Mets Chat Room: Shut up and play edition.

The Mets are putting an awful lot of pressure on Mike Pelfrey tonight in DC. He’s been the Mets’ most improved player all year and they are depending on him to turn things around tonight. He’s proven he can throw a strong seven, but the offense has to take over tonight.

And, they have to score a bunch of runs IMO because I have no faith in whomever comes out of the pen after Pelfrey.

Here’s the lineup, and nice to see Argenis Reyes is in it:

SS Jose Reyes
RF Ryan Church
3B Carlos Beltran
1B Carlos Delgado
LF Fernando Tatis
2B Argenis Reyes
C Brian Schneider
RH Mike Pelfrey

Team meeting today. Yawn. Just shut up and play.

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    Assuming they make the playoffs, Dirty Sanchez and Aaron Heilman should NOT be on the roster. It’d be ballsy but they’re currently not productive. I want to see what Al Reyes can do.

  2. JD…. Mike Francesca was saying on his show today that if the mets do not make the playoffs again this year that one of the 3 of beltran, reyes or wright will have to be moved in the offseason. Do you see this happening? If so who of the 3.

  3. there’s no way any of them are going anywhere.

    if the mets fail to make the playoffs pitching, more specifically the bullpen, will be the culprit.

  4. Ed:

    Is it the mental makeup or a bad bullpen. Sure we can pick at the offense and clutch hitting or whatever we want to call but fact is with a good bullpen this team would no doubt have a better record than even the cubs and noone would be talking nonsense about trading those guys. A bullpen say like 06 when this core ran away wit the division.

  5. Again, these guys are not looking good at the plate, swinging at pitcher’s pitches.
    They look like they’re pressing.

  6. David,

    i didnt say it should happen i said they need to consider it…The pen is a major problem no doubt and Omar sticking with the same group as last year is on him…. But just as many losses have come due to the mets lack of production…

  7. Steve: I don’t see it happening. That’s just something to get the phones to ring. No basis to it at all. Wright and Reyes are the core. Beltran is making a pile of money and has a no-trade. It’s talk radio Steve … it’s entertainment, not information.-JD

  8. Thank You Steve you beat me to the punch. That is the bottom line point. Sure the offense looks bad at times but hell they have 3 guys with 100+ RBI and a leadoff hitter who leads the league in hits. With any type of pen this thing would be over and noone would be talking about the offense.

  9. Steve: If they had a bad pen they would have already clinched. They have 27 blown saves. That’s more than bad.-JD

  10. Is anyone else out there also having this problem: Whatever little things I do to try and bring the team luck — using a certain pen to score the game, wearing a certain shirt or cap, etc., nothing has worked the last couple of days.

  11. Gil: Dont worry I fed my son from his Mets sippy cup tonight i realized i have not done so the last couple nights. So we should be good tonight.

  12. Here’s something to think about with the pen. F-Rod is going to cost maybe $15 million. I don’t think they’ll get him, but even if they do, that won’t solve the pen problem. Most of those 27 blown saves came from the bridge to the closer. Even with F-Rod, there’s major holes in the pen.-JD

  13. David: Got any more lucky sippy cups you can send down South?
    Or even better, have any you can ship to the Mets clubhouse in DC?

  14. I’d force Jose to bunt for a hit next time. I understand 2 outs no one on isnt the right time but lets mix something up here. They need to get something going.

  15. i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again, there are only three people in the mets 08 bullpen (not counting call-ups) who should be in the pen in 09: joe smith, brian stokes, and feliciano.

    everyone else should be traded or released (or maybe in the case of ayala in a new role)

    maybe parnell or kunz can start the year in the pen, but the mets should plan to have them both start the year in AAA.

    that means at minimum 3 new arms in the pen alone this offseason. plus at least 1 new starter.

    so, i also agree that spending $15 mil per for francisco is not worth it or economically efficient if it will limit their ability to fix their other spots.

  16. Lets say we make the playoffs, is it possible Jerry would leave heilman off the postseason roster? Or is it just wishful thinking on my part.

  17. Miy biggest fear i have with the mets pen going into next year is the company line answer of finding a solution from within for next year. I understand that might just be a motivational answer in the thich of a pennant race but if the answer holds any validity. The mets will be in serious trouble next year as well.

