I watched ….

I confess I watched the Yankees last night in their last game at the Stadium. If you’re a baseball fan, you had to take a peek. However, I’m of the belief this wasn’t the House Ruth Built, but the one the taxpayers remodeled.

I know the remodeled place had some terrific moments, but if Ruth, Gehrig, Mantle and DiMaggio didn’t play there, it’s not the real Stadium.

3 thoughts on “I watched ….

  1. No it probably isn’t. But then the Mets always tried to cash in on the Brooklyn Dodgers/New York Giants with colors, “NY” design on the hat, etc instead of trying to build their own identity. We will see what happens in the coming years now the Yankees and Mets have a new stadium to squeeze the fans even more and get more money. In the stadium building craze of the last 15 years you haven’t had a big market team get one of these until now.

  2. No matter.

    New stadium, no history.

    It looks like the Yanks will be looking up for a few years as they chase the other teams ahead of them.