Mets Chat Room: Perez goes in must-win game for Mets.

With Milwaukee winning last night in the ninth to keep the pressure on, the Mets are faced with another must-win game tonight. Oliver Perez, who has pitched well in big games before for the Mets, will start against a team he hasn’t faced in over three years.

The NL East is still within their grasp, and far preferable to the wild-card. Remember, if it comes down to just Mets and Phillies for the division, the Mets win based on head-to-head. However, for that scenario to apply, the Brewers must fall completely out of wild-card contention.

Do you remember how horrible David Wright looked last week in Washington? He’s turned it around. His two-run hit last night might be one of the most important of the season.

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  1. Jerry Manuel said Johan Santana wouldn’t start Saturday on short rest, but instead will slip a three-sided coin an choose among Nelson Figueroa, Brandon Knight or Jonathan Niese. Who is your choice?-JD

  2. You know that spring training idea might just be crazy enough to work. Keep the guys off balance by giving them 3 different looks. Let Knight throw gas like he did early on in his last start between Niese and Figueroa’s junk stuff. Hmmm definitely not a bad idea.

  3. They are liable to use seven or eight pitchers anyway, so they might as well to it by design.-JD

  4. I have no take on Perez tonight. I can see two runs in eight innings. I can also see eight runs in two innings.-JD

  5. Hey, Everybody, JD!
    JD, was something wrong with the blog last weekend? I couldn’t access it last Sunday.

  6. Hi Gil: Yes. The server was down for a good part of the weekend. Too bad. I imagine we would have had some interesting comments about the Atlanta series.-JD

  7. Mets got lucky there. If the runner wasn’t going, Reyes wouldn’t have been moving to the bag and the Cubs would have had runners on the corners with no outs.-JD

  8. John, I’ve been thinking. I think we should suspend all debates until the federal bailout goes through. 😉

  9. Ollies looking tough tonight. He threw alot of pitches in the first. Hope he can go 7 or 8 tonight.

  10. Well we saw Johan last night take down the Cubs and Cousy looks like tonight Oliver will have to take down the cubs + Wolf. Awful inning behind the plate for the blue apparently some of randy’s old friends in philly reached out to Mr. Wolf.

  11. Nothing about this so far looks good. The only batter whos worked Zambrano at all was Murphy. No big surprise. Essentially through two innings the mets have not only failed to put up runs they havent even put a dent in the pitch count.

  12. Every game has a moment of decision for a pitcher. This is it for Perez. He can lose the game right here.-JD

  13. This Cubs lineup reminds me of the ’02 Angels — no soft touches and the hitters all were great at getting on base via hits or walks.

  14. You know i must take this opportunity to thank ESPN for the pure class they are showing tonight. In what will be the last nationally televised game in the history of Shea stadium. They put a cub legened in the booth whos referred to the Cubs as “Us” and “We” on at least threee occasions. On top of that they have cub fan #1 bill murray join the booth to essentially act like cheerleaders in the booth. Kudos ESPN that’s class if I’ve ever seen it.

  15. Good approach by Argenis. Hit the ball where it’s pitched. Of course, a bad bunt takes that all away.

  16. Braves lead over Phils trimmed to 3-2. How about 9 hits off Hammels in 3 innings for Atlanta? Phillies may be most vulnerable in their starting pitching.

  17. Great at-bat by Wright. He really worked that. He has 123 RBI, one shy of the club record set by Mike Piazza.-JD

  18. Who was the Cubs legend: Ernie Banks? Ron Santo? Jimmy Qualls?

    Celebrities should be like Woody Allen: just sit in their seats and root. Dick Young said that Susan Heyward went to Ebbets Field wearing a bandana to disguise herself. She wanted to see a game, not be seen

    A Walk with RISP! Move over, 27 Yankees!

  19. Zambrano beat himself that inning. He let the umpire get to him. Lost his composure. It was a “Bad Ollie,” kind of inning.-JD

  20. Well its what i said prior to the game work the count and get in big Z’s head. Murphy had the big AB in my mind and setting up the blast. It’s imperative Ollie puts up some zeroes now.

  21. I cant believe how far down the line Reyes was. Between the Ump and Reyes, Zambrano was freaked out.

  22. Well in MIL CC gets out of a bases loaded 1 out jam. Silver lining if you want one is 28 pitches through 1. Let’s remember he’s on 3 days rest.

