Tonight’s Mets’ lineup vs. Cubs



Johan Santana goes tonight for the Mets, who are 11-3 in his last 14 starts. Santana has won seven straight decisions, so there’s more than a little bit of hope for the Mets.

Tonight’s closer: Anybody’s guess.

Carlos Beltran, who ran into the wall last night, will play. There’s never been any doubt of Beltran’s toughness in my mind. The guy played with a broken bone in his face after his collision with Mike Cameron in 2005.

Here’s tonight’s lineup:

SS Jose Reyes
2B Luis Castillo
3B David Wright
CF Carlos Beltran
1B Carlos Delgado
C Ramon Castro
RF Ryan Church
LF Nick Evans
LH Johan Santana

10 thoughts on “Tonight’s Mets’ lineup vs. Cubs

  1. as much as we all hate seeing castillo in the lineup.. i think the best lineup if he is going to play he is having him bat 2nd. maybe a productive out or two?.. and the lineup is much deeper when a legitmate bat is in the 7 spot and not the guaranteed ground out from castillo

  2. Jim: As much as I like Daniel Murphy hitting second, ideally that’s the best spot in the lineup for Castillo when he’s on his game. The essence of Castillo in the lineup is to hit second where he can advance runners. He’s wasted batting seventh.-JD

  3. John, I think that after last night’s awful display, where IMO, Castillo strike out on purpose, barely lifting the bat off his shoulder against a fastball pitcher such as Wood….that he is playing, is a total indictment on who really runs the Mets. I would have played Argenis Reyes, even if he is 1 for his last 20+ ABs. Gee, Forrest Gimp has FOUR hits in his last 20+ ABs, and offers almost no range at 2B. Ridiculous.

    Should the Mets not make postseason…everyone’s gotta go…Omar, Jerry, Tony Bernazard, EVERYONE.

  4. You likely meant Evans in LF, Murph at 2B.

    I fail to see how Murph could hurt the team at 2B, considering Castillo’s range is nothing to write home about.

    Castillo should be nailed to his house…never to return.

  5. Speaking of nailing to the bench, somebody please put some 12 penny nails to Jerry so that he can’t lift Johan tonight. 150 pitch ceiling and 11 innings if that’s what it takes.

  6. I remember seeing that collision and thinking Beltran’s career could be over. The fact Beltran has come back and play at such a high level speaks volumes of his toughness.