Mets Chat Room: Maybe a closet?

Not much of a room today. You heard we were down. I made a prediction prior to the Braves series that David Wright would break out of it. Well, he homered today. I think he’ll be fine.

Any, for those who dropped by, thanks and feel free to post whatever is on your mind. We’ll be up and running for the Cubs’ series. Sorry again.-JD

19 thoughts on “Mets Chat Room: Maybe a closet?

  1. Some Missed key chances missed by the mets may end up burning them here in the end. Missed bunt by pelfrey was HUGE. 1st and 2nd 0 out last inning. Biggest question for me is what is wrong with Church seems like he’s other rolling over on a ground ball or striking out.

  2. Here’s what it is: the Mets develop a huge crush on the opposing starting pitcher after they smack him around. When he leaves the game, the Mets feel abandoned and lonely, like a spurned lover, and cannot score again. Ever.

  3. For once you can’t blame Schoenweis. That was just a freak play. Overall though, the Mets are limping in by the wild card most likely.

  4. You can blame that piece of garbage for a double to Omar F-ing infante. The whole bullpen sucks and every now and again it would be nice to win a game where your offense doesnt have to score 8+ runs. The bullpen is the worst unit in all of baseball.

  5. Damn I like that kid Murphy. I know he’s an infielder by trade but he looks comfortable in the outfield. He could be a more than serviceable left fielder.

    I’m still not so sold on Nick Evans, but Murphy is ready for next year.

  6. Do we start throwing the AA pitchers out there from now on?

    It may be better to not know what will happen, then to know.

  7. Well thats another example of the wonderful mets bullpen. Not only do they blow a game but they let it get out of reach. The whole bullpen is just an embrassment and has no place on a big league roster.

  8. Manuel handled that 8th inning about as poorly as someone could. We intentionally loaded the bases for Heilman to pitch… what a joke.

  9. Kevin,

    Please dont put any blame on Manuel. There is no way you face Chipper Jones over Martin freaking Prado. If you cant get Prada out you dont deserve to be in the big leagues. Which none of the mets bullpen really does.

  10. The Mets really make these lousy teams like the Braves and Gnats look good, don’t they? Now it’s time to face the division-clinching Cubs while the Brewers take on the Pirates. I can not see the Mets blowing a playoff spot this year. But I said the same last year.

  11. Dan: I can see it, also. On back-to-back weekends they lose two or three to the Braves. In between, they lose to the Nationals. This is not a team playing like it deserves to be in the playoffs.-JD