  23. Ed, The only thing ive seen like it is old Jackie Robinson video. Nice job of Ollie to put a zero up there after the big inning.

  24. I like what the Mets have done recently with the numbers countdown. Ed Charles tonight. But, I would have liked to have seen more guys throughout the season. That’s just me, though.-JD

  25. ED: Well, that’s what he is, isn’t he? Nobody expects Milwaukee to sign him. Doing this is only a win-win situation for CC as he showcases himself for the FA market.-JD

  26. Mentioning Mota and Trachsel reminds me of the other night when we were talking at the end of the game about the most unpopular Mets. Of course, we’ll add Heilman from this year. Who else is on the most despised list?-JD

  27. Despised Mets:

    Mel Rojas
    Armando Benitez
    George Foster
    Kevin McReynolds
    Kenny Rogers

  28. Roger Cedeno was another one who shouldnt have come back. Vince Coleman wasnt beloved, especially after the firecracker incident.

  29. I might have changed my mind on Ollie… You get a four run lead in a game your team desperately needs you cant let this happen on walks

  30. If the Mets lose this game and don’t get into the playoffs, this could be Perez’s last start for them. It was a performance most of us will remember of him.-JD

  31. And Jim Wolf, the home plate ump, is an @$$hole. He keeps changing his strike zone.

  32. I try to be as positive as i can but I have no confidence our metsies can not only comeback but hold off the cubs tonight. I’ll gladly eat crow later on.

  33. Now you’re asking the mets to get back at Zambrano. You rarely get to an ace multiple times. The mets probably had their one and only shot when they capitalized and got 4.

  34. I know they’ve shown recsilency but after you get a grand slam off Zambrano to get all those good feeling and have the pitching staff give it all away could be crushing….

    is willie back why is Marlon Anderson in the batters box

  35. David: Mets have only two hits tonight. What the Mets have tonight is a gift from the Zambrano meltdown.-JD

  36. It’s clear to me now that when Warthen said three months ago “Perez is fixed”, he was simply allowing Perez to hear in the media that his coaches had confidence in him. He’s not coming back next year. I think the mets would be better off using his departure as a chance to upgrade his rotation spot. Whither AJ Burnett?

  37. JD: True it was a gift but much like the cubs you still have to take advantage and Delgaldo did just that.

  38. Most despised? Richie Hebner was for the one season he was here and mailed it in. He didn’t
    want to be traded to the Mets but some idiot named Torre insisted thinking he could change the gravedigger’s mind.

  39. Jay L: I’d trade Burnett for Perez. But, you still have to come up with another starter to replace Pedro Martinez.-JD

  40. I’m willing to let Niese and Parnell battle it out for the fifth spot, maybe alongside a cheapo veteran (something similar to Pedro, but cheaper). Please no Kyle Lohse – I consider him a one-year wonder.

  41. Before the mets do anything in Free Agency pitching wise. They need be darn sure what to expect from Maine. That should play large part in what claiber guy they go after.

  42. Big inning for the mets will prob be the bot of the 6th. You’d got to figure if the Cubs are playing it striaght up they would set up Sma—whatever the hell his name is for 7th. Marmol for 8th. Wood for 9th. Funny anyone of the 3 would be the no doubt closer for the mets.

  43. I think Smith needs to grow out of his “i can only get righties out” and figure out a way to give us two effective innings. Manuel cant mix and match for 12 outs and not get burned.

  44. A 5-5 game with our bullpen and the Buccos leading the Brew Crew 1-0 in the third. That’s as good as a feeling as lending a credit card to my ex-wife.
    Wonder what the “rehire Minaya” press conference will be like if the team blows a playoff spot?

  45. i know maine threw today….whens the earliest we could reasonably expect to see him (and yes, i know they will avoid it if they can, but lets say for argument sake its unavoidable…)

  46. How about this: Pedro Feliciano has tied the Mets club record for most appearances by a pitcher, with 83.
    Anyone remember back to 1975, when the Dodgers’ Mike Marshall appeared in 116? And if I’m right, he appeared in all five World Series games that year.

  47. Not with two outs.
    Please, not a two-out, none on rally.
    For the love of the gods!!!!

  48. In fairness when the Wilpons hired him, they said they wanted to play meaningful games in September. The Mets have met that standard.
    I expected Minaya would stay and it is defendable. But it seems strange they would leak this info to Buster Olney with a week left.

