Mets Chat Room: Santana goes for the split.

Johan Santana pitches tonight for the split at Washington. After last night’s game, Jerry Manuel said his expectations for Santana were to go 170 pitches. He was joking, but after sending out seven relievers last night you had to wonder if there wasn’t a grain of truth to what he was saying.

We all know about how Santana has been shortchanged by his teammates this season, both in run support and bullpen help.

He really does need to get at least into the eighth inning tonight. Nine would be even better.

Luis Ayala closed last night. It’s probably a good assumption to think the same tonight.

188 thoughts on “Mets Chat Room: Santana goes for the split.

  1. It appears the battle for the wild card will be which bull pen is worse, the Mets or the Brewers. The Brewers had a 6-2 lead today against the cubs with two outs in the ninth and lost the game in extra innings 7-6, ouch.

  2. Do you remember the milquetoast quote by David Wright the other night? I like this one from Carlos Beltran a lot more: “We’re approaching these games like playoff games, because they are playoff games. There’s no more options for us. Basically, every game counts.”-JD

  3. JD: David Wright, I’m convinced, is going through early dementia. Hopefully, the condition will fade.

  4. I’ve always had an unjustifiable “hate” for the Brewers. Again, there was no reason for it so don’t ask me why but it sure feels good to have a reason to do it.
    Brewers begin a three game series against the Reds this weekend, who have won 9 out of thier last 12 games.
    Go Reds!

    Geo Soto is an animal. So who’s the rookie of the year in the NL, Soto or Volquez of the Reds?

  5. WFAN: The Mets released Al Reyes today.
    Seems very dumb to me.
    We need all the help in the bullpen we can get and he never even got to throw a pitch in a game?

  6. tomg add to that in extra innings they had runners on 2nd and 3rd no outs and failed to score a run

  7. I cannot believe David Wright.
    I just can’t.
    He is bcoming absolutely useless at the plate.

  8. Scott: We are making progress in an in-game chat room (streaming chat). It’s a software thing. Please be patient.-JD

  9. There’s no excuse for them not coming out of this inning with two runs. Simply terrible. But, who’s really surprised? They’ve done this all year.-JD

  10. That was atrocious.
    The first two men do their jobs and get on with nobody out and the 3,4 and 5 hitters can’t even muster a fly ball, or even a groundout to get that run home?

  11. Scott: I haven’t figured out how I’ll do the offseason. Obviously I’ll post regularly. But, would a chat room a few times in the evening be something you guys would be interested in? I’ll do it if there’s interest.-JD

  12. David Wright should be dropped to eighth in the order. At this point, I’d rather see anyone else on the team at bat in a run producing situation.

  13. Gil: You surprised? Santana is pitching. They aren’t supposed to score with him on the mound._JD

  14. I’ve seen guys in slumps before, but not since 1982, with George Foster have I seen such a prolonged slump by a Met hitter who does exactly the same thing as D-Wright is doing, stiking out swinging.
    But at least Foster was striking out on breaking pitches. Wright can’t even catch up with fastballs.

  15. john: i’m an xm listener, so i’m all about baseball 365 days a year. there are some months that baseball talk is a little forced, cause nothing much has happened, but there are some very interesting times where the baseball talks amplify around owner’s meetings, etc. not sure how you could have streaming chat on a regular basis, unless you gather lots of email addresses from interested people so you can announce times of chats during particularly active baseball talk time…talk about trades, rumors etc. keep me posted.

  16. Gil: Not happy with the Golden Boy? He went into the game 0-for-13 in this series. I can’t tell you how many guys he’s left on base in that span. But, for the month so far he’s hitting .304 with a .355 on-base percentage, and 11 RBI in 14 games. So, he hasn’t been a total bust down the stretch.-JD

  17. Move Schenider into the No. 3 hole.
    At least he can get stuff done with a bat in his hands.

  18. don’t know about moving schneider into the 3 hole, but with a righty on the mound he should probably be batting 7th.

