he’s only about 80-85%).

  10. Was going to write a post saying he needs to be back. Now I’m switching to the other side.

    From Rubin:
    John Maine will not be used the rest of the season. Manuel said it’s his decision alone, even though medical staff has cleared him. Manuel said he can’t in good conscience use a young player in a game who needs surgery. “I just don’t like anybody pitching young with anything,” Manuel said. “That’s just my hang-up.”

  11. Jerry should be back.

    They are a different team with him at the helm.

    My question is would the Mets be in first place if he was manager in spring training?

    He seems to know how to motivate his players and play someone else if one is dogging it.

    The question is will he manage the same way when it is his job rather than when he has nothing to lose?

  12. Re: Manuel shuts down Maine

    It’s amazing that the front office and ownership have no clue what to do when it comes to the health of their players.

  13. Bob: Not surprising. Most points Francesa makes about the Mets are pointless or flat out wrong. … Also, the decision to shut down Maine shows integrity and was smart. Good for Jerry.-JD