In case you were wondering ….

Aaron Heilman wants to be a starter and the Mets needed a starter for tonight. They came up with Brandon Knight.

Why not finally give Heilman his shot?

Well, for one thing, he hasn’t proven he can get hitters out in one inning, much less five or six. He’s only thrown 1 1/3 innings this month. Obviously, Jerry Manuel has no faith in him, and consequently, Heilman has no faith in himself.

Heilman struggled much of this season and he had one chance to piece together his fragile confidence, and that was when Billy Wagner went down. Manuel gave Heilman a chance to close a game and he blew it. Manuel then pulled the plug on Heilman in the closer role.

You want to crush whatever confidence he had left, and that’s the way to do it.

Anyway, Heilman was good in his role for the Mets, but he never seemed to recover from giving up the homer to Molina in the 2006 NLCS. He said all the right things, but something was missing.

The Mets resisted dealing Heilman the past two winters, but I don’t see that this time around. If they are offered a package they’ll bite. They have to.

7 thoughts on “In case you were wondering ….

  1. Not this season but the Mets have a decision to make, either trade him this offseason or bring him to be a starter.
    No more of this reliever business. The reason the Mets kept him in the bullpen because of how “valuable” he was there. That is no longer the case.
    And I personally think Omar is a smart man so I think one of those two things is going to happen.

  2. Make him a starter? Let him pitch the first three innings of a game then let Johan finish the final 9, that way we can get out of a game clean giving up only 4 runs (granted Johan throws a shutout)

  3. I think that he is done as a Met as well he cant get over the failure of the past year and he just keeps giving up runs and home runs in every game he gets in to. He had his chance with the Mets and a change might just be what the doctor ordered for him.