Mets Chat Room: Coin Flip Returns.

The Mets won a coin-flip today with Milwaukee should the teams finish tied for the wild-card.

Speaking of coin flips, I don’t know which Oliver Perez will show up tonight. He’s pitched well against the Braves, winning five of his last seven starts over the last two seasons. Recently, he’s been erratic with his control.

Here’s tonight’s lineup:

SS Jose Reyes
2B Luis Castillo
3B David Wright
CF Carlos Delgado
1B Carlos Beltran
C Ramon Castro
RF Ryan Church
LF Nick Evans
LH Oliver Perez

Comments: They won their last two games with Daniel Murphy in left and batting second. Why change?

214 thoughts on “Mets Chat Room: Coin Flip Returns.

  1. I agree why not Murphy, but I am also glad Castillo is not in the 7 hole.
    Last night in DC with a rather lopsided game we spent a good chunk of the evening in different parts of the park. It has a lot of nice features and the seating is good all over. The only sour note was seeing David Wright act like a Little Leaguer. Striking out with a 6-0 lead and throwing his helmet and bat made him look like a real jerk. Last year Reyes was blasted in September. Well Wright is supposed to be the leader but he’s shown himself to be very immature and not close to being ready for leadership.

  2. If he throws he’s helmet he’s a jerk if does nothing he has no heart. Oh the life of a ballplayer.

  3. As far as I’m concerned, this is David Wright’s team. He’s the only Met who stands up night after night and talks. He’s pointed the finger at himself and never threw anybody under the bus. Yeah, those weren’t great quotes the other night. I called them milquetoast. Maybe he was tired. Maybe he was drained from answering the same questions night after night.

    Beltran doesn’t stand up like Wright. Neither does Delgado. Neither does Reyes. Yes, he stunk in Washington. It happens. I posted his numbers for last September and they were great with a .350 average, six homers and 20 RBI.

    He’s not having the same month, but he’s human. Give him a break. If the Mets are going to do anything, they’ll need Wright.-JD

  4. JD, You are right. This guy is obviously frustrated. He wants to win badly. He is always the one the reporters run to to get a quote. Win or Lose. I bet nobody wants to erase the memory of last year more than him.

  5. Ray,

    I agree with you that if you are going to use him batting him 7th doesnt really make sense. However, I was saying it before the last two games and I’ll continue to say it. Dan Murphy needs to be in the lineup everyday. He always seems to put in some great AB’s also he’s 4-8 with 1 HR 3 RBI 2BB vs lefties so lets just see what the kid can do.

  6. David, I agree. The kid is just impressive. Maybe the brass knows something about his hitting against lefties we dont.

  7. For as much as I Jerry as the manager I hate that he always sticks with the l/r thing with Evans and Murphy. He plays well and they win when he plays he needs to be in. One thing this Braves line up is bad.

  8. Manuel said he was tempted to start Murphy, but wanted another right-handed bat in the lineup.-JD

  9. manuel probably thinks that with jojo reyes on the mound, it’s a good chance to get Evans and castillo hot

  10. Brewers losing 3-0 to the reds. This is the only way imo the mets are getting into the playoffs, the wild card. The Mets are not going to win the division.

  11. Jay: I’d rather have Murphy hot and in the lineup all the time than for Evans to be hot for a night and not play again for a week. And, I have no hope for Castillo.-JD

  12. Evidently, Ned Yost wasn’t the only cause for the problem in Milwaukee. The Mets aren’t the only team with a lousy bullpen.-JD

  13. Well, at least this year the Mets won’t be the team to totally collapse. That award is starting to like the Brewers.

  14. tomg: Nearly impossible. They’ll have to eat most of the contract. Either that or cut him and eat the whole thing. Burrrp.-JD

  15. For some odd reason, I still have faith in Castillo provided he’s in the 2 hole.

    You can’t put him down in the 7 hole in an RBI slot given all he does is draw walks and get slap hits.

    I expect some very positive contributions from Luis tonight.

    Not like we really have any other options…

  16. JD,
    yea, I know, that was a terrible signing by Minya. I hope Omar is done with signing over the hill or retread players that can never stay healthy. I am so sick of those types of players on the Mets.

  17. tomg: It’s hard to believe they couldn’t have re-signed Castillo by giving him one year.-JD

  18. I think Omar was afraid someone was going to see what a great up and coming player Castillo will be so he signed him to make the Reyes/Castillo double play combo the defensive foundation for the next 10 years.


  19. Nice to see Jose starting the game off right.

    Nice to see him happy and celebrating.

    Nice to see him not doing it outside pissing the other team off.