  19. JD: Take away that 4-for-4 game and what else has Wright done in September? Nothing.
    I mean look at Johan.
    Even he gets good wood on the ball.
    All I was asking for from Wright is a measly fly ball or a ground out.

  20. i think the report kevin burkhardt filed earlier in the week is proving true. reyes wasn’t going into a september swoon, he was just having trouble batting from the right side.

    so far he’s been great the last two games batting lefty.

  21. Gil: Eleven RBI in 14 games is a good ratio. Sure, he’s looking bad right now, but who would you rather have play third right now for them?-JD

  22. Not a bad play there, with Reyes running, as you’ll have Murphy leading off the next inning, then a strikeout, then Delgado and Beltran.

  23. john, i hate to ask a question that might seem stupid, but if reyes is more comfortable hitting from the left side of the plate, where is it written that he (or any player at all) has to hit righty against a lefty pitcher? why can’t he still hit from the left side? i don’t really get the lefty righty thing all that much. don’t players EVER stay on the comfortable side of the plate against a similar pitcher?

  24. Based on the way Wright nonchalanted that ball last night in the Nats’ ninth and mailed in the throw, his making delusional comments about losing tough games in September being fun and his not hitting a damn thing, I’d sit his ass on the bench for one game and give Murphy a game at third.
    Or, at least drop him down in the order, to seventh and move Beltran into the third hole.

  25. Scott: It’s not a stupid question. I forget, but I think it might have been Beltran who hit from same side against righties and lefties, but it was to compensate for an injury. Unless it is a force of habit, I don’t think there’s any harm in trying.-JD

  26. JD: I’d say my being relentless on Wright is fair–he’s being relentless in frustrating me.

  27. Gil –

    while i understand your frustration with how dwright is performing right now, i would hope you might be able to cut him some slack. it’s not like he’s aaron heilman.

    i think, especially given both his performance and willingness to stand and answer the tough questions last september (his comments the other night aside), that he is if nothing else at least one player who wants to win just as badly as the fans.

    and i’d be willing to bet that before the season is over he will be producing in big spots.

  28. alex: It’s unfair any other human being on the planet to Aaron Heilman.
    But as for D-Wright, I’m hard on him because I expect a lot from him — because his past successes created those expectations.
    This is the time of year when the great players separate themselves from the very good. When the greats rise to the occasion and find something deep down within themselves.
    And until Wright steps up his game, he will continue to be a very good player.

  29. That pitch looked low and outside. If so, he should have taken it the opposite way. That’s what he did over the weekend.-JD

  30. Gil – sorry I can’t contact you without the email – John?

    I’m sort of lurking around here while watching the last days of Yankee stadium – sorry, but it was my first stadium and lots of Daddy memories are there.

    Glad the Mets are turning things around, I have a lot of faith in Santana – Jerry should just leave him in for the whole game this time.

  31. Gil –

    fair enough, and agreed on the expectations being higher for wright since his past performance has raised our expectations. but to suggest that we would be better right now with him out of the line up, i think, is incorrect.

    yes, he’s pressing. yes, he’s struggling. but he’ll find his way out of it. just like you have raised expectations based on his past performance…his past performance suggests he’ll once again find his stroke, and it will probably be sooner rather than later.

  32. john, so why doesn’t anyone ever do that? i can’t imagine why a batter would switch to a less comfortable or less natural batting position just to accommodate a pitcher. other than the beltran situation you mentioned where he was injured, doesn’t anybody ever ignore that silly rule and bat from their comfortable position? if the mets face a lefty, does reyes actually have that option to (and has he ever) swing lefty or would it be looked upon as a bad move?

  33. Look at Carlos Beltran and Ryan Church.
    They just stepped up their game with two outs.
    Why has Wright been rendered incapable of doing the same thing?