  18. Steve: A week ago I would have said wishful thinking, but the month is half over and he’s barely been out there. Wouldn’t be surprised at that.-JD

  19. This team three years in the making with the same core of players do seem to choke when the pressure is on. I think Mike Francesca was talking about changing the core players on the Mets because this will be three years in a row that the Mets choked. I admit the reason is the bull pen. Omar should focus on starting pitching and relief pitchers for the 09 season. That is what the Mets are lacking.

  20. David: I don’t have a problem with them looking for answers from within. The problem is you know not all of them are going to come through. It never happens that way.-JD

  21. i think that line about finding a solution from within was in regards to the closer, not the entire pen.

    which is mostly because, generally speaking, closers are overrated and overpaid.

    it doesn’t make sense to spend $15 mil on one guy to pitch one inning, when you could use that same $15 mil on 3 guys.

  22. alex:

    i agree but having a legitimate guy for the 9th makes the rest of the solution that much easier. Im not saying blow the whole bank on 1 guy. But they need a legitimate guy.

  23. Why does this just feel like last year all over again? Phillies can’t lose… Mets bats struggling against lower-tier teams; the bullpen blowing up.

    It’s unbelievable this fan base is enduring this 2 years in a row.

    I have to agree with the posters above… there’s something about the mental makeup of this team versus the Phillies. The Phillies always seem to turn it on when it really matters… the Mets fade away.

  24. Alex: I think Wagner was legit. He had a bad stretch. But, I have more faith in Wagner than anybody else they’ve used. Wagner blew seven save opportunities, which averaged out to little over one a month. Trouble is he blew them in bunches, which obscured the perception of him.-JD

  25. Alex: I believe he had 7 1 more than K-Rod. Either way i would of much rather seen the mets go into this final month with Wagner that the patchwork pen.

  26. I’m sorry but if this isn’t a choke job I don’t know what is, Perez blows and the Met hitters are making him look like Sandy Koufax.
    It’s more like the met hitters are in a fog.

  27. This sucks.
    Second time through the order and we can’t do a damn thing against this guy.
    Meanwhile the Phillies have strafed John Parr for 3 runs and 7 hits through 3 innings.

  28. 2 men on in the Phillies vs Braves game.
    I am cheering on Chipper Jones… unbelievable

  29. wagner may have been legit – but to be honest i didn’t have a lot of confidence in his being able to close out a game in a pressure spot.

    there are plenty of good closers in the league who aren’t being paid $ 10+ mil for the year.

    closing is a mentality.

    i think the problem with the mets pen is that it’s all a bunch of the same pitcher (with the exceptions i named – who are 2 specialists and stokes).

    and that is guys who have average fastballs and a change up.

    nobody who comes in with filthy swing and miss pitches, who just pounds the zone knowing that their stuff is better than the guy holding the bat.

  30. and my other point on wagner was that the majority of the meltdowns are coming before wagner would even be on the mound.

    so great, maybe wagner closes out the game on sunday vs the braves.

    but the money may be better spent to make sure the 7th and 8th inning are covered by quality arms rather than retreads, the never recovered infirmed, or failed starters with no confidence.

    basically i’d rather have 3 $5mil guys then 1 $15 mil guy in the pen at the end of the game.

  31. no, i didn’t doubt wagner’s mentality either.

    but his stuff had diminished from when he was elite, and he wasn’t able to adjust.

    hitters had started to lay off the sliders because they could spot it coming. since he lost a few mph off the fastball, they didn’t have to start their swing as early.

  32. Alex – that’s a great point.

    Getting 3 $5mil guys would be much better than 1 guy for $15m, but the thing is – where do you find these guys?

    We are paying Schoensuck about 3m a year and he blows… I fear that relief pitchers are just so unpredictable year to year.

  33. yes, relief pitchers are unpredictable year to year…

    which is why you don’t sign them to long term contracts.

    i would have had no problem signing schoe for 1 of those years. the worst part about his contract is that it came on the heals of minaya saying he didn’t want to give bradford a multi year deal.

  34. Mackey Sasser,
    “I fear that relief pitchers are just so unpredictable year to year.”

    These past three years have been predictable for the Mets bull pen.

  35. as for the question where do you find them…

    i don’t know. i suppose that’s what you pay scouts for.

    off hand i’m not sure who all the free agents are for next year.

