The Minaya Extension

The news is Omar Minaya will be the Mets’ general manager for the next four years. How many of them will be championship seasons? None … if the bullpen isn’t repaired.

Quite simply, the Mets are a better team today than they were when Minaya was hired. There is discontent from the fandom to be sure, but that’s in large part because the expectations remain high after the 2006 disappointment.

So, what are your thoughts on the Minaya Era? By no means are the following lists conclusive, but there to give you a working reference.


1. Signing of Carlos Beltran.
2. Signing of Pedro Martinez, which gave the franchise credibility.
3. The trade for John Maine.
4. Acquiring Carlos Delgado.
5. His ability to bolster the bench (Tatis, Easley, Chavez, etc.)
6. The acquisition of Oliver Perez after the Xavier Nady injury in 2006.
7. The trade for Johan Santana.
8. The Lastings Milledge trade.


1. The extension given Luis Castillo.
2. The two years given Guillermo Mota.
3. His reliance on older players such as Pedro Martinez and Moises Alou.
4. The inability to repair the bullpen after last season.
5. The organization’s handling of the Ryan Church injury.
6. The Lastings Milledge trade.
7. The handling of Willie Randolph.
8. Not trading Aaron Heilman when he had the chance.

14 thoughts on “The Minaya Extension

  1. I wouldn’t get hopes up too high about “repairing” the bullpen. When you look around the league, there’s not a lot of talent there either. All of the decent talent is locked up already.

    The bullpen needs to be reworked for sure, but really, what’s out there to be had without ripping the farm apart in trades like they have been.

    I’d like to be optimistic there’s something to be done over the winter, but, I don’t think it’s as much as some people would demand.

  2. I think player development has to be acknowledged as well, prior to Omar not only was the team bad but so was the farm….

    From the farm that was here prior to him taking over not one player traded has become a star while he pushed Wright and Reyes into their stardom…

    The supposedly weak farm had enough to acquire Johan Santana….

    They’ve recieved major contributions from Omar org. picks Pelfrey, Murph, and Evans

    While still not tapping into FMart or Kunz…..

  3. ED: Player development is essential. Actually, when you come down to it, the farm system is connected to just about every example, good and bad, because decisions were made in large part to what they have, or don’t have, in the minor leagues.-JD

  4. The only issue I have with Omar Minaya is that he gets caught behind the curve when the market changes. When Baltimore offered the higher than usual contract to Bradford he balked, but then wound up giving a 3 yr contract to Schoeneweis. Then the 2nd baseman contracts turned on him and he wound up having to give Castillo a 4 yr contract coming off knee surgery.
    As for the bullpen, things started going bad at Sanchez was hurt in the taxi accident. This season we were waiting for Heilman to come out of his funk and that has not happened. Sanchez has not regained his previous velocity and Feliciano may just be oveworked.

  5. How about putting the onus on the players for not coming through as it pertains to the bullpen. Omar has done a very good job since he took over this team and I am glad the Skill Sets gave him a 4 yr extention as he made his baseball bones as a scout and talent evaluator and still has that knack.

  6. Ed: Help me understand how Minaya pushed Wright and Reyes into stardom. Both players were brought up prior to his arriving and as for their development of players that has more to do with coaches and veteran teammates than a GM.

  7. david,
    do you disagree with everything i say just on principle… Omar’s theory is to push players and he has been critized with pushing some players to hard but with others the approach has worked. There are numerous players in the system who are playing a level ahead of where the experts would project them to be and thats includes Wright and Reyes in ’05’ who were considered frequent call-up candidates but not full timers … Wright wasn’t suppose to be an everyday starter in the majors by ’05’ and Reyes was considered an injury risk without a position ( rem ’04’ he played 2B for Kaz)….

    Most GMs would have had both coming up and then going back down in ’05’ getting short stints of exp. while not allowing them to struggle too much. Omar’s aggressive style put them in the majors for keeps and I believe its what they learned from their ’05’ season that made them have break out years in ’06’

  8. David,

    your right about coaches and players but it’s the selection of players and organizational philosophy. Wright/Reyes learned what they did because the org. was aggressive about promoting them same with Pelfrey, he’s a solid number two becasue of his experience going 0-7 in ’06’ when many said he should be in AAA.

  9. ed: no i dont disagree on principle but i do enjoy your opposing view points its good to get educated debates going so dont take it personally !

  10. David and Ed: You guys get it when it comes to blog debating. You each make great points without ripping the other guy. Both of you have helped make this blog. Thanks.-JD

  11. Thanks – JD – I forgot my LOL anyway just busting chops Dave hope you didn’t misinterpret as annoyed. debates are great and your right they can be kept civil….

  12. Minaya’s deal is not yet final, nor will it be before the end of the Mets season whenever that is. Perhaps it was a PR ‘slip’ that brought it to our attention last night, but no matter.

    Omar who found a home in baseball – the game of his childhood – has a real knack for personal charm. I believe that is his strength in the cutthroat world of MLB.

    So, whenever they announce the extention of his contract, I will be pleased for us and for him. He’s added personality to the staid Wilpon Mets.

  13. Annie: They leaked it to take away the questions of Minaya’s future should they collapse. Announcing it would have accomplished the same thing. Don’t know why they didn’t just do it.-JD

  14. I pretty much agree with your list.

    Like the Lastings double billing.

    I would add on the plus side the latin teeny bopper scouting. Part of that got us Santana. We now have a couple of them in the low minors that will help in the infield in a few years.