  49. Dan: They linked it to avoid all the “future of Minaya questions,” should they collapse and not make the playoffs. The leak instead of a press conference also eliminates the “Omar, what’s your role in the bullpen mess?” questions.-JD

  50. even if they get out of this pickle, we still have to sit through heilman at some point, plus the other disasters in the pen

  51. JD – Is there any shot a guy like Rincon makes the postseason roster? He’s been here three weeks and he’s their best lefty specialist.

  52. I have to think either we’re looking at stokes for two innings or we’ll see Maine tonight. Id actually jump through my TV if we see Heilman unless we’re in extra innigs.

  53. i’ll tell you what, even though he is also another met reliever who is probably strictly a specialist — i’ve been nicely surprised by what they’ve gotten out of rincon these last few weeks.

  54. PIT walks in a run 2-1 MIL bases loaded. God bless the modern pitcher who cant grow a pair and challenge a batter.

  55. We look silly rolling out multiple relievers every inning… manuel deserves a contract he’s managing his a** off with this group

  56. Jay L.: I don’t know. I think whether that last pitching spot is a righty or lefty reliever will depend on the playoff opponent.-JD

  57. This is where Tatis’s injury REALLY hurts. You could’ve platooned him with Church, who’s really struggling.

  58. It’s odd watching the scoreboard tonight. On one hand they can move within a half-game of first. On the other they can be tied in the wild card.-JD

  59. JD- they need this win Im confident the Brewers will fold against the Cubs but they cant have us by a game going in that would be too close

  60. Chruch has been rough especially against lefties lately or maybe it just seems that way i dont really have the numbers.

  61. ED: I don’t see the Brewers folding this weekend at all. Playing at home with the playoffs on the line, I think they’ll do well. Win at least two of three.-JD

  62. I agree with JD. You gotta figure Lou will rest certain guys as well. Especially big guys in the pen.

  63. All-Mets despised team:

    1b- mo vaughn
    2b-roberto alomar
    ss-rey sanchez
    3b-richie hebner

    of-george foster
    of-kevin mcreyonolds
    of-roger cedeno


    sp-kenny rogers
    sp-jose lima
    sp-mickey lolich
    sp-steve trachsel
    sp-mike torrez

    rp-Mel Rojas
    rp-Gene Walter
    rp-Guillermo Mota
    rp-alejandro pena
    cl-armando benitez

    bench- mike bordick, david newhan

    anyone think of any despised Mets catchers?

  64. Gil: I knew you’d come up with it, but David Newhan? What did he do that was so bad? And, fill me in on Mickey Lolich.-JD

  65. I’ll tell you one thing the way Jerry uses the pen he’s exposes just how bad a job Omar did Willie hid it by using the same guys…. when nobody can get an out it shows…

    brewers pitchers will be burnt

  66. Lolich was an ineffective, fat over-the-hill bum who M. Donald Grant stupidly traded away Rusty Staub for, the season after becoming the first Met ever to drive in 100 runs or more.
    Newhan did zilch last year in a bench role. Not one of Omar’s brightest signings.

  67. Give it to Sabathia on short rest 6inn 96 pitches 3-1 lead. It will be interesting to see if they bring him back for the 7th or hand it over to their pen.

  68. JD-Bud Harrelson or Joe Torre would be my manager. I still love LoDuca, steroid cheat he turned out to be.

  69. Mets may have caught a break on Reyes being in the baseline and Cedeno’s brain freeze not getting to 1st base in time.

  70. JM: I remember talking to Reyes about this several times. He could probably get close to 30 bunt hits a year with his speed. That’s a little more than one a week.-JD

  71. He couldn’t have hit that any harder. Can’t fault Reyes. The only way he’s not doubled up is if he doesn’t lead off at all. I think Wright is going to plate this run.-JD

  72. I agree it was bad luck there but sometimes you have to make your luck by being aggresive. Young pitcher on the mound with a huge leg kick young catcher behind the plate, one of the most prolific base stealers in baseball. How are you not taking off first or second pitch?

  73. I’d really like some feedback from everyone else as to Reyes not running there. Maybe Im just clueless so i want some other opinions

  74. Torborg has to be the manager. I used to listen to him on the daily spot he had with Mike and the Mad Dog. Stupider than Art Howe which takes doing.

