About Last Night …. Say good-bye Ollie.

Perez: Gave a definable image of himself last night.

Perez: Gave a definable image of himself last night.

Let me get this straight. Oliver Perez, an underachieving pitcher throughout his career, is a free agent after this season and is seeking a payday reportedly of $15 million a year times five. That’s $75 million. Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if he comes out wanting more.

At his age, agent Scott Boras is likely to set the bar higher.

If I’m the Mets after last night, I tell him to take a hike.

Seriously, I don’t want Perez anymore. He’s been the “Bad Ollie,” the last month when the Mets needed him most. My feeling right now is it doesn’t matter who is the pitching coach, that Perez will always be like this.

Last night was one of eight games in which he walked five or more batters. That’s roughly 25 percent of his starts. If the Mets don’t make the playoffs, last night was Perez’s last start of the season for the Mets, and probably his last with the franchise.

It was fitting how he pitched, because last night is how he’ll be remembered.

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  1. My only consolation last night was that OP’s paycheck for next year went down with every hit, run and walk.

    Last night was terrible. Just terrible.

  2. John –

    For once I was grateful that the Wilpons’ have not provided TV coverage of the Mets here in CT for over three years and the other networks black them out. So, I didn’t see the collapse (again).

    This team acts like it doesn’t care about winning – their money is guaranteed and they have solid contracts. They have pitchers who can’t/or won’t pitch, hitters who rarely do, and fielders who often err.

    The handful of players who understand why they are there can’t make the rest of the team ‘shut up and play’. I feel sorry for them.

    If they fail again, this franchise may never recover – even at ‘Citi Field’.

  3. Annie- you are completely wrong. did you watch last nights game? how can you say they dont care about winning? the team fell short, but to question the effort of the guys last night is wrong. they played hard, gave themselves chances to win but didnt come through. the effort was there, the execution was not and thats a HUGE difference. no matter what i support this team and always will. where in last nights game did u see a lack of effort or a team that does not care about winning?

  4. and to say the franchise may never recover is another over the top statement. really? a team with almost unlimited resources who will put itself in the race every year may not recover? i do not understand why people are so over the top.

  5. I’ve said it a million times, goodbye Perez. This guy is not even close to being worth 15 mil for 5 years. I was over the Mets a month ago. If any Met fan didn’t see this coming for the second straight year than you have blind faith. When this team needs a big out from there pitchers they can’t get it. When this team needs a clutch hit, they can’t get it. I’ve also said it a million times. It’s the makeup of this team. This is all on Omar Minya for building a team who chokes under pressure. When the team played well after firing willie it was because there was no pressure to win. They were a .500 team and in third place. When the Mets had a 3 game lead with 17 games left, Sounds familiar, they choked. This is the make up of this team. Until omar changes the core players this is a team that will go nowhere.

  6. Jim,
    I can see what Annie is saying, although I disagree. The appearance that players don’t care is there. However, I think most of them care and don’t want to have what happened last year repeat itself.
    -John, I don’t know if you were able to hear the play-by-play of Gary Cohen last night, but he definitely questioned why Luis Aguayo held Delgado on Beltran’s single in the eighth. Gary’s words, “Are you kidding me?!?” really hit home. It appeared Reed Johnson did not have much of an arm there in center, so why not send Delgado, who clearly had a good jump. Any clarification would be good. Thanks!

  7. It’s really amazing that the wilpon’s (clueless owners of the mets) signed Omar Minya to a 4 year extension. It’s only going to get worse Met fans. The best advise is not to have high expectations of this team going forward.

  8. Jason and Annie- what players did u see give a lack of effort or appear to? castillo is the only player on this team that I question effort. The players are playing their best..trying harder to hit a baseball is not effective, ask D Wright in the 9th. Like I said effort was there, just lack of execution.

  9. This was brought up last night, and Keith Hernandez brings this up regularly. Why dont todays players, not just Mets players, choke up when there is a runner at third and contact is supremely important? Wright and Church especially showed long swings last night when only a simple sac fly was all that was needed.

  10. I thought the 9th inning was a microcosm of the season: David Wright getting himself out against righthanded pitching and then the team’s fortunes resting with someone else (in this case, Church) mired in a slump.

    They really can’t expect to go to the playoffs with their number-three hitter stranding so many runners, especially so when so much of the rest of their team is compromised by injuries (Maine, Alou, Wagner) and underperformance (Church, Pedro, Castillo). If you’re going to be beset by injuries and underperformance, then your healthy, reliable guys have to carry their weight. And Wright hasn’t been doing that against righties all year long.

  11. Jim,

    I was saying that I can see why Annie said what she said. However, I did mention I did not agree. Look at Carlos Delgado, a player some said didn’t care. I see a guy busting his tail to make plays. I think a guy like Castillo is one that may appear to look like he doesn’t care.
    The problem, as you said, is execution. I think part of the problem is that with all the ‘pen problems, I think takes a lot out of the players.

  12. Delgado did look like he was dogging it early on. He has shown himself to be a pretty good first baseman over the second half. It would truly be a pity for all of his second half heroics to forgotten because his teammates failed to help him get to the playoffs.

  13. Responding to JDs article, Yeah, I dont want Ollie back anymore, As you say, He hasnt done a thing down the stretch. There are going to be plenty of alternatives out there. Hell, I would take Randy Wolf over Perez right now. And for 1/3 of the price to boot.

  14. The team really gets tight when they NEED hits. David Wright really presses. He’s not one of those ‘ice water in his veins’ kind of guys. He feels pressure. They needed Wright or Church to bring that run in. With 2 outs Castro needed to get a hit. He looked as though he started that AB looking for a walk. More afraid to fail than eager to succeed. I wish I had a cure for it.

  15. As I said last nite.

    He is what he is. This is Ollie. You know who he is. The question is how much do you want to pay.

  16. Annie: Not agreeing with you today. The Mets did not quit or lie down last night. They just did not play well in the clutch. We can try to get into their head, but effort was not the reason.

    And, as far as never recovering, they still control their own destiny this year. Not writing them off.-JD