Is it worth the risk with John Maine?

Maine: Is it worth the risk?

Maine: Is it worth the risk?

I’ve been writing “no” all along. I don’t believe it is worth running John Maine out there to work in the bullpen this weekend, no matter what is at stake. I don’t believe he will make the difference and it isn’t worth risking further injury.

What about you guys?

Tell me if they should shut him down or roll the dice, and why.

17 thoughts on “Is it worth the risk with John Maine?

  1. JD,

    I like you, but you should stop giving your uninformed medical opinions. I don’t believe the Mets medical personnel are infallible – no doctors are – but their opinion is the only qualified one we have. If they say he can pitch, and he feels good enought to pitch, he can pitch.

    That said, I don’t like it b/c I think he’ll stink as a reliever. He can’t throw strikes way too often, he’s gives up the long ball a lot, and he has no big breaking ball.

  2. JM-
    I have one question for you. Heilman or Maine?

    youll never know unless you try him out in the bullpen, maybe you find “lightning in a bottle” If not you konw you didnt “throw” anything way with heilman in Co. being your no. 2 option.

    The only guy i have some trust in is Ayala. All the others its a heart attack waiting to happen.

    Its quite funny actually, I was at the game yesterday and after we gave Santana his applause, and eerie silence drew over the stadium because everyone knew the “bullpen” was coming into the game.

    So if Maine says he’s good to go and the Doc’s say the same why the hell not!

  3. didnt the mets docs say weeks ago that he cant injure himself further, just has to pitc hthru the pain? and in a couple starts he went out there and threw 5 scoreless? why wouldnt you give him a shot? figeroa looks like garbage as a long man or 6th or 7th inning guy so why cant maine give it a shot

  4. JD: You keep saying the mets shouldn’t risk further injury to his shoulder, yet the mets keep repeating that this isn’t possible. We know they screwed up Church with the post-concussion syndrome issue, however do you really think they’d CHANCE the issue with Maine if there was ANY CHANCE that it could cause further injury? The mets, maine and the doctors all say further injury isn’t possible and it’s just a question of pain tolerance at this point, so why do you keep saying otherwise? Don’t mean to come off sounding like an a_ss — just want to know if you know any information that we don’t know. I’d love to see Maine out of the pen, like a reader above wrote, Heilman or Maine. After the pen almost blew it again last night, yes bring in Maine!

  5. Which brings me to another point, Jerry brought in Feliciano last night to face one batter. Feliciano did his job and got the out, now, why on earth was he left in to face the righty (to which he gave up the base hit?) I mean seriously, if you want to run the pen by mix and match, then DO IT!! Just because he got a lefty out, what made you think he could be left in against a righty when righties have a .360+ BAA? Keep mixing and matching.

    I was surprised at the stat that they showed last night that showed Duaner is the best cross-over guy at .200/.250 a pop, really? Then how come everytime I see him in a tight spot the ball is going over the wall? Perplexed.

  6. To JM and Bob: I am not a doctor, and my opinions aren’t based on any medical fact. Maine says he’s not 100 percent. I’ve covered enough baseball to conclude when a pitcher said he’s not 100 percent there’s a chance of something being wrong.

    The doctors have said there is no chance of Maine risking further injury, but do they know for sure? More to the point, pitchers are always getting hurt when they alter their delivery to compensate for pain. If Maine said he’s not 100 percent, how do we know he won’t change his delivery or release point to compensate for discomfort.

    Pedro Martinez did it earlier this year when he developed stiffness in his shoulder because he changed his stride because of soreness in his groin.

    To JM. Looking back over my comments, I really didn’t make the compensation issue clear enough when talking about the risk.-JD

  7. Bob: In all fairness to Jerry with another lefty due he was banking that his pitcher could get the big swinging Henry Blanco aka Hank White out.

  8. Bob: Kind of surprised on the Sanchez stat, too. Like you, it seems whenever he gets out there a ball is flying over the wall.-JD

  9. Why risk the kid’s career or next season for that matter?

    Who pitches next year in the rotation if Maine goes down to go along with pedro and ollie leaves (the former, for sure)?


  10. JD, thanks for the further explanation on your opinion in regards to Maine. I guess the way I’m looking at it is, with all the sidework & bullpen sessions he’s doing, he won’t be jeopardizing his career or next season any further if he sees a few games, a few innings from now to the end of the season. Like you’ve touched on, I’m not doctor either, so it’s possible the in-game stress may have some effect on his arm in the future, that all these side sessions won’t. There is just something about the bulldog mentality and toughness or John Maine that I’ve come to love since he’s been on the team, he wants it bad, really bad, to contribute in any sort of way possible. I mean in today’s day and age, especially a sport which features the all-star household names such as Manny Ramirez who would give anything to sit (in a non contract year) you have to admire Maine’s toughness. I think if the doctors give him the go-ahead, we really need to trust everyone involved and then second-guess when the appropriate time comes. As far as who that leaves for the rotation next year? We’d obviously have to explore the trade/FA market. We’ve got so much money coming off the books, we can go after a good to very good SP and address the bullpen at the same time. The club is expecting Niese to be ready next year, Parnell? Possibly. I’m not the GM, although I often think I should be, you’ve got to think we’re going to make a run at Ollie too.

  11. Bob: You’re right about Maine being a bulldog, and that’s another worry. When a pitcher is not right he might overthrow. I can see Maine muscling up. That’s risky. However, I do like his mentality and that he wants to be out there.

    About next year: Yes, money is coming off the books, but it will go to replacing that player. Whatever they save with Pedro, for example, it has to go to replacing that spot on the roster. Ditto Perez.

    I see them making a run at Perez, but Scott Boras is his agent and I him going after the monster bucks. Sabathia is also in the market and he will set the bar. Given that, the Mets should go hard after Perez if they really want him before the Yankees give Johan-type dollars to Sabathia.-JD

  12. Lets home for the mets sake the Yankees do get CC. Because if not i can see them calling up Mr. Perez and Boras would like nothing more than a NY bidding war.

  13. I’m with frozen rope and JD. I don’t think it’s worth any chance of ruining the man’s career or his future with the Mets. This is the guy who got angry earlier this year – can’t remember the game – not because he was taken out and couldn’t pitch any more, but because ‘he took my bat out of the lineup’. He’s a gamer, as they say. It’s one of the many things I like about him, and the reason I want to see him pitching for the Mets for many seasons more.

  14. All counterpoints well taken, we shall see after Maine’s relief appearances in these ending games how we all feel afterwards. Let’s save our conclusion on what they “should do” until after they’ve done it and the end results.