About Last Night ….

Several things come to mind, the most important being they won the type of game they have lost in the past in Atlanta.

-Nice job by the pen last night. Brian Stokes will probably be unavailable tonight. Huge strikeout by Aaron Heilman. I hope this helps turn him around.

-Oliver Perez did not pitch well, but as was posted last night he minimized the damage to some degree. He needs to do better, but he didn’t implode.

-David Wright will snap out of it. He went the other way last night and that’s a good sign. There seems little doubt he took his offense out on the field with him. That’s unlike him. But, overall, I have a lot of confidence in Wright. He will be fine.

-I’m going to keep saying it: I want Daniel Murphy in the lineup against everybody. Play him until he proves he can’t hit lefties.

2 thoughts on “About Last Night ….

  1. I hope you’re right about David. He does seem to be turning it around. I was at the game in DC Wednesday and he looked awful, especially when he K’d in the 8th with men on 1st & 3rd and one out. Mets fans in the crowd began an “A-Wright” chant.

    But he hit the ball hard Thursday, though he was robbed twice by his buddy Zimmerman, and looked good last night. If he turns the corner that’s a great boost for the team’s Division hopes.

    A line-up with Reyes, Murphy, Wright, the Carloses and Church as #1-6 can be devastating. Let’s hope it is!

  2. Such a lineup is “devastating” only if all those guys you mentioned are actually “on” and not slumping. We’ll see I guess…