Mets Chat Room: Santana hopes to keep roll going.

Johan Santana will be going for his eighth straight decision tonight. He’s also pitching to keep the Mets from falling all but out of the NL East race and to keep an edge over Milwaukee.

It will be all but impossible for the Mets to overtake the Phillies, especially if they lose and Philly wins. A Mets’ loss and Milwaukee win makes the wild card tight.

136 thoughts on “Mets Chat Room: Santana hopes to keep roll going.

  1. depends on how he pitches early… hopefully quick swinging by the cubs leads to out early and often

  2. Can’t understate the importance of the Mets taking an early lead tonight. Give Santana a chance to cruise a bit.-JD

  3. most definitely JD. johan needs to get thru the top of the 1st unscathed and wow if the mets could be a crooked number on the board

  4. What is up with the timing of that contract extension?

    The team is in a freefall, and management is doling out a 4-year extension to our GM, basically saying none of this is your fault.

    I’m not saying Omar should be fired at all, but why is this even being discussed until the end of the season??

  5. Even if the Mets blow the wild card, the Wilpons will think Minaya has made the playoffs three straight years. Minaya is better than most Mets GmS: Scheffing, Grant, McDonald, post 1986 Cashen, Harazin, Duquette. He’s about equal with Phillips.

  6. Mets haven’t confirmed. You knew they would bring him back. They made a run and had a chance at the playoffs the final week of the season. That’s all they needed to bring him back.-JD

  7. so after one inning we are 0 for 2 with RISP?
    As Jerry Koosman once told one of his fellow pitchers “if you pitch a shutout, you can earn a tie”.

  8. Any guesses about Manuel if the Mets blow it? Is a one-game playoff loss to the Brewers good enough?

  9. Dan: I think they’ll bring back Manuel. Doing so justifies firing Willie Randolph. Where they were then, and now, is a big difference. Even though Santana is losing.-JD

  10. Yeah, they probably do. Manuel seems very sensible. Unlike Randolph, he acknowledges 2007 happened. Plus I don’t think there are any real outstanding candidates out there unless you count Buck Showalter and his star has faded. The Wilpons never follow the Steinbrenner paatern of rehiring fired managers so that leaves Bobby V out. Along with Davey Johnson and Yogi Berra. Is Joe Frazier still alive?

  11. according to baseball reference, Joe Frazier, Mets manager in 1976 and 1977, is still alive and will be 86 on October 6th. Have a happy birthday, Cobra Joe. Wonder if he will get any cards from his former players who thought he was chicken****.

  12. There really isn’t a candidate out there that blows you away. The Mets are where they hoped they would be, which is contending for the playoffs the last week of the season. Sure, they would have liked to have wrapped things up by now, but they can control their own destiny.

    This team was dead when Randolph was fired, but they turned it around. Is it Manuel’s fault the bullpen has blown 29 save opportunities?-JD

  13. Pedro Feliz with a two out hit off Mike Hampton to tie the score.

    Of course if keeping Manuel justifies firing Randolph, what does that say about the man who hired Willie in the first place?

  14. Dan: I hear you. Minaya said at the firing he was responsible. In hindsight, hiring Randolph turned out to be a mistake. And, as clumsy as the firing was handled, the Mets did make a move and improved from it. The Mets are 66 games over .500 with Minaya, and that’s with a crappy bullpen.-JD

  15. The Mets supposedly were getting a break when the Cubs juggled their rotation. This was going to be the weak link.-JD

  16. The Mets being where they are right now inspite of the worst bullpen in the history of baseball is probably a testament to Manuel. That said, the pure stupidity he displayed in playing that lifeless, heartess, old piece of trash Castillo almost deserves a firing. I mean honestly, the guy went down looking like a loser last nite and already tonite killed a potential good start to the team by failing to advance Reyes.

    I said it last nite, and I’ll say it again…the spirit of this team has been broken. You can only come back from the demoralizing losses so many times before it eventually kills you. This team is just plain dead.