  34. Scott: I think they don’t because of habit. And, a switch hitter can bat from any side against anybody.-JD

  35. Uh… why the hell was Al Reyes released? If they wanted to release someone for the point of releasing someone why is Aaron Heilman on this team?

  36. I left work literally with 2 outs in the bottom of the 9th with no one on for the Cubs. Got home to see the game in the 11th and couldn’t believe my eyes. After the Brewers lost, I thought the same exact thing Gary just alluded to, “how can the brewers possibly recover from this?” Then again, I’ve thought the same thing about our metsies about 70+ times this season. Although with bad news about Sheets arm, the rumors of CC building a house in Arizona and today’s brutal loss, let’s pray the Brewers continue through with their “c word.”

  37. Gil and Bob: C’mon … no way they’ll release Heilman when there’s a chance they can trade him in the offseason.-JD

  38. The Brewers have had a couple of those this season. They aren’t done, but I like the Mets’ chances a whole lot better now.-JD

  39. JD… trade him!?!?! Please I’ll personally go to DICKS SPORTING GOODS right now and purchase a case of baseballs…24~$50 and fed ex overnight them to the Mets if they will cut him tonight. For that’s all that will return them for the services of that useless bum!

  40. JD,

    I agree and was about to post the same thing for as much as he “sucks” he will have value to someone. No point releasing him

  41. Bob: Heilman wants to be a starter and there’s bound to be a team to give him that chance. His value has diminished, but I think you can get more than a case of balls. They have to be able to get a pine tar rag and rosin bag, too.-JD

  42. I’m at the game…..typing this from my iPhone……two rows behind mets dugout in section 117……literally 8 feet way from jerry manuel right behind him…….beltran foul ball in the first inning hit me in the hand and bounced off to the woman in front of me…..I’m in heaven

  43. David: He did. Wright will get a hit tonight. And, he’ll go deep over the weekend in Atlanta.-JD

  44. Gil
    Been reading your comments on Wright.
    His hitting problems have been this way most of the season. He is beating up on lefties and not doing so well against righties. For most of the season righties have been pitching him hard inside and he has been over compinsating and becoming much more of a pull hitter. Kieth has been talking about this all year. I see no way this is going to change this season.
    I know it tough to watch but it is not going to change now.

  45. JD- another game, another pitching change in the 3rd/4th inning for the Nats. does acta have an ax to grind? the Nats seem to treat these games as game 7 of the WS every night

  46. I’d rather Wright get on with a cheap hit than line out to third.
    All my criticisms of Wright said, I want him to prove my assertion wrong that he hasn’t yet proven he’s a great player.
    When I think of great Mets of the past and how they manned up in the clutch, I think first of Gary Carter and Keith Hernandez.

  47. JD- i was there last night , are you up in the press box? they seem very very high up compared to other newer parks

  48. Scott: And until Wright makes that adjustment, he’ll remain a very good, but not great player. The greats make those kinds of adjustments.

  49. Jim: The DC press box is one of the highest in the league. St. Louis and Pittsburgh are also up there. It’s almost like you’re as high as the Washington Monument. Probably not, but it feels that way.-JD

  50. Supposedly Manuel said before the game that Heilman would be on the playoff roster if he was deciding today. I rather see Parnell thrown to the October wolves than let Heilman throw a single pitch in that month. Please someone tell me how you can justify this?

  51. Gil: In the interest of fairness, last September, when everything was falling apart, Wright hit .352 with a .432 on-base percentage, six homers, 20 RBI and 15 extra-base hits.-JD

  52. Get em On, Get em Over, Get Em In. Is that the mets playing fundamental baseball.

    as for the playoff roster no way parenell is anywhere near it unless he gets some serious action down the stretch. Lets be real here.

  53. Gil – I have to agree with you about Keith when he was “Mex the Field General” those guys moved. I didn’t think Gary was clutch, but he was an OK catcher.

