Team meeting in DC

Jerry Manuel held a team meeting to rally the troops. Really, what can he say? With less than two weeks remaining, if the boys don’t know what is at stake now then they never will.

The bullpen has been a mess all season and they’ve been spotty hitting with runners in scoring position, and that’s still the case.

Actually, I’m tired of hearing “we’re better than this.” Well prove it.

6 thoughts on “Team meeting in DC

  1. At least he’s trying something, taking control making some moves. It might not work but its something. That whole consistency mantra and calm demeanor approach by the former mgr. drove me nuts….

  2. I was a longtime Willie Randolph supporter, but in became obvious he was detached from the team and couldn’t read its pulse.
    Now I welcome Jerry Manuel’s approach. I trust his leadership and if he feels he can help the team by holding a meeting, so be it.
    Yes, the players know what’s at stake, but it helps to have your leader trying to uplift morale. The way the players feel about Jerry, I don’t see how a meeting could hurt.

  3. edfever: Actually, we get a lot of that from Jerry, too. I’ve heard him say a lot that “we’re better than this.”-JD

  4. You’re really unnecessarily cluttering up the MOFO forum. People are making jokes behind your back. Now, I see one just hit the forum. There is no need to make a forum post for every silly little paragraph you come up with. It’s a waste of space and time.

  5. Truthfully, last night’s game was far, far easier to stomach than Sunday and Saturday’s Game 1.
    I’m already over it.
    Of course, the fact I laughed my ass off watching “Clerks II” afterward, on cable, helped.
    Rosario Dawson’s smile and Kevin Smith’s humor was a much-needed tonic. We’re still in first place — though maybe not for long.
    But the Phillies can’t win forever, either. Can they?
    Surely the baseball gods couldn’t be this cruel to subject us to the same crap for two straight years…