About Last Night

So much for team meetings.

As you can plainly see, it’s more than just the bullpen. Yeah, 27 blown saves says a lot, but so does ranking 11th in the league hitting with runners in scoring position. Of course, last night, they didn’t get many runners in scoring position at all.

They still control their own destiny with the wild card, but one more loss can take care of that. That’s what Brandon Knight is there for tonight.

4 thoughts on “About Last Night

  1. Let’s hope the Mets hitters dont get it in their head that they will need to hit 3 run homers every inning. I’d say that a run in the first is almost a must to set the tone!

    JD, your bloggers negativity is wearing off on you! Keep the faith, this franchise has more of a history of AMAZIN’ comebacks than it does with season ending chokes. Let’s keep that thought going for tonight’s game.

    Remember….we call them the Amazin’ Mets for a reason not the Chokin’ Mets!

  2. JD- on a positive note.. i think the mets are going respond. i like wright’s quotes after the game. mets win in a slugfest tomorrow and johan pitches a gem on thursday! lets go mets! YA GOTTA BELIEVE!

  3. The Mets better wake up and come to the park ready to play. They just did not look very sharp. They just need a win to get over this. My question is if the Mets repeat 07 do the fans call for Jerry head like they did with willie.