    I’m trying to think if any 1960s Mets were despised. Maybe Kranepool. One sign in 1965 asked “Is Ed Kranepool over the hill?” He was 20 at the time. Became popular in the 70s as a pinch hitter. Duke Snider begged to be traded to the Mets in 1963 so he could play everyday and in 1964 begged to be traded to a winner for his final year.
    Here we go again with the leadoff man on second.

  75. David: No outs. If any doubt keep him at third. How many times have we seen a guy get nailed at the plate?-JD

  76. Jay: I’d like to see what everyone else thinks about that Reed Johnson does not have a gun out there.

  77. Delgaldo read that ball perfectly had a good jump. Johnson was playing deep. Especially with the bottom of the lineup coming up. Castro right here has DP written all over it.

  78. WHY THE ^%$% IS BELTRAN NOT %$#$%$# STEALING SECOND BASE????!!!!!!

  79. Church swung at a crap pitch. DP bails out the Cubs. And, Castro is a perfect guy to double up.-JD

  80. I know everyone gives Church a pass b/c of the concussions and time off, but how many times does he K when all we need is CONTACT with the freaking baseball?!


  82. WHatever guys just another feather in Minaya’s hat thats his boy coaching 3rd. Anyone who thinks that was a good move to hold him is clueless about baseball.

  83. You people who said this was over after one unlucky play haven’t been watching this season. This team continually takes punches to the gut, and they keep coming.

  84. Ramon Martinez. Remember that name. He could be a trivia answer if the Mets get in the playoffs.-JD

  85. If we could’ve just gotten a Jose Reyes hit there…Baseball gods, please help our bullpen put up a zero…

  86. Its not even that i fear wood so much David. It’s that they need a chance to come up there to end it with one swing.

  87. What the hell happened to Brett Myers? Mets need this game so bad, especially w/ the Brewers winning, the Phils losing, and Pedro going tomorrow.

  88. Baseball gods, we mercifully ask that you now hear our prayer.
    You helped us get through the top f the ninth.
    Please, we beseech you to aid us in our hour of need. Please help us score in the bottom of this inning to win…

  89. just an awful AB by wright. Now you’re probably looking at Church whos been striking out and tapping out an awful lot.

  90. Its amazing how up until 3 weeks ago, church was THE guy you wanted up in this spot. Baseball is a funny game

  91. There should be a clause in every Met non-pitcher contract, if you cannot make contact with the ball with a man on third and no one out, you don’t get paid for that game. That’s like a professional writer forgetting how to use punctuation!

  92. Lead off triple you cant score you dont deserve a thing. As i said the bottom of the lineup is just awful.

  93. Wright is officially in my “doghouse” at this point. Too many K’s at the worst possible moment. It will take at least half a season for him to redeem himself in my eyes.

    Church can go back to the Nats if this is how he plays when the pressure is on. I mean seriously, I’ll take my chances with Nick in the OF right about now.

  94. C’mon, let’s be honest with each other. All you veteran Met watchers can’t be surprised we’re going into extra innings.-JD

  95. Apparently Ramon freaking Martinez is the only player who brought a pair to the park tonight. Delgaldo as well.

  96. JD – I don’t know if you grew up a Mets fan or if you inherited it, but this is our existence man.

  97. Jay L: I grew up in Cleveland rooting for the Rocky Colavito and Sam McDowell Indians. I watched a lot of bad baseball in an empty stadium growing up.-JD

  98. Jay L.: When I got dumped by Gannett, I knew the blog is what I would miss most. That, and the paycheck, of course. I’m doing this because a lot of you asked me to and I am thrilled. This is so much fun for me.-JD

  99. I think I’ve aged three years watching this game…and I’m very afraid of how it’s going to end.

  100. Its funny how i have more confidence in the cubs to score with a runner on 2nd and 2 outs than i did the mets with runner on 3rd and 0 outs.

  101. I’ll be hanging around after the game if you have questions. And, to talk you off the ledge.-JD

  102. Where’s the sac flies tonight JD? I am so freakin’ sick of this NO HEART NO FUNDAMENTALS NY Mets team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  103. Wow I’m still in shock at how much they had to choke to actually blow this game… first a four run lead… then three failed scoring opportunities…Night all

  104. And there goes the season. Wright,Church and Perez for that matter should be beaten like the bitches they are after the game.

  105. Looks like Manuel’s got Willie disease…leaves his pitchers in for 1 inning too many….this is a freakin’ killer loss!