  36. The irony of this all… the best healthy 2b on either team is ANDERSON HERNANDEZ

    We’re splitting hairs between Castillo and A. Reyes in terms of who is a better hitter.

  37. Carlos RUiz just hit a dinger. Although I was under the impression that he sucked.

  38. I don’t %$#$%^$ believe this $#!@!!!
    Of all times to lose a key player to an injury.
    This team is %^%$#$% cursed!!!
    ^&%$#$% cursed!!!

  39. Un&*&&%$^real.
    Just &^%$%^& unreal.
    Two out nobody on, their pitcher gets a fluke hit that takes out our left fielder and now this.

  40. Mets were lucky that inning. Getting the call on the DP and the ground rule double saved them two runs. It could be 3-0.-JD

  41. The Mets are playing the Nats, right?. Ok, I can’t believe the second night in a row, 1 hit through 5 innings.

  42. Makes me wonder just what was said at the Team Meeting and who said it. I don’t see much of a change in this team since yesterday.

  43. Damn. He couldn’t have hit that any harder. I’m not saying they are snake bit, but I hear a rattling sound.-JD

  44. Who the heck is that Sean Garcia from those Shave Zone commercials? Is he supposed to be famous or important?

  45. I don’t understand this team – it seems as though they just turn it on and off on purpose whenever they feel like it.

  46. willie harris is proof you can elevate your game… He has made some unreal plays against us because he believes he’s lucky playing us…. do the Mets have a guy that can do that

  47. that’s great willie’s made plays because he believes hey if thats the mentaility i have a bridge in alaska to sell you

  48. I did nt say because he believes I said he elevated his game…. talk to any athelete they’ll say its more mental then physical if you have the talent

  49. There is no doubt this team is choking again and it is the same core players the Mets have had the past three years.

  50. So let me get this straight if the rope wright hits is a couple more inches to the left or right and gets pas Harris and scores 2 runs. Is he more into the game and more focused and less of a choker?

  51. I’ll bet he’s not. And, if he is, I would say part of him is rooting for the Nationals.-JD

  52. It’s a team game and this team is choking. I’ll leave that up to the fan who is choking and who isn’t.

  53. Dave – I give up you win your right theres nothing menatl about this game the Nats are the better team and we just dont have the skills

  54. I have no superstitions, John, but tomorrow I’d like to see Keith Hernandez go and address the team before the game as only he can.

  55. I just got home. I see I missed nothing!!!
    Is that O Perez mean that OP was traded last night or is that the awesome Odalis Perez pitching like Cy Young?

  56. The met hitters look lost at the plate. This is against a team who has bad pitching. There is no way anybody could tell me that all of a sudden the nats pitchers can pitch two great games in a row. This group of Mets are nothing but choke artist, cased closed. Place another nail in the coffin met fans. It is what it is.

  57. More importantly, the Braves have runners on 1st and 2nd, 1 out and Greg Norton up in the bottom of the 6th down by 1 run…

  58. well kids, not that i don’t enjoy sharing this misery with all of you but i’m off to a work function, and will somehow have to settle for espn text alerts for the rest of the evening instead of watching the mets collapse continue to unfold on tv…

  59. JD,
    I watched most of all the games the mets have lost in the past few days and all of a sudden they can’t get hits when needed to score runs. They had plenty of oppurtunities to score against the braves and they didn’t get the clutch hit. The natsw, the team the Mets pounded for runs, the same pitchers they faced and they can only get 2 hits in 7 innings. That is a choke job big time.

  60. David: You are welcome. I only did this because of the emails and encouragement I got from you guys after my paper dumped me. Thanks. You guys are the best. Are any of you a sports editor?-JD

  61. Gil, not for nothing but the Mets are done for the year. Put that in the books. There is no doubt this team will coke away another September.

  62. Harry: Tatis dove for a line drive and fell awkwardly. And, no, he didn’t make the catch.-JD

  63. David: How can you say Tatis choked trying to make that catch? At least he was hustling. Or, are you being sarcastic?-JD

  64. Pitching change in ATL.
    Braves will have runners at 2nd and 3rd w/2 out. Martin Prado to face Chad Durbin…

  65. Trot Nixon was rehabbing in AAA and hitting well but went on the 60 day to stay on the roster — i wonder if its retro enough so he can be activated

  66. A quick question for you guys: If I did a podcast to answer questions after the game, would you tune in or call in?-JD

  67. tomg, I wish the Mets would coke away their September maybe then they’d be able to win a game and be pumped to get the big hit.

