What is your favorite Shea memory?

The Mets open their final homestand tonight at Shea against the Cubs. However, instead of nostalgia, the Mets are in a fight to get into the playoffs. It would have been nice had they wrapped up a playoff spot by now, but the bullpen made that impossible.

Perhaps some of you might enjoy your greatest Shea memory this week should they clinch a playoff spot.

How about the rest of you? What is your favorite memory of Shea Stadium, where many of you grew up?

8 thoughts on “What is your favorite Shea memory?

  1. Wow, there are too many to list. My top 3 would be:

    1. 1986 World Series clincher
    2. 2000 NLCS clincher
    3. The 10 run inning against the Braves in 2000.

  2. 1969. Going into first place for the first time ever and then winning the NL East, NLCS and World series all at home.

  3. 1986. I was 12 years old, and every year my family would drive 5 hours from Upstate New York to go to a game. In 1986 we went the day after the Mets clinched, and the field was totally wrecked. I didn’t even see any of the regular players (except Gary Carter) in the dugout until the 4th inning! I just looked up the box score, and here’s the starting lineup:

    S Jefferson CF
    T Teufel 2B
    D Magadan 1B
    K Mitchell RF
    L Mazzilli LF
    H Johnson 3B
    K Elster SS
    J Gibbons C
    R Anderson P

    What’s more is that we won 5-0, and beat Greg Maddux in his 4th major league start!

  4. JD: My favorite Shea moments are taken from games that I attended.

    5:Endy Chavez walk off bunt, 2007
    4:Robin Ventura Grand Slam Single, 1999
    3:Todd Pratt’s pinch hit home run, 1999 (Finley leaped, looked into his glove, a pin could have dropped and been heard in shea in anticipation)
    2:Endy Chavez, greatest catch of all time, 2007 (the catch only, not the outcome, thanks Heilman)
    1:Carlos Delgado walk off home run, 2008 September 27th to secure the WILD-CARD and Jerry Manuel’s 2 year extension.

  5. My Shea memory has to be in ’06 when they won the division since ’88.

    Anyways I’m writing a letter to the Mets, here it is:
    Dear Mets,

    Since you guys don’t care about winning for the fans or yourselves atleast win for Shea. Win for the former players that have manned your positions. Play for the Hernandez’s and the Gooden’s. Play for the Piazza’s and the Seaver’s. Play for the Agee’s and Kingman’s. Play for the Leiter’s and and Orosco’s. Play for the Johnson’s and Valentine’s. But most importantly STOP playing for the Benitez’s and the Bonilla’s or the Henderson’s and Bell’s. You guys have 7 games left to right the ship and make it into the playoffs but more importantly you have 7 games left in the stadium where so much magic has happened. Lets just hope she didn’t use up all her magic on the ’69, ’86, ’73 or ’00 teams.

    As always LETS GO METS!!

    Truly Avid Met Fan

  6. Actually, my favorite Shea memory was when that Patriot fan got decapitated by the remote controlled flying lawnmower during the half-time show, circa 1979.

  7. Game 3 1986 NLCS. Nails hits a homer and they are on their way.

    I was on the 3rd base line with my best friend at the time.

    It was a nice day.