  17. Oh…and I refuse to give credit to Sean Marshall…when a team continues to lose to the likes of Odalis Perez and Sean Marshall that’s the sign of a team that has no interest in winning and has basically packed it in for the Winter.

  18. I see what you are saying John and I can agree with it. In the 1970s the Islanders were a promising team but there were calls to fire Torrey and/or Arbour because of disappointing playoff losses. They were kept in place but Torrey added scoring punch to the second line by trading for Butch Goring. Hopefully Minaya will realize he has to make some adjustments.He can’t rely on the stupidity of the Yankees continuing that allowed the Mets to get Beltran and Santana. But maybe he can. The Yankees will have so much money they could continue to waste money and not think smartly.
    One thing I wonder about Randolph (and Girardi) is if these guys would have been better off if they had an apprenticeship in the minors. Piniella and Torre never did and they eventually became successful.

  19. I just read the news aboout Minaya. If thats the truth thats probably the worst contract extension since Dolan reupped isiah thomas.

  20. The only match this final week of two rivals will be playing each other in a “win or go home” is the Twins vs White Sox. I think baseball tried to get more in scheduling Red Sox vs Yankees, Cubs vs Brewers and Diamondbacks vs Rockies the last weekend. Just didn’t happen.

  21. JD: It’s f-ing ridiculous… Im just appalled with the organization. If this crap with Minaya is true I dont know how i can root this team on.

  22. Dan: The scheduling is so bad on so many levels. Of course, it goes back to the interleague crap. To be playing the Cubs this late is a joke.-JD

  23. David: The timing is pretty terrible. They could blow the playoffs for the second straight year. The assumption all along was Omar Minaya would return. They are saying they’ll make an announcement at the end of the season, but if the club’s television network is talking about it, then it’s hard to think it isn’t true.-JD

  24. Well at least they were able to take advantage of the flukey hit by santana. However, if Im Lou Pinella im slapping Marshall around for not laying 3 straight fastballs on a tee for Luis Castillo.

  25. David: Blue isn’t doing any favors, that’s for sure. Somebody will get tossed. Let’s hope it isn’t Santana.-JD

  26. You bunt if you have a shutdown bullpen and know you’ll only need a run to lock it down. Clearly this is not the case.

  27. tough spot here because you’ll need to get something deep in the outfield for castro to score. I’d consider pinch running.

  28. Similar to the spot wright came up in last inning, Reyes has go to come up big. At the very least he needs to put something in the outfield.

  29. Well thats gotta bring a smile to everyone’s face. But of the cornerstones have come in in big spots and they’ve driven in 5 runs.

  30. I like Jerry. They should bring him back.

    I have watched Beltran freeze on curves for 3 years. Isn’t there some sort of drill to unfreeze him?

    They better not trade Murphy. This guy will be huge.

  31. David: You would be asking one of your worst hitters, who is going through a horrible slump, to do something positive.-JD

  32. I’ll try not to harp on it because it was a huge inning. But I’d love for someone Jerry Manuel include explain to me why you dont squeeze with Castillo there.

  33. dave: I don’t see Murphy going anywhere but to Arizona to work at second base in the Fall League.-JD

  34. The thing is castillo even at his best is slappy ground ball hitter. Not a guy who going to put something in the air. To me percentage play wise the bunt is the better option.

  35. I really don’t think Santana could have been better this season. It seems like EVERY time he goes out there, the pressure is on for him to win. And for about 3 months the guy has been just phenomenal.

  36. JM: He should have won 20 games, but put that on the pen. The offense didn’t help him early in the season, either. He’s done his job.-JD

  37. JD

    do you really think Murph is a good fit at 2b? I heard he was a butcher. I like him in OF. I hear he works at it and has done well for someone who is a fish out of water.

    Maybe even 1b.

  38. JD
    I for one am happy the Mets signed Omar to a 4 year extension. At least this makes Omar a non story if the Mets do miss the play offs.
    I think Omar has done a competent enough job to be back. I give him a lot of credit for not making a stupid trade at the deadline. It would have been very easy to trade Murphy, Evans or Niese for some washed up veteran.

