Mets in the Afternoon

-Jerry Manuel said John Maine’s role next year will be as a starter and not out of the bullpen. With the possible departures of Pedro Martinez and Oliver Perez, what would you expect him to say?

-Nice job by Robert Parnell last night, but remember there was no pressure. He deserves a chance under the gun.

-Damion Easley’s quad is still not right and he’s several days away from playing in the field. I’m changing my position on Luis Castillo. I said the Mets are trying to give him the at-bats over Argenis Reyes to prepare him for the playoffs. But, there might not be any playoffs and Castillo brings nothing to the table. I’m all for buying out his contract for next year, so why not cut ties now?

15 thoughts on “Mets in the Afternoon

  1. The Mets should cut ties with Castillo he adds nothing to the offense and with him not batting second he just kills the bottom of the order. Play A. Reyes until Easley is ready to play and get a spark form A. Reyes. As for the closer role next season that will take care of itself in the off season the Mets have bigger problems like the Nats and the Fish over the next week.

  2. It doesn’t make sense to “cut ties with him now,” with just two weeks left to play. Yes, he’s taking up a roster space IF they make the playoffs, but they should just bench him and let A.Reyes start everyday. What happens if they cut him now and Argenis gets injured, who plays second? Martinez? Murphy? They need to keep him around until the season ends, but keep him on the pine. Let him pinch run with his wobbly legs, then if they do make it, leave him off the postseason roster.

  3. Mets need to play A Reyes until Easley returns and then try & unload Castillo in the off-season. Also, all this Maine to closer talk needs to stop. The guy has absolutely NO out pitch….everyone just keeps fouling off pitch after pitch. He throws 100 pitches threw 5 innings. No way can he close….

  4. Chill: Easley is out this week. Argenis Reyes can’t hit, but at least he can field a ball and has range. Castillo has none. Hopefully Reyes will get a chance. Totally agree with you on Maine. It’s his biggest problem. What was Parnell hitting on the gun last night? Did he have movement? Does he even have an out pitch? I’m not thrilled with the thought of him being used under pressure situations given he wasn’t really that successful in the minors, but since there is no one else really doing the job, he might as well try.

  5. Agreed on the need to play A Reyes, but Rubin has him in there and hitting 7th!!! And Schneider playing again against the lefty.

    JD- why is Manuel attached to this 1-6? Its not the same when its not Easley hitting 7th and its Schneider against the lefty, where he’s OPSing around .400n (not exaggerated) this yr. Why dont we go Castro 7th, A Reyes 8?

  6. To cut Castillo now is not a very bright idea IMO. I know he is the new whipping boy now that Heilman is being hidden away. Even though he has not been hitting much since coming off the DL, his obp is still .351. Easley is at .324 and A. Reyes is at .277. He is very acrobatic around second base. He doesnt have much range at second and this is the only advantage Reyes has over him. Last night he made a great play to save a couple of runs, he stole a base and was one of the few mets to get a hit. Yes, I still defend Castillo. He is a proven winner with 2 rings. He belongs in the 2 hole, and thats where he can still help the team. He is a slap hitter who takes pitches and gets on base. It annoys me how Mets fans always have to have at least one player to abuse every year.

  7. JD wrote….

    Ouch! Last night was bad on so many levels. Last night was a 2007 flashback. Here’s my thinking on arguably one of the worst losses of the season.

    1. Championship caliber teams don’t lose to teams like the Washington Nationals down the stretch. Not after last season, anyway.

    2. Pedro Martinez pitched better than I thought he would, but you can’t let Anderson Hernandez beat you.

    3. Technically, the bullpen didn’t lose the game, but I have no faith in Duaner Sanchez, a future ex-Met.

    4. Where’s the offense?

    Just bad in so many ways.

    Yes bad JD but I disagree with a lot of what you wrote. First on the comment that you just cant lose to a bad team down the stretch. This is baseball JD where you play 162 games, so its impossible to win every game where you play a worse team. Granted we should take 3 of 4 and that clearly got a lot harder losing the first.

    On the offense being bad last night. Why do we talk about our pitchers shutting down the other team as a positive thing and our team being beat by a good pitching performance as a negative thing. How biased does that sound??? Maybe last night wasnt a bad offensive game and just great pitching by a better than average to good pitcher who we have success against in the past.

    The reason I write these things is because you and many readers talking about last night as a flashback of 2007 is just unfair. Let these guys just play…its amazing how quickly we go from positive thoughts to negative ones. Relax! I would have signed up for a half game lead with a dozen to play in a HEARTBEAT!!!

    One more thought on Castillo. They just have to sit. I would honestly rather see A. Reyes in there with his effort even if he fails completely than watch Castillo in there even if he succeeds. I just hate watching him swing, half-ass it in the field, and that sheisty slap the ball the other way crap, he just makes me sick!

    Lets Go Met’s tonight!

  8. Oh and one more thing JD about “letting Anderson Hernandez beat you”! I disagree, you CAN let Anderson Hernandez beat you because you HAVE to try and get him out. As much as it stings when an ex-Met who did close to nothing on your own team comes back to haunt you, its a bit off to say you can’t let him beat you. You can’t let Zimmermann or Elijah Dukes beat you but Hernandez you can…..

  9. JD- using him in the 7th spot is killing this offense the bottom of the order is 1-2-3… If he’s in the line-up he should hit second which makes him a productive out ( bunt the runner over) while lengthening the order HR threats 3-7.

    even gimpy Castillo hs better hands and range then A. Reyes… A. reyes reminds me of Gotay he got off to a hot offensive start so everybody ignored his defense and once he cooled and was bench everybody still viewed him as the hot hitter… A. Reyes is only hitting .240

    As I said yesterday I might even give ramon Martinez a start….

  10. I wonder if theres a chance they work out a compensation package over the winter due to injuries and let Castillo be on his way….

  11. Righty, Lefty or ambidextrous I’d like to see Murphy back in the lineup. With the crazy stretch of lefties the mets have seen seems like the guys been buried on the bench lately. Murphy works AB’s as good if not better than anyone in the lineup and needs to be in there in my mind.

  12. Manuel was a utility player who was naturally a second basemen and was asked to learn the outfield. He said he struggled as a young player jumping back and forth with the tragectory of the ball, especially after taking grounders then getting a jump on balls in the outfield… this was on SNY one night during the game…

    As long as Murphy is going to play Left I dont think he’ll let him play 2B or Evans at 1B. Next year if the mets commit them to the infield then that will be their position…..

    marlon Anderson has a better chance of returning to 2B would be my guess…

  13. Delgado for MVP: Of course, you can’t win them all, but this time of year you have to beat up on the weak teams. If you can’t beat them, then how can you beat a good team in the playoffs?-JD