About Last Night ….

Ouch! Last night was bad on so many levels. Last night was a 2007 flashback. Here’s my thinking on arguably one of the worst losses of the season.

1. Championship caliber teams don’t lose to teams like the Washington Nationals down the stretch. Not after last season, anyway.

2. Pedro Martinez pitched better than I thought he would, but you can’t let Anderson Hernandez beat you.

3. Technically, the bullpen didn’t lose the game, but I have no faith in Duaner Sanchez, a future ex-Met.

4. Where’s the offense?

Just bad in so many ways.

3 thoughts on “About Last Night ….

  1. At 8 more points JD and we’ll have the full 12 steps to annual autumn depression as brought to you by the New York Mets.

  2. JD- huge start for pelf tonight…do you think he pitches well tonight or struggles like he did in his last outing? I think the top of the 1st is very important. if the mets could get on the board it would ease the pressure slightly.