Mets in the Afternoon ….

-John Maine threw a 30-pitch simulated game today and declared himself 90 percent. Maine would like to pitch, but again, I don’t think it’s worth the risk.

-The Mets announced they will move their Triple-A team to Buffalo and will be called the Bisons. Good move. The closer the Triple-A team is to New York geographically the better.

-Pedro Martinez said he could pitch out of the bullpen in the playoffs. Problem is he’s allowed over 25 percent of his runs in the first inning.

8 thoughts on “Mets in the Afternoon ….

  1. Pinella has moved harden from Tuesday to Thursday in order to set him up for game 1 of the playoffs. So it’ll be Johan vs. Sean Marshall tomorrow. That makes tonight game even more important, as a win tonight and Johan tomorrow (against Marshall opposed to Harden) would guarantee us a split, with house money Weds + Thurs.

  2. Bob: Regardless of the pitching match-ups you can’t say the Mets are playing with house money. There really isn’t any margin for error.-JD

  3. JD: I’m right with you. The way this team is,nothing is sure. And Sean Marshall has not exactly been pitching poorly this year for the Cubs.

  4. Yeah im with the others here. I dont really see how you can be playing with house money until you clinch at this point.

  5. JD: The “house money” is in reference to AFTER they’ve won 2 games. Nobody can realistically tell me you expect to win more than 2 this series, if 2 at all. I think the majority of us would sign off on 2 out of 4 right now, I sure as hell would.

  6. When the AAA franchise was moved to New Orleans in 2006, Minaya’s spin was how the weather was so much better there than in Virginia. Can’t say the weather in Buffalo is better (as Ed Kranepool said in 1964,: Buffalo has two seasons- winter and 4th of July”). So now it’s “great to be closer to New York City”. But in the long-run, does it really matter where the AAA team is?

  7. I would think Buffalo has less distractions. It will be colder even in the summer, but you don’t have hurricanitis starting end of August, not to mention the years long effort to recover from Katrina.