  20. Back to Wtight…I don’t care if he has a fit, but up 6-0 isn’t the time. A leader knows that, Wright doesn’t. Get pissed when it matters. And who said he doesn’t have heart?
    As for Castillo, how you gonna trade him? Salary dump and pick up a reject. Heilman is at least not a salary dump for three more years.
    As for the Braves its really sad to see them so bad…..NOT!
    Jose shows his maturity…. Steps out if his slump and 3 games in a row at least he’s on in the first.

  21. tomg: The Mets may not have to win a game to earn a playoff spot this year. And since wild card teams seem to win World Series, especially if the name is Marlins that is the place to be. You finish first , play the Dodgers, all you will hear for a week is Joe Torre and the freakin Yankees. Who needs it….

  22. Harry: If the Mets don’t win the World Series, wouldn’t it be something if the Dodgers win with Torre while the Yankees don’t make the playoffs? That’s the scenario I’d like to see.-JD

  23. Oh yes JD, I’m not a Torre lover but it would be wonderful to listen to Hankee the Yankee explain that away!!!!!!!!
    On the grounder to 2nd Castillo looked like a guy who is in real pain. The fans knock him but it seems he never recovered from his surgeries.

  24. Well lets give wright some credit there he did produce two runs unfortunately it was for the other team

  25. one on a walk but the first guy reached on a hit that was a Wright error in fact, although not called.

  26. Well beyond the error he should of held on to the ball he threw away…

    Either way big hit there so good for him. More impressively Jose seems like he’s trying to will this team to win. I like it

  27. David: He started off poorly this month, but Reyes is playing well. Had he played like this last year there wouldn’t have been a collapse. … Beltran is also another who’s hitting at the right time.-JD

  28. Excellent they responded this way after last inning. Three-four-five all do the job. They wouldn’t have done this last year.-JD

  29. I know Castillo has been a bust but if he was not healthy in March why did they not leave him in Fl for longer rehab. Maybe if they had given him more time to heal he would be healthy now. I always wonder if Omar was ever asked this question.
    Also if they had put him on the DL back then they would have never lost Gotay.
    Never was a big Gotay fan but he could have helped the team.

  30. Howard homers for Philly. He’s hitting .380 with nine homers and 27 RBI already this month. Have to think the MVP is his.-JD

  31. David: You have to shut the door with two outs. That could hurt later. Church saved them a run by cutting the ball off in the corner. That could be big, too. … Overall, I don’t like how Perez is pitching. -JD

  32. I have a bigger problem with the pitch selection to Reyes you have a pitcher 0-2 on two fastballs why not show him something in the dirt then go back to the fastball ah well im nitpicking i guess. Big shot by evans. Fish tied it 6-6 2nd & 3rd 0 out

  33. Brett Myers with the rough outing… couldn’t happen to a better guy… still my favorite line… Boom, out of here

  34. If Luis Castillo ever swings at a 3-1 pitch down the middle of the plate, it just might renew my faith in mankind – I don’t even care if he makes contact. I really need this . . .

  35. Scott: Sorry, no. Won’t be at the Stadium on Sunday. KInd of wish I were. I saw a lot of games in that park. I even saw some games there before it was remodeled. Saw Mickey Mantle play there. Once was at a Yankees-Red Sox doubleheader with the second game going 20 innings.-JD

  36. Bases loaded, no outs and only one run scores. Perez couldn’t have gotten luckier. Backing up third was big. Showed his head was still in the game.-JD

  37. Well Perez kept the lead. But he’s set himself up to have the bullpen pitch at least 3 innings in this one. I just dont like the fact that hes given up 4 runs and i cant think of one that theyve hit hard.

  38. JD,

    You are Omar Minaya. What do you do to revamp the bullpen in the offseason? (assuming for the purposes of your answer that Wagner will definitely not pitch in 2009).

  39. Chipper’s back has been hurting. That’s why he’s out of the game. Big break for the Mets.-JD

  40. Chipper hasn’t hurt the mets too badly. Man, the Braves really dont have much going for them longterm in general. We should be crushing them from a talent perspective.

  41. Obviously the hope is to sneak him through the bottom of the order. I just have a hard time finding 9 outs in the bullpen without giving up a run

  42. Francouer did Perez a favor there. As for the comment about the Braves future, I think they have some nice young offensive players (McCann, Escobar, Johnson, Kotchman, Francouer all have potential) Their problem will be pithing.

  43. if there was more reliability in the pen i would say lift perez here. since there isn’t, if they feel like stretching him further they might as well. perez only has one regular season start remaining anyway. no sense in holding back now.

