Same old story ….

Remember when I asked last weekend if the Braves were still relevant? Some of you wrote and said no, that I was worrying about nothing. Others who are sharp on your Mets’ history understood the concept: The Braves will always hold a spot in the Mets’ consciousness.

Back-to-back weekends the Mets lose two of three to a team they should beat. They’ve now lost six of their last ten games. Not the stuff of a pennant contender. This team is showing it is not deserving of the playoffs. Not with that bullpen anyway.

Today was another meltdown. I don’t want F-Rod. I want a solid bridge to whomever they get to close next year. I’m not worried about the playoffs anymore because with that pen even should they get there, winter will come soon enough.

5 thoughts on “Same old story ….

  1. JD – you are right…Mets don’t deserve the playoffs. Even if they back in, I can’t see them surviving the NLDS. This bullpen is monumentally bad and while they have suffered from injuries, Omar deserves nothing but blame for ignoring what is now in modern baseball the most integral part..

  2. All I can say is if you get in anything can happen. Just look across the Hudson and look at that team that every “expert” said couldn’t beat anybody wearing those Super Bowl Rings, or the hapless 06 Cardinals who won only 83 games and got hot for two weeks and wear their rings. Can this team not get in? Certainly.. But if they are in anything can happen in short series’. Likely Nope. Possible. Yup.
    I was watching the Mets and the Giants, and I had the feeling the Giants would win depsite falling behind in the 4th, and I had the feeling the Mets would lose because it was obvious Pelfrey wasn’t going deep. So thank you Giants…

  3. I agree this is not a playoff team. The pen is terrible.

    I also believe the Braves are not relevant anymore. I know the history, but that was when both were good and they were better.

    The Braves are as relevant as the Nats. They both beat us at inconvenient times, but so what? It’s on us not them.

    As for Big Blue, they got better at the end of the year. The last game started it, when they got by Dallas I knew they were the real deal.

    Going into the bowl game I knew they had a good shot. They had a very good D and the young guys had stepped up.

    The Mets are not the Giants. Their pitching and D is not scaring anyone and their offense is ok. If their pitching was solid we would not be despairing.

    We have one ace and one young pitcher who is doing his thing. We have an old man who gives up 4 or so in 6 innings and a younger pitcher who is lights out or very average. Most of our starters spit the bit at 6 and our pen is truly horrible. Our defense is mostly pretty good but not exceptional and our hitters are not the monster mash.

    This is a team that still has no identity.

    As JD says, we make it or we don’t. Who cares? We aren’t going anywhere.


  4. I know this sounds crazy but I stopped caring about the mets a month ago because I knew this team wasn’t going anywhere with that bull pen. This idea that if the mets make the playoffs anything can happen is ridiculous. The offense is inconsistent and with a bull pen that can’t get anybody out will lose in the first round if they made it. I was over the mets a month ago. I don’t care anymore. I getting ready for hockey season, Let’s Go Rangers!!!