  106. Once you give up the hit to Lee, you have to hold it to won run. It doesn’t take a genius to figure that out. The way this game has gone you have to think one run is possible.-JD

  107. What is the strongest obscenity I can post here? Please insert such a phrase here.
    But the Mets won’t go down without a fight. They will get a run in and have runners on base when it ends.

  108. Cant hang this one one the pen. They kept them in it until the 10th. Ayala going his 3rd straight day, and asked to pitch 2 innings no less.

  109. I’ll hang this one squarely on the feminine shoulder of Wright. Not only does he fail with the winning run on 3rd with no outs but he chases ball four. My other ass clown for the night is Oliver Perez giving a 4 run lead he choked it away.

  110. BTW, is Ryan freakin’ Church lost out there or what? His swings look like crap and the little flair that Martinez caught, if you check out the replay, it’s like he wasn’t even running…..Manuel might wanna look to sit Church because that freakin’ guy is lost.

  111. Ray: You knew the Cubs would eventually get to the Mets’ pen. Pin this one on the offense not hitting with runners in scoring position. And, of course, Oliver Perez coming up so small. A guy in his walk year has to show more than he did.-JD

  112. I know, I know, 10 sac flies this year but call Elias up and I’ll bet not in critical situations…..

  113. JD: Season’s over. I try to be a level headed fan but the season is absolutely over. No way they will bounce back after this loss tonight.

  114. lose 3 of 4 to the Cubbies at home and Brewers are off so the Mets go into the weekend 2 games behind Phillies and 1 behind the Brew Crew….anyone want my 2 tickets for Saturday? Game over, Season over!

  115. I guess the Cubs increased their lead in best differential after the 6th inning while the Mets got worse and worse. But you gotta get a key base hit, a flyball.

    Who do we root for if we blow this one? Tampa, but they are the trendy choice. How about Minnesota?

    How bad are the Mets? We have the same record as the Yankees.

  116. No way Perez gets a big contract this year. You have Sabathia, who came up big for his team tonight, Sheets and Burnett Whos having a big year. Ollie will always be a coin flip.

  117. Mets were 2-for-10 with RISP in the last four innings. That’s where the game was lost. Wright was a big part of that.-JD

  118. I think it has more to do with talent then heart. Look at those matchups again for the next 4 game:

    Pedro Vs. Harden
    Pelfrey Vs. Volstad
    Who Knows Vs. Nolasco
    Olsen Vs. Santana

    they needed to find a way tonight and absolutely choked it away. At best i see them splitting the next 4.

  119. well JD, just wow…any reason for even me to be optimistic after that? although i do expect a good start from pedro tomorrow and that is VERY optimistic

  120. JD – how in the hell can the Wilpons give Minaya a new 4 year deal when his failure as the GM cause 2 consecutive September collapses? The Mets suck. The Wilpons suck. And Minaya sucks! I hate the freakin’ Mets!

    Can you guys tell I am freakin’ pissed?

  121. I dont agree with David. As bitter as this loss was, they are still tied with the brewers. Like Yogi said, It aint over til its over.

  122. dave: Choking up? What’s that? …. I’m being sarcastic. It’s all part of the lack of fundamentals with today’s players.-JD

  123. Looks like I won’t have any hesitation going to the coliseum nest Wednesday for the Islanders game. I can take them being bad this year and next.

  124. Chili: Yes, we can … and you don’t hate the Mets. You love them. That’s why you’re thinking of throwing a shoe at your TV.-JD

  125. Ray I love your optimism. I guess im just a lost cause tonight. But i look at those matchups. And i see the Brewers playting the Pirates tomorrow and the cubs who will in my opinion be laying it up this weekend and i just dont feel very confident.

  126. I did throw something at the TV, but not my shoe…a freakin’ rookie comes up big with a leadoff triple and D freakin’ Wright can’t hit a sac fly? There is no way that is possible!

  127. Ray: If it lasted longer I thought he’d pitch. I’m glad he didn’t. But, everybody knows my opinion on that.-JD

  128. JD: Well maybe not 100% mailing it in. They will keep the rotation in tact. But i just see them sneaking more days off. Derek Lee will probably get a day. With Derosa’s injury tonight Im sure he will get a day or two. Im sure they wont overtax any of the big guys in the pen. No i dont think we’ll see a B lineup by any stretch but i think we’ll see very cautious baseball. Meanwhile the mets will playing a dangerous team playing with everything they got.