  68. HUrray for the Bravos.
    It’s sad you have to resort to the other team losing to make it sucessful night because the Mets suck so much.

  69. I think the last time I called in was when Bill Mazer was on WNBC.

    I told you Gil the Phil pen was burned out….. Its now as bad as ours except for Lidge.

  70. Lost in the shuffle: Mike Pelfrey pitched an OUSTANDING game.
    My cap’s off to you, kid.

  71. Pelfrey did his job tonight. Huge strides this year. … Bad baserunning. They should have runners on the corners. That’s why you put on a hit-and-run.-JD

  72. JD: Right on both accounts how the hell is he not on 3r base and more importanly kudos to young Pelfrey if nothing else we should have a solid 2 for years to come if he continues this progression.

  73. Bad baserunning is right! Too bad Jerry over managed and put Chavez in for Evans for no real reason. He’d be on third.

    Randolph undermanaged and Manuel over manages. Does anyone manage when necessary?

  74. I hate to be the ants at your picnic, but let’s not forget the bullpen isn’t the Braves’ strength.-JD

  75. I am just as bummed as anyone, but how can you say the season is over. Do any of you remember 1999. 12 games left in season they lost 7 straight and in game 162 won on a wild pitch. Then Lieter pitches a gem in 163 and the Mets go to the post season.
    Anything is possible.

  76. Ryan Church now has his biggest AB so far as a Met.
    Come on!!!!
    Someone on this team man the $#%$ up!!!!!

  77. Scott, there is only one person who says the season is over and hes been saying it since May. Reyes let two fastballs go right down the middle before he swung at a curve at his ankles. JD, I am up for a podcast, give a few days notice.

  78. Anyone know Church’s BA against lefties since he came back? I know it isn’t good, and on top of that a lot of his outs are K’s. I’d take Murphy against a lefty over Church right now.

  79. The met hitter are choking big time. They take strikes down the middle and than swing and pitches well out of the strike zone. Like the song by Queen, Pressure.

  80. By the end of next season you’ll be with me that we never should have made the Milledge trade. Should have traded him for some relief pitchers. Outfielders Omar can find off the scrap heap. That’s his area of expertise.

  81. Jay L.: That has to be the most negative post for the night. I wish I had a prize for you.-JD

  82. Chiti,
    Could you imagine the boos millege would have gotten this summer at Shea with his bad first half? Its better for him to be in sleepy DC.

  83. Milledge is a much better player today than he was two months ago. Somebody in DC has turned his bat around. Church, unfortunatley we’ll never know if his good start was the real deal or an aberrattion.

  84. Wright is a choker that makes ARod look clutch, Delgado is back to his old self, and Beltran is the king of ending a game by going down looking. I have no faith in this lame ass team

  85. Ray: No doubt about it. Part of the trade had to be the Mets wondering if Milledge would be able to handle NY. Yeah, part of the blame is with the press. But, part of it is with the fans, too. They are the ones who boo.-JD

  86. Sadecki: You are right as usual Sadecki about Milledge being better off in DC with time to develop, but I will never be convinced that the Mets wouldn’t be better off getting relief pitchers for Milledge. Gil said yesterday he thinkls we could have gotten Lidge for Endy. I say no but I think we have a chance with Milledge on the table.

  87. It just amazes me how much a bunch of chokers these guys are. They really are truly pathetic and make me embarassed to call myself a mets fan. They’re all literally choking again in front of our eyes and not ONE of them is doing a think to stop the gagging…

  88. Geez: Delgado carries the team for over two months and someone gets on his ass for not hitting for a day or two. Incredible.

  89. Don’t know if Howie even wants this game in his ‘Book’. What a sad performance by the Mets.

  90. I remember a lot of posters thought Lidge would melt down in Philly. Oh, Well Lets go Braves.

  91. Ray: If the closer slot is the difference between Mets and Phils, then Philly has the edge.-JD

  92. 12 games left and at worst tied in the loss column. Destiny is still in their own hands.