  54. JD.. great response about the rosin bag and pine tar. The press box is high in DC and their camera are awful! You think every pop up has a chance to go out, hard to watch these games on TV. Wow… Argenis Reyes is on base? Unfortunately for him his OBP didn’t rise from that at bat.

  55. JM: The justification is Heilman is a veteran who has pitched well in the past while Parnell is raw. The hope is Heilman may find it. Not saying it is right, but that’s the way it is.-JD

  56. Gil
    you need to look at Wright’s career numbers at the same age in comparison to Carter and Hernandez. Wright is well on the way to a HOF career.
    I do not think it fair to compare Wright at 25 to Carter and Hernandez when they played for the Mets they were much older and more experienced.
    You views on Wright are starting to sound like Met fans who think Beltran is overrated.

  57. John,
    would you agree that this lineup is one they should stick with? reyes murphy wright delgado beltran church reyes schneider…the top six are quite lethal. the only weak link is a. reyes.

  58. They always send some guys who aren’t on the postseason roster to PSL to work out in case they are needed for the next round because of an injury. Parnell could be one of those guys.-JD

  59. Mets are cruising through 5…we all know how TERRIBLE the pen is, but think about this. Take Johan out after 6 and bring him back on 4 days rest, giving the mets the ability to skip Pedro. I think the Pen could hold on for 4 innings (not sure why) and I think Johan would be more than game to pitch on short rest.

  60. Seriously, this Wright bashing needs to end. It’s true that he hasn’t hit well ALL season w/ RISP, but like JD pointed out, this guy has been pretty clutch for most of his career. Sometimes a guy has a down year; I expect him to be around .300 w/ RISP next season, right around his career average.

  61. meant to say take him out after 5… now that I think about it, with this bullpen…I think I am an idiot, sorry folks it’s the Sierra Nevada speaking again.

  62. Annie
    Carter was an OK catcher ?
    Carter was a great catcher the best of his generation.
    His knowledge of hitters was a big key to those Mets teams. Remember this was way before all the computers and video that teams have today.
    As a person Carter was a primma donna and still it today.

  63. Bob,

    Id love to agree with you but i just cant at this point in the season you need to nail down the wins you cant and i trust nothing in the bullpens hand

  64. Kevin: Yes and no. I’d like to see Murphy in there all the time because he’s shown good plate presence. … The Mets’ most productive lineup had Beltran hitting third, Delgado fourth and Wright fifth. That’s how they should go, with Church hitting sixth.-JD

  65. Bob, the Mets won’t do that, but it’s not a bad idea. I love Pedro, but he makes me nervous against decent hitting squads.

  66. Annie, I know, I know I’m just thinking long term here, trying to make the postseason. I mean you can basically chalk up Pedro for automatic losses at this point (at least he’ll miss the cubs series.) I think we have a better shot of winning this game — bullpen 4 innings with a 7 run lead than Pedro has a shot of winning a game he starts. This way, we win tonight (granted my bullpen idea works) and we can win with Johan on 4 days (not automatic, but 95% better chance than Pedro.) What am I doing trying to argue my original thought after I’ve already conceded it!

  67. My last David Wright comment.
    Enjoy watching the best 3rd baseman you will most likely ever see in a Met uniform.
    He is a once in lifetime player.

  68. Bob:

    I have a rule of 2 with the bullpen. Meaning im assuming the bullpen will give up 2 runs per inning. Therefore by that rational 4 innings means 8 runs hence a 7-0 lead is not enough!

  69. Bob: It really isn’t a bad idea, but we saw how the Nationals came back last night. No tinkering with this pen.-JD

  70. Got the MLBTV feed running, Howard up with Werth on first. Error by Chipper Jones put Werth on, he even ran left after crossing the bag instead of right, but Kotchman foolishly didn’t take him. Howard up… GULP… if he makes contact, it’s gone.

  71. John did they show you the location of the press box at Citi-Field. I hope it will be better than where they have you in DC.

