The one event you didn’t see.

A lot of you have mentioned your favorite Shea Stadium memories. But, what about the ones you missed. Tell me the one moment in Shea Stadium you would have liked to have witnessed live, but didn’t.

Tom Seaver? Tom Agee’s homer into the upper deck? The 1969 World Series? The Beatles? The Stones? The Spiderman Wedding?

4 thoughts on “The one event you didn’t see.

  1. John,
    As big a music fan as I am, I would have loved to have seen that Beatles’ show.
    However, seeing Tom Seaver pitch just once in his prime would have been a joy. I watched his 300th win on TV, but it was nothing compared to if I had been able to see him pitch in his Mets heyday.
    Congrats on the new blog, John. I’ve long enjoyed your work.

  2. Jason: Thanks for your kind words. Seeing the Beatles would have been life altering. I did see the Stones twice, but as much as I love them, Mick and Keith have been around for almost 50 years. Who hasn’t seen the Stones?

    I never saw Seaver at Shea, but I did see Koufax get hammered by the Mets there. I talked to him in spring training and he remembered the game.-JD

  3. Since I was born in 1973 and haven’t been to Shea that often, pretty much every great moment is on the list of ones I wish I saw in person.

    I’ll give it a shot anyways…

    10. Shea’s first Opening Day
    9. Tommie Agee’s Home Run
    8. Division Clincher 1986
    7. Opening Day 1983
    6. Ball Off the Wall 1973
    5. Division Clincher 1969
    4. Game 3 1986 NLCS
    3. Game 7 1986 World Series
    2. Game 5 1969 World Series
    1. October 25, 1986