David Wright speaks ….

I like David Wright, I really do. And, it has nothing to do with him being a good ballplayer. He’s one of the stand-up Mets, a player the writers can always go to when things aren’t going good to get a pulse on things.

Other players hide. Others give nothing answers.

Wright always gives the writers something to work with. Last night, however, I think he whiffed in his comments.

He said: “This is what makes it fun…This is what you work hard for. This is what you prepare for…This is a bump in the road. It doesn’t matter what Philadelphia does. It only matters what the guys in this clubhouse do and we plan on getting the job done. Like I said, we’re gonna see what we’re made of. This is a little bump in the road, and I’m excited moving forward because I think we’ve got a room full of guys who will not allow us to fail.”

A couple of things. First, it does matter what Philadelphia does, and second, that’s more than just a bump in the road. They were knocked out of first place last night and there’s no guarantee they’ll get back there.

He was right about one thing: We will find out what they are made of.

8 thoughts on “David Wright speaks ….

  1. JD- i think the mets are going respond. i like wright’s quotes after the game. mets win in a slugfest tomorrow and johan pitches a gem on thursday! lets go mets! YA GOTTA BELIEVE!

  2. I’ve heard that song and dance before. I’m not buying what David is selling and what he is selling is allot of crap. It’s weird, as soon as this club had 17 games left in the season they forgot how to hit. This is a major choke job.

  3. This season is over. Last year is in their heads. The sooner we realize that, the quicker we’ll be able to get over it. And I really think even though I blame Omar, if the Mets do collapse, Manuel has to go.

  4. On the only positive note from last night, Pelfrey came thru with flying colors. It can only bode well for his future.

  5. we all love this team. and no matter what i will support them, i am going to try and remain positive no matter how hard that is. we are 1st in the WC and only a win back from the phillies. lets play well boys, i got faith in ya
    everybody try to be positive today, the mets are still right in this

  6. I can see what David was trying to do but as you said, he whiffed. That quote was a failure. He sounds like a fool.
    I guess they had a ton of fun last year as well.

  7. I would rather not have him sugarcoat it with the “fun,” and stuff. I want, “we stunk and if we don’t play better soon we’re going to be out of it.”

    Hell, we all know the score. And, last night was no damn bump in the road.-JD

  8. Last week the Phillies went to DC and lost 2 of 3. Beerleaguer posters were calling for a housecleaning of their core players and firing of thier manager. Sound familiar?