  44. JM:

    1. Go hard after Brian Fuentes over Francisco Rodriguez for the closer role. He’ll cost less.
    2. Joe Smith and Pedro Feliciano will be brought back.
    3. I would give Kunz and Parnell chances to win jobs in spring training.
    4. Will try to deal Heilman for what I can get. If Heilman can’t be moved, I would think about him as the long man. Part of that reasoning is if I keep him stretched out I can use him as a starter in a pinch.
    5. I would give Ayala a shot as the set-up man.

    That’s off the top of my head.-JD

  45. JD,

    That’s not a bad strategy, particularly giving the kids a shot. I really think that’s where Omar dropped the ball this offseason past, keeping the same lousy pen from 2007 (keeping in my mind that Matt Wise probably isn’t the stabilizing influence we’re missing, and we had big problems before Wagner went down).

  46. best you can hope for at this point is to get out of this inning down 1. The defense has been atrocious tonight. At least its a new culprit.

  47. They are gift wrapping this game to the Braves. … BTW: Chipper’s shoulder is bothering him.-JD

  48. Unrelated to the play of either team tonight, this ump should be suspended for the rest of the season, he has absolutely no idea what the strike-zone is supposed to be.

  49. BH: Oh yeah. I read something earlier today about the NFL ref who is devastated by his blown call. Said he blew it. I don’t remember to many MLB umps to say they’ve had bad games.-JD

  50. Oh, I just love the confusion of the late innings of a game with the Mets/Braves. It never changes.

  51. the other thought i have is that if heilman somehow gets out of this, jerry will be duped into thinking he’s fixed… thing you know he’d be their closer.

  52. smart, smart move here by jerry. how many times has heilman struck a guy out with 1 out man on 3rd, only to give up a hit to the next hitter?

  53. we can all bitch and moan about the bulpen but this inning rest of the gloves they’ve caused everything here

  54. Absolutely a huge at-bat for Heilman. I’m not saying he’s fixed, but he didn’t take another step back tonight. Manuel said Heilman needs to do something down the stretch, and that time he did.-JD

  55. Look at that strikeout pitch by Heilman. His stuff is so nasty. Thats why they havent released him.

  56. phew….i think they might pull this one out now.

    they really should have taken advantage of a chance to use parnell yesterday. how can he be expected to pitch big innings without any experience doing so?

  57. The Mets might get swept by the Cubbies next week, but maybe at least they’ll play like their conscious and not give the games away like they do against the Braves and Nats of the world.

  58. I can’t believe they still think John Maine can come back. He’s their future. Let him get better. Bringing him back can only bounce back and bite them in the butt.-JD

  59. this is their inning, win or lose. gotta win this game to make some hay in the races. wont be many more chances like this.


  61. JM: Too much is made of the righty/lefty strategy. How would you know he can’t hit lefties if he doesn’t bat against them.-JD

  62. Ray: Would be sweet. Of course, I’d rather have him lose that status and get the Mets into the playoffs this year.-JD

  63. you know all those people who bashed the mets farm system last winter? how did everyone miss this kid? he should probably be a twin right now.

  64. Mel Rojas
    would make the 10 most hated

    And I think it is time to stop ripping Reyes for not hitting in September.

  65. Jay L: A lot of names were mentioned when they were working on the Santana trade, but I don’t recall Murphy or Evans being discussed.-JD

  66. I agree that Murhp should be starting, but there is something to be said for having his bat PHing off the bench. Seems like he’s gotten some big PHs of late

  67. John, I am with you there, but it seems like the Mets always bring up thier best rookies mid season. No ROYs for Reyes, Wright, and now Murphy. How about Looie punching a hit there?

  68. i disagree about church, although he did make an error tonight, his defense is to good. and knowing our pitchers we need all the D we can get.

  69. Good point Jay L. Carlos Gomez’s OBP is sub-.300. It’s pretty ugly. Milledge, at least at the plate, has had a promising second half.

  70. Jay
    nobody thought much of Murphy or Evans
    because they are not 5 tool players.

    Scouts love great athletes with tools over guys who understand how to hit.

  71. JD,

    Did you not hear the rule of 2 from yesterday. I’ll repeat you must assume the bullpen will give up 2 runs per inning. Therefore a 4 run with 2 innings to play is not safe!

  72. Scott: When you come down to it, how many five-tool hitter are there really? Most teams that win need guys like Murphy and Evans-JD

  73. Have the Mets ever had 3 100 RBI men in one year? They will have 3 in the top 5 or 6 this year. I dont recall anything like this before. Closest was Straw/Mex/Carter?

  74. and im not giving up on evans… know 3 years ago jayson werth was no more highly regarded than evans is now. now look at werth…

    i think if murphy can handle it, he’ll be playing second next year. if he cant, they’ll platoon him in the OF for another year, then he’ll take over for delgado at 1B in ’10.

