Hotlanta …. How hot?

Atlanta has never been nice to the Mets. The Braves are out of it again, but they are in position to make things rough for the boys. They have not mailed it in. Instead, they seem to be hanging around for the sole purpose of making things rough on the Mets.

They took two of three last week at Shea, so there better not be any sense of complacency. After Washington, you’d think there wouldn’t be any.

There have been a lot of games with the Braves that just gnaw at your memories. Which one still burns in your gut the most?

The Kenny Rogers game? You can have your choice of Armando Benitez meltdowns. Consider it therapy before the weekend. Which Braves games just stays with you.

16 thoughts on “Hotlanta …. How hot?

  1. In all fairness, the Mets did sweep Atlanta @ Turner Field last year and the year before. However, with this bullpen I have no faith that they’ll be able to do that again. The schedule for the rest of the year does not favor the Mets. The Phillies and Brewers, even the Astros have much easier schedules coming up. Just trying to be realistic.

  2. Steve: Braves’ season is long over. Dumping the Mets is some consolation. And, with the pen, I can see some tight games this weekend.-JD

  3. The Braves really haven’t had anything to play for the last two years and they always have dumping the Mets on their mind. Remember back in 1998 when the Braves swept the Mets and Cox threw I think Glavine/Neagle/Millwood in one game to keep them sharp when they didn’t need the win? The Braves hatred of the Mets has been that way ever since Bobby V. Anyway, I don’t really think motivational stuff matters too much. If the Met bullpen continues to be lousy, if we get the wrong flip of the coin with Ollie tonight, if the offense sputters, the Mets are going to lose.

  4. JD i just read Dave Lennons thoughts about how everyone in the NY media is “secretley rooting” for him to come back next year.

    I was just wondering your opinion on Manuel as a manager/personality and how he fits in the NY scene short term and long term.

  5. Anthony: Jerry is an easy going guy to be around, and I think he’s sharp in this respect. The more time he gives the media the less time we have to talk to the players. Cunning, actually. Frank Robinson did that when I covered him in Baltimore.

    Sometimes Jerry talks in circles, but it is up to us to translate. I believe there is a sense among the media of wanting Manuel back because of 1) familiarity, 2) he always comes up with usuable quotes, and 3) nobody wants to cover a managerial search.

    I didn’t read Dave’s piece, but will. He’s a sharp guy.-JD

  6. Steve: Bobby V. and Cox weren’t buds. I can see Bobby wanting to stick it to the Mets. Remember, Atlanta won’t be down there forever, and the more they can remind the Mets they can be beaten the better. I look for a tough, tight weekend.-JD

  7. John, which managerial firing was worse, Mets with Willie or the Brewers? Sorry if you answered this question already.

  8. Hopefully the Braves will lay down like dogs this weekend like they do for the Phillies. Would it kill them to beat the Phillies once in a while?

  9. The Braves hardly lied down against the Phills. That’s a weak outlook. With any luck the Braves could have taken two of three easily from them as game 1 and game 3 were winnable. You know with the way Lidge closes games, it is remarkable that the Mets are even this close to the playoffs.

  10. Bullpen willing, the Mets look to take 2/3 from Atlanta, with the middle game going to the Braves. Do you pencil in Pedro’s starts as automatic losses like I do?

  11. So they obviously didn’t “lie down” for them. The Phills just did what they were supposed to do. Beat up on a clearly inferior team. The Mets haven’t done that.

  12. Given the difficulty of next weeks schedule, the Mets need to do exactly what the Phillies just did, Sweep the Braves. Nothing else will do. It’s not asking too much. Have a good weekend all. See you again on Monday.