About Last Night ….

It is too late in the season to say “they won, that’s good.”

They had better win from here on out if they expect to see October. They did what they were supposed to do, which is beat an inferior team to keep pace in a pennant race. No kudos for that.

I wrote yesterday the offense needed to wake up to support Brandon Knight, which is what happened. Knight didn’t pitch badly, but needing seven relievers to close the deal is not a good sign.

A lot of heat directed at David Wright last night, but relax, he’ll be fine. You can tell watching him at the plate that he’s trying too hard. I believe Wright is too good a player to get consumed by the pressure. He will break out of it.

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  1. Ok fine, alot of heat directed at David Wright and people should take it easy.
    Aaron Heilman on the other hand does not get ENOUGH heat.
    Aaron Heilman can NOT pitch on the mound for the Mets anymore. Thats it. No mas!

  2. I think Benny that Wright’s comments the other night really pissed people off. After losing 2 in a row he sounded like an idiot with those comments. There are times he needs to shut up and let somebody else talk.
    As for Heilman, the only one who doesn’t agree you appears to Manuel.
    I’ll be off to DC soon so you guys have fun screaming tonight!

  3. By the way, mathematically the Mets still do control their own destiny- they are still tied with Philly in the loss column, meaning if it stays that way and the wild card goes to the NL East, then the Mets win the division via the head-to-head tiebreaker.

  4. I also don’t think Knight should be described as not pitching badly. He left the bases loaded for a bullpen that can’t buy an out with a billion dollars.

    He gassed in the 6th.

    You could call it either way. He didn’t have the grit to get that final out, or, Manuel blew it by not recognizing he was gassed sooner.

    Either way you’re spot on you shouldn’t need 8 pitchers in 9 innings to eek out a win after you’re up 6 to 1. It’s going to be crazy down this final stretch.

    One potentially saving grace is they have played 1 less than Philly right now. Let’s hope that ends up as the .5 game they need to take the division.

  5. Some people last night said Wright is a choker. Last September he was about the only Met who didnt choke. He WILL be alright. I am waiting for the Mets to put Castillo back at 2nd base and hitting second. Church 6th and Murphy 7th. Bottom of the order now reminds me of the Grote, Harrelson, Picher automatic outs of the 7os.

  6. DWright has had some pretty big swings this yr.. for a strethc he looks great, then he looks terrible. he will heat up
    part 1 of my prediction was correct last night with the mets winning a slug fest so hopefully johan pitches a gem tonight and the mets win tonight too and my prediction is fully correct

  7. i was at the game last night and jerry manuel waved to the crowd and seemed very loose, dwright seems to be trying to crush the ball with every swing but i have faith in him and the guys. beltran looked smooth and relaxed. team looks so much better with reyes hitting early

  8. Wright’s problems arise when he tries to act like he’s an HR hitter and not just simply a “hitter” who is normally good at hitting to all fields and is good at controlling the bat. It’s also no coincidence that he’s falling back into this habit when the heat is on…he needs to shutup and stop making cornball comments and just start playing. He wants to talk about “people not letting them fail” but he’s clearly doing the opposite right now

  9. Ray,

    Beg to differ.

    Last year, Wright, Reyes & Delgado were all pretty much invisible down the stretch. The offense was carried by Beltran & Alou.

  10. Charlie, You made me go look up the stats. Sept-Oct 2007 you have Beltran .282,8,27 Alou .402,4,18 and Wright .352,6 and 20 rbi.
    As a matter of fact, All the regulars except Reyes had good numbers. Just goes to show how putrid the pitching was down the stretch.

  11. Ray: I’d gladly take Grote/Harrelson/pitcher 7, 8, 9 if it meant that I would have Seaver, Koosman, Ryan, and Gentry be my starting four! lol

  12. Steve, I dont think we will ever see a staff like that again. Matlack and Mcgraw were pretty good too. Unfortunately, as we saw last night, this team needs as much offense as it can get.

  13. Ivan: Unfortunately, there is no head to head tiebreaker. If the mets and phils are tied at the end of the season they play a one game playoff at CBP (phillies won the coin flip) this isn’t football.

  14. They play the one game playoff if the wild card comes from outside the East. After 162 if the Mets and Phils are tied, but one of them finished ahead of Milwaukee/Houston/etc.. for the wild card, the Mets get the division.


    “The coin flips do not address two other possible scenarios: Three-way ties, and ties involving two teams from the same division already assured of postseason participation.

    In the latter event, the first tiebreaker would be the head-to-head regular-season series between the teams to determine which club is the Division Champion and which club is the Wild Card. That most recently played out in 2005, when the Red Sox and Yankees finished atop the AL East with identical 95-67 records and the Bombers were declared division champs for their 10-9 edge over Boston.”

  15. I don’t think Wright’s problem is that he’s trying too hard; rather, it’s the same problem he’s had all year: He’s pulling off the ball against RHP. Instead of staying back and going to rightfield, he’s trying to pull everything. It works against lefties, but makes him vulnerable against righties. He’s getting beat on fastballs against righties because he thinks he needs to pull them. It’s been a year-long regression that I don’t think will be fixed over the next two weeks.

  16. Ray – last night, I was one of the one’s calling D Wright a choker….but I wasn’t even talking about his at bats. The throw in the 9th was beyond horrific. Last September, he did the same exact thing – being very tentative throwing the ball to 1B and cost the Mets huge in many games…This needs to stop tonight and the freakin’ guy, IMO, has got to start hitting with RISP.

  17. Chili – No doubt. We all expect more from David. It was his first error in 36 games, so I will give him a pass. I dont like to see this Drod garbage showing up, though. Why do mets fans eat thier own?

  18. Tiffany: In writing “he’s trying too hard,” I was trying to imply he was being over anxious. When a player does this he tries to pull everything. You said it better.-JD