A couple of questions to ponder

-Damion Easley’s quad isn’t getting any better. He could be lost for the season. Who do you want to see play the rest of the way, Argenis Reyes or Luis Castillo?

-Fernando Tatis has a Grade 3 shoulder separation. The Mets are saying with rest and rehab he might be available in three weeks. That would be the NLCS. Would you take your chances with a gimpy Tatis or keep somebody like Nick Evans on the playoff roster?

5 thoughts on “A couple of questions to ponder

  1. I’d like to see Omar bring Felix Millan out of retirement. Solid defense, good #2 hitter and a great mustache. I wouldn’t let his age get in the way of this — and neither would Omar.

  2. There’s no way that a gimpy Fernando Tatis should be considered for a playoff roster spot. As much as he’s done for the Mets this year, it would be too big a risk.

    It doesn’t seem likely that Tatis will be 100% by the time the playoffs begin, and it will have been at least three weeks since he’s seen live pitching. Even though Nick Evans is a rookie, he’s a safer choice.

    As far as the Reyes/Castillo situation goes, I don’t have a clear preference.

    Reyes has a slight edge because he doesn’t have as many health issues, but I think I’d try to give them both playing time down the stretch.

  3. They need to go with the combo of Evans and Murphy at this point Tatis in 3 weeks would not be sharp. If they make it that far in ot the playoffs then they need to play the players who got them to that point. At second base I would like them to go with some better defense the last time that I saw Castillo play he look real slow in the field.