  72. John,
    another hit for Daniel Murphy. What do you think his role will be in 2009? If he could play second, that would be great. He couldn’t be worse than Uggla with the glove, could he?

  73. I wasn’t on the computer last night, but how great was Keith’s line in reference to video games:

    “I like the kind where you can kill things.”

    Gary (with much laughter): Kill THINGS? What do you mean by THINGS?


    Gary: Keith?


    Gary: Would you care to elaborate?

    Keith: No.

    Felt like something out of Seinfeld.

    GOT DAMN BURREL! Well, at least the Brew Crew lost.

  74. Did anyone take an over under on how many relievers the Mets will use tonight ?
    My guess is 4.

  75. Scott: I wish my sportsbook had that prop, I’d take the over on every non-Johan night. If I lost the bet, so be it, I’d still be happy they didn’t use 5+ in a night.

  76. Bob
    Give Vegas time. Maybe they will do it next year.

    Burrel finally wakes up. Has 2 weeks to start his salary drive for a new contract.

  77. JD: You can’t justify Heilman being on the Mets roster, much less any post-season roster.
    As for fairness toward Wright, what’d he do in the 2006 NLCS? Not much.
    Annie (and JD, please hook us up!): Sorry, but Carter was an outstanding catcher. And in the ’86, he would’ve had 10 RBIs and been the likely MVP of it if Hernandez had safely reached second base on that bloop that landed in front of Dwight Evans that tied Game 7.
    Think about his clutch hits in the ’86 post-season:
    *He came out of a 1-21 slump to win NLCS Game 5 with an extra-inning walkoff single
    *He smacked two homers in Game 4 of the WS
    *He tied Game 6 with a sac fly and started the miracle comeback rally in extra innings in the same game.
    *His bloop fielder’s choice ended up tying the game.
    Scott: Yes, Wrght is the best third-baseman in Mets history, but who else has been that great there? HoJo, who had two corked bat 30-30 seasons? Wright has many more years to go to earn his way into Hall of Fame status.

  78. Utley just made a hell of a play to save a run. He is so inconsistent defensively, he has more errors than Uggla, yet flashes the leather in the tightest spots.

  79. Kevin: I’d send Murphy to Arizona to play second in the fall league. I don’t think Castillo will turn it around. They should just resign themselves to do what they can to get rid of him and move on.-JD

  80. You know the problem when defining players as clutch is we remember moments and we categorize players as clucth or chokers based on those moments. Unfortunately those moments dont really tell the whole story. While Carter was big in those spots that Gil mentions he was 18-83 as met in the postseason is that Clutch?

  81. Gill
    Kieth and Gary were 32 in 86. Wright is only 25.
    Robin Ventura had a nice couple of years here before injuries got to him.

  82. Wayne Hagin on Al Reyes: “He would tell you that his elbow never got right. He lost too much velocity on his fastball. he had a nice little slider, but he needed a fastball to go with it.”

  83. Why did this bootleg FHA government insured loans faux newscast take Guiseppe’s spot? A lot less entertaining although she does have the mole to match Beltran’s!

  84. David
    To take your point further.
    Tom Seaver’s post season records are not very good. I dare anyone call him a choker.

  85. Hagin is also predicting superstardom for Josh Anderson. I wonder what it’s like to live in his world. Probably very cloudy…with little mice running around in the corners.

  86. OK, Let’s knock off the criticism of Hagin and Howie – those guys bring the picture of the game to a lot of Mets fans, including me. I think they are terrific.

  87. Changing the subject.
    Any feelings on the Mets opening Citi Field
    with a night game.
    I see lots of Jack Daniels making it out to the park on opening night.

  88. Really? I can’t think of any time where Hagin’s words have matched the action taking place before him. He seems unable to paint the word picture that triggers the visual in the mind’s eye.