  93. He doesn’t score on Reyes’ ground ball. If he breaks he’s dead meat on a ball to the pitcher.

  94. Scott: It is if the Braves hold on. I don’t like next week’s schedule, even if it is at Shea.-JD

  95. The only thing in this team’s hands is the collar they can’t loosen. This team starting nose diving when the manager decided to quit on the kids that kept them loose and go back to the vets. When Reyes/Murphy/Evans vanished, so did the level of play.

  96. Harry: There was a spark when they were in the lineup, especially with Murphy. And, they lost something when Easley went down and Castillo started playing again.-JD

  97. Brett Myers shows some leadership Sunday going on 3 days rest. Our overpaid baby can’t or won’t do it so we have a a never was who couldn’t even dominate in the Olympics going for us. Whatever Gil said earlier I second.

  98. For the haters out there, I bet Looie would have found a way to get on to lead off the eighth. A walk, bunt, bloop. When A. Reyes does something besides get on base at a .250 clip, let me know.

  99. They also lost spark when he dropped the platoons in left and right. Church shouldn’t be playing against lefties. he’s lost the touch. And this crap of Castillo or Reyes in the 7 hole kills the lineup. Neither fits there.

  100. Harry: Agreed. Church hasn’t done it lately against lefties. The platoon is gone now for the year with Tatis out. After taking away the regular at-bats from Murphy, can he turn it on again?-JD

  101. Murphy needs to be playing everyday now. Where is it written that he can’t hit lefties? EVERY time he’s in the lineup he makes something happen

  102. Jay L.: Exactly. Big mistake to stop playing Murphy. He was always getting on base. And, he was good hitting second.-JD

  103. Another key to what is happening is they aren’t getting anything from Jose Reyes. That’s two years in a row he’s done a fade in September.-JD

  104. Didn’t get to see the game

    I see BigPelf did his part. Maz said the boys were tight. that they need to let the game come to them.

    As for milz.Please. He will get better, but not in NY. I like what we got for him. It is not Church’s fault the organization may have ruined him, either way, thanks to them he lost this season.

    Church has proven to be a superior OF to Milz and at least in his limited time a better hitter.

    Yes, we need a pen. It might be good to just release the whole lot of them and start over.

    As JD says above they suck.

  105. dave: Interesting thing you brought up. Had the Mets not screwed up the Church injury there’s no telling how things would have turned out for him, and consequently, the team.-JD

  106. LOL!!!!
    So Ryan Howard was 0-6 with 2 K’s agaisnt Mike Gonzalez in his career.
    What does he do with a man on base? hit a homerun of course!

    John can you give me permission to use the f-word?

  107. JD, Ive been saying that about Reyes. I think Wright came up with the bases empty every time tonight. If he cant step it up, theres not going to Mets baseball in October. Jerry needs to get Church out of the two hole. Thats a tablesetter spot and thats not Ryans game.

  108. Well if they collapse this year, was Francesa right today to suggest that it might be time to trade one of their three stars for a new star, just to shake things up? I’d have to think Beltran would be the guy to go.

  109. Im sick of this…I can’t believe how much the Mets are simply a bunch of chokers while the Phils seem to have this stupid Rasputin quality and just don’t die.

    I have had it with this group of chokers. The Wilpons need to clean house. Fire Omar, and package Wright and Reyes (the core of choker pack) and bring in a new attitude to this team. These guys clearly don’t have it in them to win.

  110. I need to borrow my brother-in-law’s copy of “Chasing Amy” to erase the memory of this night.
    Or screw it, I’ll make a rum and coke, heavy on the rum.

  111. I don’t think trading any of them makes sense either, but they’d have to do something. Two straight collapses is an awful hangover to bring into a new ballpark.

  112. JD: I thought Francesa was stupid for making that suggestion earlier in the year, but I think he has a very valid point. Thse guys bring a losing atmosphere to this team. It started with Beltran and Wright both choking against the Cards two years ago…then Reyes’s choke fest last September, and now all 3 of them. And they just pass their loser attitude around the rest of this team.

  113. Francesa is an %$#&^ and a Yankee fan. He is just jealuos that all 3 don’t play for his team. The problem is the bullpen or did you already forget last weekend.

  114. good thing you didn’t have call in’s tonight. You’d have gotten lots of F bombs!!!!! Ryan Howard crushed that HR to left off of a lefty. He’s single handedly carrying them this month like Delgado did for two months. Unfortunately for us, nobody carries this team for the last 17 games.