  75. Church is EXCELLENT defensively, particularly on shallow fly balls that he comes in on (he has saved many a run this season on such plays). I think he needs to be in there. Hopefully he finds his stroke.

  76. 15 is a nice number JD. I think since I’ve never seen them blow a lead like that, I’d at least FEEL good about it. I cannot forget that game in Philly where they were up by like 9 runs and only won by 1. It was terrifying, traumatic my therapist tells me.

  77. Beltran is one of the few true 5 tool players and many Mets fans are never happy with him.

  78. Whats really funny is even at the trade deadline other teams really did not think much of Murphy or Evans.

  79. JD,

    No, the game I’m talking about was this season, in July. Mets had a 10-1 lead after they batted in the top of the sixth. They won 10-9, giving up 1, 3, 2, and 2 runs in the Phils’ last 4 turns at bat. Phils had the tying run on 2nd in the 9th, too. It was excruciating.

  80. Ski: If you weren’t with us earlier, Heilman did all right tonight. Struck out his only hitter.-JD

  81. You know if the mets hold on one impressive thing to look at: In the bottom of the 2nd the Braves took the lead 2-1 Mets answered with 3 in the top of the 3rd. In the bottom of the 7th the braves tied the game at 5 the mets answered with 4 in the 8th. Both times they gave up they lead they immediately jumped right back with big innings.

  82. Lets just hope tonight was that one really bad game as far as playing the field goes and tomorrow they get back to playing good D

  83. JD, I saw that and I agree he looked good tonight. But you have to be glad that we cannot see him in the 9th!

  84. Ski: Absolutely. No argument from me on that one. He needs a few more like that before I let him work the ninth.-JD

  85. I like the faith in Stokes though. Im “watching: via gameday on, so Im probably a batter behind.

  86. the bullpen has done surprisingly well tonight. D was obviously the cause for the slight snafu in the 7th

  87. David, that has been the difference b/w 2008 and 2007. They still go cold in the middle innings too often, but they have a lot more fight in them. Those 2 against the Nats at Shea last week, where they just kept bombing away, are indicative of the difference. Again, far from perfect, but baby steps.

  88. Pedro – gives up 2 runs in the 1st inning, goes 6, leaves wiht Mets behind, 4-3. Mets win on Reyes 2nd triple of the game in 9th.

  89. Jay: Lets give them credit they did a very good job. The 1 run they gave up was due to the defense. The big spot was stranding the go ahead run with 1 out on 3rd. Big job by the pen tonight.

  90. Anthony: Right. The bullpen and offense did it tonight. Oliver Perez wasn’t sharp, and the defense took the night off.-JD

  91. they need to get a little more WC distance before next weekend….i dread that marlins series. they will give us all we can handle.

  92. When Atlanta had the bases loaded and no out and Perez struck out Chipper was maybe the play of the game. Braves only got one run that inning.-JD

  93. Ollie wasn’t sharp, but he did a good job. If Wright doesn’t make that bone-head play, he goes 6+ and gives up 2 runs. Clemens (who I despise) used to say that a starting pitcher feels real good for only 25% of his starts; the rest of the time he battles. That’s what Ollie did tonight; seems like he’s matured.

  94. JM: Ollie wasn’t sharp, but it could have been worse. I’ve seen it worse with him. You are right. Maybe that is a sign of maturing.-JD

  95. Jay L.: He’s going to get a lot of money thrown at him. I know the Mets want him back, but will they give him $15 million a year over five years?-JD

  96. I dont think anyone will give him $15M/5yr. Teams are getting wise to contracts like that for middling pitchers. Who do you think is going to spend that on a guy like Perez?

  97. Agree, Jay. Hes is a number 3 or 4 with number 1 or 2 stuff. If you are going to spend that kinda dough there are better options IMO.

  98. I would pay OP those numbers considering what others’ have received the past few years.

    He doesn’t deserve it of course because for all his stuff he isn’t that good.

    But I think he will get it.

  99. JD

    i tried to post with a link twice and this site would not let me. it seems to ignore the post.

    whats up with that? i wanted to show a link to a review of our prospects


  100. dave: I don’t know. You should be able to. Try again, and if there are any problems you can email the link and what you want to say and I will post it for you.-JD

  101. Jay L.: That is a lot of money for a pitcher with lights out potential but a mediocre performance level. I think Boras will hold up the Mets so they might pass.-JD

  102. ill try posting it again.

    i agree. Boras will hold us up. This is what I think given the market. I hear people saying that ownership is burned so they won’t pay those prices, but that was said before.

    Many pitchers who are essentially journeymen were paid this the past few years.

    I figured this is the new rate.