  89. Seaver’s post-season numbers not good?
    Then the numbers are lying.
    He pitched a 10-inning complete game win in ’69, won the deciding NLCS Game 5 in ’73 and in the ’73 WS held the A’s to one run in a no-decision, then pitched sick on three days’ rest and lost.

  90. Tiffany
    I never said Seaver was not good in the post season but some look at his 1 -2 record in the world series and try to diminish how good he was.

  91. Scott: Don’t like the idea. It should be a festive day. It’s likely to be damn cold and miserable.-JD

  92. HERE WE GO AGAIN! That was CLEARLY an error on Jimmy Rollins, the ball was in his glove, he lifted his head and it popped out. Just great. C’mon Johan and C’mon BRAVES!

  93. He should have never pitched on three days rest, Gil. You throw the well-rested Matlack in Game Six and have Seaver waiting in the wings for Game Seven, if needed. Yogi should have stuck to what he did best: Draping it across the post-game buffet table.

  94. Being lost in all our comments tonight is how GREAT a game Johan Santana is pitching.
    Talk about a clutch performance and talk about an ace, Johan has more than filled the bill all season.
    If the bullpen hadn’t blown seven games for him to this point, he might be going for his 20th win tonight.

  95. Gil – I’m not missing the Santana performance – I have to keep telling Bob that Santana needs to have a complete game.

    Another great pitcher is working for the Yankees tonight – Mike Mussina is going for his 18th and the Yankees are leading 9-1.

  96. John
    What gets me the most about the first game being at night is that this is the Wilpons and not the league who are creating this.
    The Mets do not want to have opening day on Tuesday and because the Padres travel on Sunday ( and do not have to play a day game the next day by league rules ) The Mets are screwing their fans who will be paying a priemum for the right to freeze thier buts off.
    It does not do any good but I feel better now.

  97. John – I agree about the opening day weather – it’s liable to be raining, sleeting or snowing on April 13. Is it a day game?

  98. Annie
    The Mets announce today opening day will be
    Monday night April 13.
    This is the reason for my rant.

  99. Thanks John –

    I hope he gets 20, too and so does my brother who has followed Mike since the beginning (he lives near Camden Yards/season tickets etc.)

    The Mets bullpen ruined Santana’s chances this year. I may never forgive them.

  100. Annie: Johan needs to get a complete game? For what exactly? His confidence? Lol, the man threw 100+ through 7, you can’t be serious. He should have been taken out after 6, I’m sticking to it.

  101. Smith may be our best relief pitcher and we all wanted him out of town a few months ago. Braves have got 2 chances, 6 outs, to score 1 run. PLEASE??? Larry?

  102. Josh Banks once attended an Orioles game in which Mike Mussina struck out 15 batters. Can you believe it?

  103. Please don’t get on Smith. Regardless what happens here, we were out of this inning! Smith’s strikeout fooled the ump, unreal.

  104. Annie, I love your posts, but you’ll get no love for Mike Mussina or any Yankee for that matter, from me, or many other folks here.

  105. I love watching these games with the 7.1 surround sound. You always hear Jerry getting on the umps, after that last missed call by blue you hear the ump yell, “that’s enough Jerry, it was outside! How many times are you going to ask?”

  106. Bob – Guess you weren’t around in the golden days of pitchers when they rarely left the mound before the game was over.

    Santana is that kind of pitcher.

  107. Well, the braves will have at least a run one deficit against lights out lidge in the 9th. I’d sleep a lot better tonight with a lead in both the division and wild card, don’t get me wrong, after the beginning of the week 1.5games in the wild care will suffice.

  108. Gil: Big Mussina fan here. I covered him for eight years since his rookie year. Good guy.-JD

  109. Annie, no I wasn’t around in those golden days, but c’mon, for Johan to do that realistically tonight he would have had to throw close to if not more than 140 pitches. Do we really need our ace throwing that many pitches when the two biggest starts of his NY Mets career are coming up?

