About Last Night …. Santana does it again.

Last winter I wrote how I didn’t want the Mets to trade for Johan Santana. I was thinking he would cost too much in prospects and money, and would break down before the end of the contract. Who knows about injuries?

But, he’s been worth it. Every time he goes out there you expect him to throw a good game and have the feeling the Mets will win. He provides a sense of confidence. You are surprised when he doesn’t pitch well.

That’s an ace.

The man should have 20 wins this season. Seven games the bullpen coughed up for him. Many more times the offense snoozed.

If he keeps pitching like this and the Mets give him some help, he will win a Cy Young Award here. I’m glad he’s here. I always enjoy seen the best perform.

13 thoughts on “About Last Night …. Santana does it again.

  1. Omar deserves a lot of credit for getting Santana for what appears to be a mediocre package of players though I believe Gomez will be a really nice player. The bullpen not so much. Hoping for K-rod with some of that SNY/Citifield revenue.

    Until you have a true ace it’s easy to forget how exciting it is to look in the team’s schedule and see that Santana (or Doc Gooden, retire #16 or at least Mets Hall of Fame) are pitching that night.

  2. I’ve never seen anything like this in my life as a baseball fan.The mets have something like 12 relief pitchers and not one of them can get a 1,2,3,out inning. I’m hoping Omar cleans house this off season.

  3. Mike F.: I would rather they spend the $15 million it would take to sign K-Rod and sink it into an overhaul of the pen.-JD

  4. Why not both K-rod and the rest of the bullpen? The Mets will be rolling in money the next few years. They don’t have to spend like the Yanks or Red Sox, but they can’t be frugal either.

    El Duque, Alou, and Pedro are coming off the books.

    How many times will a K-rod come around? Wagner’s done. After two years of terrible bullpen pitching….Mets fans can’t deal with an Ayala at the back of the ‘pen.

  5. I’m not a fan of K-Rod. Violent delivery, 3 mph lost off his fastball, his slider isn’t sliding as much. Yes, he’s getting a bunch of saves. Rarely are his outings of the 1-2-3 variety. Watch closely. It’s going to cost a ton of money. They are going to need a starter if they don’t resign Ollie and even if they do , they still might need one. The bullpen from year to year is a crap shoot anyway.

  6. Billy Wagner: 27 saves, 7 blown
    K-Rod: 59 saves, 7 blown

    lost 3 miles per hour, but still managed to save the most games in history. more importantly he’s a winner. the angels have always been good since he came up and dominated for them in the playoffs a few years ago.

  7. Bottomline: his job is to save games and he’s done it very well.

    Stats don’t matter when you are doing your job so well.

  8. Frozen Rope: I don’t see the Mets being frugal, but I also don’t see them sinking in $15 million (that’s the sexy figure now) for a closer considering they are on the books to Wagner for $11 million.

    They will spend for the following:

    1. Delgado: It seems they’ll pick up his option for $16 million.
    2. Pedro: If he comes back it will be as a spring training invitee.
    3. Perez: They’ll spend for him or to replace him.
    4. Wagner: They are paying out the $11 million already and won’t get a pitch from him. They need a closer.
    5. Overhauling the pen.
    6. Possibly eating Castillo’s contract, and if not, paying for what figures to be little production.

    There are plenty of holes. That’s why I don’t see them spending all that on F-Rod.-JD

  9. They still have a hole in left field if they move Murphy to 2nd. A right handed power bat for LF would be nice. They will also need a younger more athletic bench.

  10. FR: but the point is that the signs are that K-Rod will not continue to be the same pitcher he has been in his previous years. Do you sink $15 mil per year into a guy like that? Pretty steep if you ask me.

  11. Fair points across the board.

    I just look at the most successful team the last decade…who win most years and it’s the yanks (mariano), red sox (papelbon), and the angels (f-rod).

    i really think the braves would have won 3 or 4 titles with a closer.

  12. JD: I thought Delgado’s option was only 16 million IF he wins the NL MVP, NLCS MVP AND World Series MVP, otherwise it’s 12 million with a 4 million buyout, theoretically, it will only cost the mets 8 million to pick it up.