Manuel: Just get in.

Jerry Manuel makes his point.

Jerry Manuel makes his point.

Jerry Manuel doesn’t care whether it is by winning the NL East or as a wild card. The important thing is just getting to play beyond Sunday.

Said Manuel about last year’s collapse and the playoffs: “The burden … the cloud … the demons … whatever you want to name it. I think we’re gonna be fine. If someone scraps and claws their way in, those teams seem to fare very well in the playoffs. That’s my hope. That we fight our way in and we fight our way through.”

11 thoughts on “Manuel: Just get in.

  1. i agree with jerry here JD. Just gotta find our way in. It would heal a world of pain from last year and in the playoofs, ya never know.

  2. Rotation of Santana, Pelf, and Perez is not a bad 3 in a short series. In a longer series I guess you look to Pedro to step up.

  3. I really hope the mets do get in. I just worry about these final 5 games. Im a person who’s big on pitching matchups regardless of opponent. When looking at the pitching matchups i can only say the mets have an advantage in 2 games…

    Zambrano Vs. Perez
    Harden Vs. Pedro
    Volstad Vs. Pelfrey
    Nolasco Vs. Who Knows
    Olsen Vs. Johan

    Thats the way it shapes up.

  4. David: I am assuming one of those is the Santana game. The flip side is it could be a moot point by then.-JD

  5. jd: yes johan is one and yes it could be moot. the scary part is i’m giving the mets the pelfrey matchup as an advantage but hes been awful vs. the fish

  6. David: The Marlins have had their way against him. Maybe he’s due against them. I don’t like the match-ups at all against the Cubs tonight and tomorrow. By then, the Brewers could have passed them.-JD

  7. JD: That’s definitely the fear. The mets in my opinion would be lucky to split the next two. The game plan against both guys has to be work the count and get them out of the as fast as you can you have to figure Lou wont run a pitch count on either guy.

  8. David: Lou won’t keep them out there too long to run up the pitch count. But, do you have faith in the Mets’ hitters to be patient?-JD

  9. The Mets are playing a dangerous game here by hinting at re-signing Manuel before the Mets have even reached the post season.

    Looks to me like another Jay Horwitz slip.

    They’ve got to wait hopefully the Mets sneak in one of the open doors to the post season, but if they don’t Manuel is out.

  10. Annie: Jay has nothing to do with these announcements or their timing. It’s all the front office.-JD