Some perspective on Tatis

This quote from Jerry Manuel on Fernando Tatis is surprising: “”When we lose Tatis, we definitely have to reassess where we are offensively.”


He came out of nowhere and had a good season, but the truth is he is a role player. He was part of a platoon. You reassess with a full time starter.

The Mets will miss Tatis, and the cynic in me says they’ll do so because the Big Three has stopped hitting. Losing Tatis should mean more Daniel Murphy, and hopefully that will include against lefty pitchers.

There was a spark to the offense with Murphy batting second that has gone. The Mets need that back.

As far as Tatis is concerned, he gave the Mets more than they could have hoped for when they signed him and he deserves to be brought back.

Tatis separated his shoulder trying to make a diving catch on pitcher Odalis Perez’s double. He is gone for the remainder of the season and that includes the playoffs.

“He’s done,” Manuel said. “That’s very discouraging, to lose a big piece of where we are and what we’ve accomplished so far.”

Tatis hit .297 with 11 home runs and 47 RBI filling in for Moises Alou and Ryan Church.

Alou, by the way, hasn’t said anything about retirement.

11 thoughts on “Some perspective on Tatis

  1. Wherever he came from, he still was a big part of this team, especially when Church was MIA.

    That does force them to look at the offense, as Tatis is no longer an option.

    I vote for more Daniel Murphy.

  2. Reassess where we are offensively????? That is a scary comment isnt it JD? The only thing that scares me about losing Tatis is that Robinson Cancel has a more important role as a PH! That my friends is scary for any team trying to win a division title…..

  3. The important stats are the .369 OBP and the .484 slugging. These numbers make Tatis a virtual offensive clone of Carlos Beltran in 2008.

  4. As I saw it Tatis was a power threat which lengthen the offense… Church, Beltran, Delgado, Wright, Tatis… was a daunghting task when all were hitting – who do you pitch around….

    They will have to re-assess because however replaces Tatis wont be a power threat..

    I think we see castillo back in the two hole because he’s a productive out, with Church below Delgado and Murph/Evans between Church and the catcher…

  5. I think moving castillo is the necessary move here. I think tonight is the night the Mets rebound. I’ll be at the game and hope to see reyes get on early and often. an early lead would be HUGE.

  6. reyes
    is what i expect to see

  7. Tatis had contributed a lot to this team. Its definitely a significant loss. Not that I necessarily expected him to continue to play as well as he had.

  8. Projected over a full season, Tatis’ numbers are around 20 HRs and 100 Rbi. Beltran clone, indeed.

  9. the Mets will miss tatis but this might get the Mets to start Murphy more and see what he can do against a lefty. That will take care of the 2 spot in the line up and make the bottom stronger with Church moving down in the line up.