    And on a side note.
    All those Met fans who booed Santana in April at Shea should never be allowed to enter Shea or CitiField ever again.

  39. dave: I wrote earlier they might try him at first. Second, I have no idea of how he’ll handle it. But, I’d like to see him try. Either way, it can’t be Castillo next year.-JD

  40. Just what in the hell is a strike these days. I swear, sometimes they might be better off without the umps and go on the honor system.-JD

  41. Amazing job by Johan its one thing to battle the cubs lineup but to battle them and cousy is very impressive.

  42. Agree with that JD
    Really what is wrong with the umps.
    Great pitchers used to get the borderline pitches at crunch time.

    I also think Santana’s pitch count will not let him come back Saturday on 3 days rest.

  43. Also to Scott: I’ll agree with you about Omar in not making a hasty trade at the deadline. But after the collapse last season that was mainly caused by a faulty bullpen, how can you not at least TRY and make that area better. On top of that you give Luis Castillo 4 years, REALLY?

  44. David: There were a lot of assumptions made on the bullpen, namely Heilman would pitch better; Sanchez would bounce back; Matt Wise would help; and the starters would eat more innings. None of those things happened.

    And yes, Castillo was a mistake.-JD

  45. Ok how the heck can you have A.Reyes bunting with 2 strikes but you dont try to squeeze with Castillo earlier…Oy Vey

  46. David
    The only thing that really bugs me on Castillo is that the contract was 4 years.
    If it was 3 years I would have not given it another thought. In perspective they will owe Castillo about 18 mil at the end of the year, just about what they are paying Pedro for one season. Being a big market club lets you have a mulligan once in a while.

    Last winter it was said Omar could have traded Heilman and Show for Fuentes but thought it was too much. In hindsight it would have been a great deal.

  47. Scott:

    You can take the mulligan only if you’re willing to eat it. We’ve yet to see if they eat it.

  48. Castillo is so screwed up at the plate that he looks like a little leaguer.

    Yes I know I should not make fun of little league.

  49. How can they say we’re in a recession when you can earn six million dollars a year for being one of the worst at what you do. By god if that’s not the american dream i dont know what is.

  50. My gut feeling is Castillo will be back and given a chance in spring training to show he has something left. At this point in time he is worthless.

  51. Does Castillo even make the Mets top 5 busts of all time. Mo Vaughn and Roger Cedeno were worse.

  52. David
    I get indigestion every time I see a Mets reliever. Castillo is more like a punch in the stomach.

  53. This is my biggest problem with the bullpen. 4 run lead, you screw around and put Henry Blanco in a 3-1 count and then you go 2-0 on the lefty.

  54. They should just give Omar a blank check for the wonderful job he’s done constructing this bullpen.

  55. When we got Mo Vaughn you knew he was a long shot to even play. That was a desperate move.

    Here we signed the guy to a new 4 year contract because our top scout felt that he was the anchor a 2b.

    Very different.

  56. This is one of those moments you seriously want to really slap Feliciano in the face and ask him why the hell he just dicked around with those last two batters. I mean honestly…these guys seemingly have no shame

  57. If anyone has a clue what makes a good reliever please let me know.
    Case in point is Chad Durbin (having a great year) of the Phillies, if you looked at his stats prior to this year you would have never thought he would be any good.

  58. I wish Chiti were here tonight. I cant wait to hear his opinion of giving Omar a 4 year extension. At least he found Ayala for us this year.

  59. Normal pen? It’s been a long time since somebody said that about the Mets’ pen, but it came through.-JD

  60. It’s all relative, but anytime they make through an inning w/o giving up the lead, it’s a good inning. No matter the lead.

  61. perhaps management knew that the ace the gm signed would deliver so they gave him the extension as a show of support.

  62. Sadecki: I am very happy Omar got the loooooong extension. What would I say if I liked the next GM? I’m also glad he gave Castillo that loooooong contract so everybody else can have someone to complain about. Maybe he’ll shock the world and re-sign Alou to try to get those 80 games next year!