  115. Brweres only down by one now. We could be looking up at both in an hour. How many days before the Giants play?

  116. Blame the pen all you want…it’s established they suck. But if the chokers that come up to the plate didn’t strand so many runners and blow so many opportunities to tack on and produce runs the pen wouldn’t have had as much of a say in things. IT’S THE FREAKIN NATIONALS AND THEY CAN’T EVEN SCORE A DAMN RUN!

  117. Don’t know which of the following things are worse about tonight’s game:
    1. That the Nats started their one-run inning with two outs, none on and the pitcher batting.
    2. That we lost our left fielder for the year on that freak bloop double the opposing pitcher hit.
    3. That a rookie reliever shut down two consecutive hitters batting around .300.
    4. That Willie Harris made the fourth spectacular catch against the Mets in the last two years.
    5. That our best hitter, David Wright, looked helpless at the end of the game, striking out on a fastball down the middle of the plate.
    6. That all our hitters have gone cold at the same time — the worst possible time of the year.
    7. That yet another stellar starting pitching effort was wasted.
    8. That we’ve now lost two in a row to a last place team playing out the string.
    9. That we’re about to be evicted from first place.
    10. That, as they say on my favorite TV show, “Battlestar Galactica”:
    “All of this has happened before…and it will happen again.”

  118. So Wright is to blame because Willie Harris makes a great play and saves the game for the Nats.
    If the Mets trade Wright, Reyes or Beltran this offseason I will never set foot in Citi Field.

  119. Nothing more to say here other than history seems to be repeating itself here. Seems like the Phillies never ever give up…

  120. Soo umm, the Braves=the Mets

    Had bases loaded in the bottom of the 9th and NOTHING. A bunch of teasers.

  121. YKW? I’m ready to forget about the Phils. Just stay ahead of the brewers at this point. If the Phils happen to tank, so be it. Mets’ve gotta win games, thats the bottom line.

  122. Lidge throws 33 pitches in the 9th, walks 3, and the Phillies escape….the Mets clearly did something wrong to upset the baseball gods…we need a good exorcism!

  123. Well I grew up in Philly Chilli…..I sat and watched 20 awful years of baseball up close (minus 1993). Pat Combs…..Steve Jeltz…..Mitch Williams…..I think the baseball gods owe them something that supercedes any bad karma the mets have.

  124. JD – can you get a live chicken into the Mets clubhouse? How about a black cat into the Nats clubhouse?

    I tell ya, this team is killing me 2 Septembers in a row….

  125. Jay L – I believe this is the Juan Samuel curse…Mets trade Dykstra for Samuel because they think they need a 2B. Samuel brings the Phillie curse to NY and of course he stinks and is followed by fellow stinker 2B Baerga, Alomar, and Castillo. Mets haven’t had a good second basemen since Felix Milan!

  126. Chili: If I could smuggle anything into their clubhouse, how about Albert Pujols or Mariano Rivera?-JD

  127. It seems like every passing minute I become more pathetic as a Mets fan.
    First I saw the Mets lose.
    Then I put on the Phillies game cheering on the Braves hoping for them to win.
    Now I’m rooting for the Cubs against the Brew Crew.
    And in a span of 45 minutes thats what its gone down too. Me celebrating a Cubs win…

  128. Benny – that’s what being a Mets fan is all about. Nothing is freakin’ easy…I still have no faith in this team and believe they will finish out of the money yet I watch every inning and look at the other relevant games on the computer…it’s silly and I wish I could get some help for my addiction.

  129. JD- on a final, positive note.. i think the mets are going respond. i like wright’s quotes after the game. mets win in a slugfest tomorrow and johan pitches a gem on thursday! lets go mets! YA GOTTA BELIEVE!

  130. Wright’s 9th-inning strikeout was the microcosm of their season: He’s morphed into Edwin Encarnacion against righthanded pitching. And the Mets need to have a lot of things go right in order to thrive with Encarnacion batting third in their lineup.

  131. I am with Jim on this one. I just have a feeling something will be different this year. I think it starts with all the negative attitudes of the fans and ripples on to the media which then wears it off onto the players. Let’s try to be positive for one day and see what happens.

    On another note, the comment that even if the mets scored two Ayala would blow it was a classic. Made me laugh! So negativity is allowed as long as its funny…….