Tonight’s Mets’ lineup vs. Cubs




SS Jose Reyes
LF Daniel Murphy
3B David Wright
1B Carlos Delgado
CF Carlos Beltran
RF Ryan Church
2B Luis Castillo
C Brian Schneider
LH Jonathan Niese

9 thoughts on “Tonight’s Mets’ lineup vs. Cubs

  1. Awful lineup. Look at Marquis numbers against righties/lefties. Look at Scneider’s lifetime numbers vs Marquis compared to Castro’s. JD, get to the ballpark quickly and tell Manuel to sit Schneider especially! 1/17 lifetime vs 5/11 with 2 homers for Castro vs Marquis

  2. I hope Niese has another gem in him. Brutal series in Atlanta leaves The mets back against the wall against the best team in the NL.

  3. JD: I agree but also depends what lineup he will be facing. Either way the game much like every other baseball game will be decided in the late innings so does it all really matter.

  4. How bad have Church and Castillo been since coming off the DL?

    a.) worse than Ricky Ledee
    b.) about the same as Ricky Ledee
    c.) slightly better than Ricky Ledee

  5. I don’t blame Church. He has been gone most of the season so he has no rhythm. He was also in and out trying to come back from a second concussion.

    His D is good, just isn’t hitting. They need him, but it may be too late.