  129. Pelfrey hasn’t pitched well vs. Florida. … Saturday’s starter could be anybody. … Santana’s start might not mean anything.-JD

  130. David, Heres something to make you optimistic. The Cubs are not laying down for the Mets and wont against thier division rival. The Brewers have a worse pen than the Mets. If it goes to the last game, we have a well rested Santana and they have a Sabathia going his fourth game on 3 days rest.

  131. Ray: To steal from JD Sunday’s game may not matter. The most optimistic I will be is saying the mets will earn a 1 game playoff with the brewers with Oliver Perez on the mound.

  132. JD: Yeah congrats i wish they were on better terms and sorry Ive lost it this evening. I’ll lose a screw every so often.

  133. I have few words.
    I don’t know how I can invest so much time and emotion in a group of people who find new ways every year to disappoint me and betray my devotion to them.
    I must be insane to place so mush trust and hope in them, holding out hope of an ultimate, joyous reward for my loyalty.
    I just can’t take much more of this.
    I can’t.

  134. Gil: You’ll be back tomorrow. You’ll be back next year. If you love a team, you never, EVER, give up on it. The loyalty between fan and team is strong. Unfortunately, the loyalty between team and fan isn’t so strong. And, you all know what I mean.-JD

  135. dave: He didn’t sound good at all. When somebody says, “we’ve got to find a way,” it comes off as desperation.-JD

  136. By the way i posted the pitching matchups before for the mets this is how it looks for the brewers:

    Zach Duke Vs. Yovani Gollardo
    Ryan Dempster Vs. Jeff Suppan
    Ted Lilly Vs. Ben Sheets
    Jason Marquis Vs. CC Sabathis

    Unlike the mets with the pedro matchup and the unknown matchup. I dont see any sure firs losses. MIL can win all these matchups of course they could lose em all as well. Big hope for the mets both Gallardo and Sheets are coming off injury and sheets isnt a sure thing.

  137. I think Jerry changed the tone of the team.

    as we all know this is a very flawed team.

    It is good these young guys get their licks in this year and hopefully Church gets to rest up and come back next year.

    The offseason will be mostly about pitching and bench depth.

  138. JD: I really think they should bring him back. Guy has coached his tail off the last couple of weeks especially with the bullpen. You can’t pin it on him.

  139. dave: It is a very flawed team. Fixing the bullpen will be about getting new players. Most of the position players should return. They are about the hitting with RISP stat. How do you make that better? I don’t know.-JD

  140. I hear all this talk about David Wright not hitting a sac fly, and that’s true. But, truth be told, if never should have come to that. They needed Oliver Perez to pitch big and he came up so small. And, they had chances in the seventh and eighth that they let get away.-JD

  141. I love the Mets.
    But their performance hurts me so much.
    I can take being disappointed, but every year and in so many ways?
    I think about the money and time I invested in watching them play in San Diego and in Atlanta.
    And what did I get for it?
    Four agonizing losses and heartache.
    Every night I invest three hours.
    What’s my retrun?
    Yes, love for team is unconditional, but this is becoming sado masochism without the whips and chains.

  142. JD: You know i hate to keep picking on him tonight but the main culprit for that once again is wright.

    Delagldo 159 AB 75 RBI .277
    Beltran 180 AB 80 RBI .278
    Reyes 113 AB 49 RBI .274

    Wright 187 AB 76 RBI .246

    Delgaldo has 1 less RBI in almost 30 fewer chances.

  143. JD: One more thing JD I do agree with you about Perez. A guy with his stuff should of never put the mets in that spot.

  144. JD

    perhaps they can get keith to be the hitting coach. someone who will teach situational hitting. I don’t know. but when keith started talking about choking up, i realize that is not done anymore.

    know the count, protect when you are behind. get a hit not an hr.

    anyway. goodnite. its been fun

  145. Gil: Kind of like holding a torch for a woman who doesn’t give you them time of day. I’m sure we could blog on that topic all night.-JD

  146. Dave,

    Before you go its funny you say choke up to get a hit and not a HR. However the all time HR King (regardless of your feelings about him) choked up on the bat.

  147. dave: No way Keith wants that job. He doesn’t like the travel or the time he’d have to put in.-JD

  148. David

    I never got the chance to see Hank in his prime.

    Altho I did see him on 6th ave this year before the all star game in the parade.

  149. JD: On the holding the torch thing, you’re right. One of my favorite Brit-pop bands, OMD, made a career of it in the ’80s and early ’90s.