  110. Sorry Gil –

    Dad taught me that you had to have a team in each league because they played different styles of baseball and I could learn more about the game.

    Mussina was an Oriole for a long time – did you dislike him there, too?

  111. John
    Since you know Mussina well.
    Is he a HOF.
    My feeling is unless he gets a 20 win season
    or wins 300 he will fall just short.
    He will be in the Blyleven and Katt category.

  112. Annie: Typically… I agree, thats why I enjoyed seeing Pelfrey & Johan being pushed early this year for their complete games. What you aren’t understanding is it does take a toll on their arms and that is the last thing we need when we have a SLIM wildcard lead and a slim division deficit.

    I may not be from these “golden years” you speak of, but I’m from the years where “having two teams” doesn’t get you taken seriously as a baseball fan. 😉

  113. Annie: You will not make convince me that a complete game in a 7-0 lead with 9 games to go has any relevance whatsoever.

    Anyone notice the PA system playing “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey. Unofficial NY Mets theme song, gotta love it.

  114. This better be Blownweiss’ last batter. I need one relaxing night. Let’s go Braves, 3 outs to go, they can do this! I can’t believe I just said that!

  115. Bob: Sorry, but the 2005 Chicago White Sox claimed the Journey classic and rode it all the way to winning a ring (and the band’s lead singer was even in the ChiSox clubhouse in Houston after WS Game 4, singing the song).

  116. David: Shananigans! Have we watched the same bullpen all year? This bullpen is lights out!

  117. As far as I’m concerned Schoenweis just joined Heilman on the list of relievers who should not see another inning this season (including the post-season if there is one). Absolutely pathetic.

    And I see Feliciano is up to his old tricks of throwing balls again.

  118. I just noticed that Schoenweis left the mount before the new reliever came on is that something new? I thought Manuel wanted them to hang to hand over the ball.

  119. Wow.
    Didn’t have to pick up the Maalox tonight.
    Nice job tonight, boys.
    But it’s gonna be damn tough in Atlanta, where we haven’t won a game all year.

  120. Sam G. I’ve been trying to figure that out as well over the past month or so. I’ve noticed various starters and relievers staying and/or leaving the mound before the new pitcher comes in. I can’t really put my finger on it for sure, but I feel like it’s a… “stay on the mound if you believe you pitched well” and “leave the mound if you’re disappointed in yourself.” Once again, this is just a hunch, however it’s what I’ve pieced together based on who has stayed/left after each respective performance.

  121. you know what i like about Jerry he will embarass his sorry ass relievers up 5 you let two guys get on in a row i dont care who you are im pulling you. It has to be this way because these guys are so bad

  122. David: I agree wholeheartedly, for moves that like Jerry has shown more in half a season than Willie did 3.5

    Good Fight, Good Night all.

  123. Thanks Howie and Wayne – this one is in the “Good Game Book”

    Tomorrow the Braves, where anything can happen.

  124. The hanging around to give the ball to the reliever isn’t a mandate. Some guys do it and some don’t. It was a good story for awhile, but truth be told, with all the pitching changes Manuel is making it would look rather silly.-JD

  125. JD, I just went to that “other blog” to see how it’s been holding up, well, they’ve had 10 comments since Sept. 16th, whereas you had more than that in this thread before the first pitch. Congrats, all your faithful readers have made the move with you. Thanks for allowing us the opportunity.

    Random note… got any idea who the reporter is that uses an iphone as their microphone? Just saw this during Church’s interview, curious as to what App he’s using.

  126. Bob: The only reason this blog is up is because of those readers who asked me to continue. I felt if there were people who wanted to read my work, then I felt obligated to give it to them, even at my own expense. The blog became important to me and I wanted to continue for you guys. I hope I can keep this going for awhile. … Meanwhile, the other site? I went there as a guest to say goodbye, but haven’t been back. I’ve heard the comparison in comments, etc. Well, they obviously knew what they were doing.-JD